Top Newborn Photographers in Cincinnati, OH

Top Newborn Photographers in Cincinnati, OH

Tiny feet, little fists, and button noses; babies are bundles of joy. And they grow up so fast, so it’s critical to capture as many cute, cuddly moments as you can while they're growing up.

While anyone with a smartphone or a camera can snap a few pics, it takes special skills to be able to shoot stunning photos of your newborn. It takes years of practice to develop the skills to become a professional newborn photographer and be capable of capturing images that wow new parents.

If you're looking for newborn photographers in the great state of Ohio, read on to learn about some of the city’s top pros. Ready to start your search for newborn photographers in Cincinnati? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your precious child.

Flora and Fawn Photography

Flora and Fawn Photography is a boutique professional photography studio specializing in baby and newborn photography. Their studio set-up includes soft lights, props of various types, and high-quality professional gear, including a camera and lenses.

A majority of their best shoots are done in their studios. However, they're also willing to travel anywhere in Cincinnati and beyond with their portable studio set-up and produce gorgeous photos of your newborn. The studio has been in operation for a few years now, and they have made a name for themselves as one of the best newborn photographers in Cincinnati.

Sonja B. Photography

Sonja is the founder and the proud owner of this newborn, wedding, and family photography studio. She's an accomplished photographer with a lot of good work under her belt. She came in as an Aupair to Cincinnati and fell in love with the place and the people; it was here she found a husband and a home.

Originally from Germany, Sonja now calls this beautiful city her home and workplace. Over the years, she's groomed her love for photography and has been able to make it a career. Now widely considered one of Cincinnati's best family, newborn, and baby photographers, this pro would happy to meet you and your baby.

Christina Jane Photography

Christina has been a professional photographer for more than 12 years. She has been a wedding photographer, a family photographer, a newborn, and a baby photographer, and all rolled into one. She derives a lot of gratification from shooting weddings but is also an accomplished newborn photographer.

She has a studio setup where she would shoot a majority of her portrait and newborn sessions. That said, she would also travel to the client's location if the client cannot come over. Christina's mobile studio set-up is also complete with all the tools and props that she needs to conduct a beautiful newborn photography session.

Anne Gregoire Photography

Anne Gregoire is the lead photographer here, doing more than just newborn photography. She's renowned for high school senior photos, family sessions, baby photos, and weddings. What makes her stand apart in the crowd of talented photographers in Cincinnati is that she has a fantastic personality and a lot of patience as a photographer.

Anne has been shooting lifestyle newborn sessions for 10 years. She loves shooting in her clients' homes so that they feel comfortable and at ease. The goal is to capture those moments together at home as a family along with simple posed newborn shots.

Leah Barry Photography

Leah Barry is the founder and the lead photographer at her very own photography studio. This is a professional wedding, engagement, newborn, and family photography studio in Cincinnati.

Leah has been photographing for many years now. Her impetus to start doing photography was because of her passion for weddings. From weddings to newborns, she's developed her craft over the years. Willing to travel anywhere in Ohio and abroad to take care of any photography assignments within a variety of genres, Leah is a consummate professional with an eye for great newborn photography.

Baby Bliss Studio LLC.

Baby Bliss Studio is all about capturing cute baby photos. The studio was started by Jennifer, who is also the lead photographer. Jennifer is something of a renaissance woman, wearing many hats – mother, wife, foster parent, registered pediatric nurse (for well over ten years), a certified lactation consultant, an educator, and a photographer.

Amazingly, Jennifer finds the time to shoot such beautiful images of newborn bundles of joy for clients throughout Cincinnati. And yet, she can capture such unique, memorable photos. Her portfolio is a fantastic achievement, check it out.

Jen Moore Photography

Jen Moore Photography is the brainchild of Jen. She's been a photographer all her life but her inspiration to become an expert baby photographer came from her own babies. A proud mama to four kids who are no longer little, Jennifer now works alongside one of them as studio manager.

Jen loves her role as a mama. Her inspiration to become a newborn photographer was in part to inspire other mamas to become the best they can be. She misses the moments when her children were little, encouraging her to capture the best images of her client's little ones every single time.

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