Looking for a one-of-a-kind filming location that offers both vintage retro charm, and a creepy abandoned aesthetic?

Well, look no further! Giggster is proud to introduce the Abandoned Venice Horror Church as one of our newest exclusive properties. Situated conveniently at the corner of Walgrove and Vienna (a few blocks north of Venice and Lincoln Blvd.) in the mansion-filled neighborhood of Penmar, the newly-minted location provides easy Westside access with a rundown charm that's usually only available in the distant outskirts of the city.

Easy Loading & Parking

In addition to it's awesome location (and 6 free parking spots) the property boasts numerous features that make it an easy choice for even the largest filming productions. Accessible via a wide back alley, the loading and unloading of large trucks is surprisingly straight forward in such a dense section of the city.

Secret Escape Route (or loading lane)
This church can handle even the widest of loads!

The main access road to the church is Walgrove Ave. which is a relatively low-traffic surface street with single lanes in each direction (though it can be busy during pick-up and drop-off times at nearby Mark Twain Middle School). However, the adjoining streets and private access alley are very quiet. In addition to the on-site parking there are typically an additional 3-6 street parking spaces available, as well as several near-by schools and large driveways, if you need to pay for extra parking for your crew.

Plentiful on-site parking is a major plus.

One of the Best Values on the Westside

Aside from the epic horror aesthetic of the property - the real takeaway of this location is its incredible value.  If you're shooting on the West side of LA, where the price per square foot is typically over $1,400, finding any film location for less than $100 per hour is rare. Finding a large commercial space with such a wide range of interesting cinematic backdrops is almost unheard of. While there are two very similar locations available on Giggster.com, they're both on the east side of LA:

1) Abandoned Vintage Apartment - $100/hr

2) Colorful Spanish Church - $125/hr

The Venice church is very similar to this abandoned apartment in Burbank

Venice is one of the most expensive and inaccessible filming areas in the city (unless you're filming permit free on the beach boardwalk) so suffice to say, having such a large space in the area for only $89/hour is an incredible filmmaking opportunity.

Who's Already Filmed There?

While the location is brand new to Giggster, it's already racked up over a dozen bookings, including several high profile projects from companies like Reformation and Universal Music.

One of the best motion projects that's taken place in the space is Wes Period's music video for his Pop RnB single "Nü Shoes" :

If high fashion is more of your thing, you can take serious inspiration from a recent Instagram shoot from ethical e-commerce brand Reformation.

70's Horror Never Looked so Good

These two projects are just a small sampling of the incredible potential of this amazing new Los Angeles filming location. If it looks like a property you'd be interested in renting, you're in the right place. The Abandoned Horror Church is Giggster exclusive, meaning you can only book it through us (sorry, but when it comes to cool locations it's finders keepers).

To view the full location list click the link here.

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