The most unique scripts usually call for the most unique filming locations. While mansions, offices and restaurants are easy to come by, it's harder to find some rather unconventional locations, like forests, VHS shops, junkyards or horror farms. For this reason, we at Giggster curated a list of 8 most unconventional locations available for filming in Atlanta from our catalogue of film rentals available in Atlanta. Read on to discover these quirky filming spots.

1) 92 Acres of Beautiful Forestry near Lake Charlotte Nature Preserve

92 Acres of Beautiful Forestry near Lake Charlotte Nature Preserve Atlanta

Imagine having an entire forest to yourself! That's what this listing promises. This scenic acres of forested land is a stunning film rental to head to with your camera and crew. The luscious greenery and abundance of trees are ideal for a stunning outdoor photoshoot, be it in the day time or at night. With plenty of space to setup whatever rig you've in mind, the creative potential here is truly endless

2) Urban Warehouse Studio with Open Space near Pittsburgh

Urban Downtown Warehouse Studio with Open Space Atlanta Rental

Located in the heart of Atlanta in the historic West End community, this urban warehouse property is a raw urban space offering multiple areas for your shoot or project. It has easy access to MARTA transit and is only 20 minutes from Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Its interior is open, which provides you with creative freedom and range to use the space for a variety of different purposes and events. Plus, the huge mural on the outside makes for a stunning backdrop!

3) Atlanta Video Store with Huge VHS Collection near Freedom Park

Atlanta Video Store with Huge VHS Collection Atlanta Rental

With large shelves filled with VHS tapes and movies, walls dotted with posters and leather chairs kept around, this video store in Atlanta is perfect for a retro, 90s theme. Each corner of this location screams character and there's plenty of angles and frames for you to explore here - all quirky, all nuanced, and most impossible to find elsewhere in the city.

4) Buckhead Old World Mansion

Buckhead Old World Mansion Atlanta Rental

Nestled on 1.3 acres of land, this Atlanta Old World Buckhead Mansion from the civil war era was designed for entertaining. The mansion exudes warmth and character, boasting regal mahogany, beveled glass French doors as well as six fireplaces including one in the master bedroom. There is also a fire pit out on the large stone patio which acts as a film setting. Ideal for a project that has both day time and night time shots involved.

5) Dilapidated Loft in Atlanta's Landmark District

Dilapidated Loft in Atlanta's Landmark District Atlanta Rental

An odd mix of run-down and cheery, this dilapidated loft features exposed brick walls with paint peeling off, imperfect concrete flooring, wood paneling that barely matches, and a bright yellow door! Perfect for that abandoned look should your shots require it, there's all sorts of photo and film potential waiting for you at this location.

6) Luxury Building with a Vault in Downtown Atlanta

Luxury Building with a vault in Downtown Atlanta Atlanta Rental

A one-of-a-kind luxury building perfect for an art gallery, heist style film, this 2,500 sq. ft space features a 9-ton vault with safety deposit boxes in the basement. With plenty of open floor space to maneuver the camera how you want across the multiple rooms and gallery-like area setups, you can capture all sorts of unique frames and shots at this listing.

7) Spacious 1930s School Building in Downtown Atlanta

Spacious 1930s School Building Atlanta Rental

Limestone decorated with an adjacent park and parking lot, this spacious and beautiful 1930's school building is a great location for a film shoot in Atlanta. There's a quintessential Americana vibe to this school listing, making it ideal for any school-related filming sessions. There's even a basement with access to more ancillary rooms which can double as makeup, catering and storage spaces on your shoot here.

8) Abandoned Horror Cottage in the Country

Abandonded Horror Cottage in the Country Atlanta Rental

This is an abandoned retro country cottage, just a few miles from Atlanta. Grungy wallpaper, stained carpets, and yellowing walls are all ready for you and your crew to take over and adapt how you'd like it best. With tons of character and on-screen charm, supplemented by greenery around the cottage, you're going to find great angles and frames on your film shoot here.

There you go, folks – this is our list of the 8 most unconventional filming locations available in Atlanta for filming and productions. Remember, you can click on any of the links above to visit the listing, send a message to the owner, and book the location for your shoot. In case you'd like to see more locations and find other rental spaces, please follow this link to view our collection of film locations available for rent in Atlanta.

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