A well-crafted video can make people stop and listen, whether you’re trying to tell a brand story, sell a product, or train staff. When you secure the services of a professional video production team, you’re not only getting access to their years of experience in the industry but also state-of-the-art equipment and studios.

Clients based in Sacramento have no shortage of options when it comes to skilled video production companies, with the following among the city’s best.

Dynasty Video Productions

A still shot of a city skyline from one of Dynasty Video Productions’ works [Dynasty Video Productions]

Based in Sacramento, Dynasty Video Productions works with clients throughout California on a diverse range of shoots. They have collaborated with big-name clients that include CBS Sports, The History Channel, Paramount Pictures, and The Discovery Channel, with the company specializing in broadcast 4K field production and crews. It’s owned by Lisa Randall, a Sacramento native who studied communication at California State University before establishing Dynasty with her husband, Gilbert.

Franklin Pictures

A rocky, fog-shrouded coastline [Franklin Pictures]

Franklin Pictures is a family-owned video production company that creates commercials and branded content for companies of all sizes. Aside from ideation and creative development, they can assist with casting, location scouting, and production management. When it comes to the production phase, they have a talented team of directors, cinematographers, grips, and editors at their disposal, and can add visual effects and animation during post-production. Their approach to video production is all about overdelivering and building relationships that are empowering.

Litigation Productions, Inc.

An aerial view of construction on a sidewalk [Litigation Productions, Inc.]

Serving attorneys throughout California, Litigation Productions, Inc. is an industry leader in the use of digital media for use in litigation. They provide high-quality services that are designed to enhance cases, including mediation, deposition, and multimedia trial presentations. Litigation Productions, Inc. can help to tell your story through videography, as well as filming focus groups so you can test your narrative before going to trial. The company is headed by Brandon Panell, a Northern California native and former paralegal who works alongside a talented team of IT and multimedia specialists.

Royce Video Productions

A windsurfer in action [Royce Video Productions]

Royce Video Productions is led by Robert Ansell and has garnered a reputation for its personalized service and the exceptional quality of the finished product. His team offers everything from audio and visual to digital services, as well as graphic production, photography, and editing. Royce Video Productions has worked with a diverse range of clients that include non-profits, county governments, and private businesses. Aside from finding that perfect balance between creativity and technology, they craft productions that are always one-of-a-kind.

Christensen Media

A promotional reel by Christensen Media [Christensen Media]

John Christensen is the producer and director working behind the scenes at Christensen Media and has more than 35 years of experience in the industry. He has collaborated with clients on music videos, web series, and training videos, as well as television programs and documentaries. Originally from Monterey, John moved to Sacramento during college and now heads the Sacramento Media Center. Throughout his career, he has won 11 Telly Awards and has been nominated for a local Emmy Award.

Fallen Leaf Films

One of Fallen Leaf Films’ cameramen [Fallen Leaf Films]

Offering everything from scriptwriting to camera operation and aerial videography, Fallen Leaf Films is a full-service video production company based in Sacramento. Its diverse portfolio includes narrative films, promotional videos, and music videos, with clients that range from non-profits to those in the corporate world. In describing themselves, they say: “We are a creative bunch gung-ho about crafting stories that intrigue the soul. We strive to be bold, different, to make it count, and be unapologetic with our creative choices.”

Max Video Productions

A branded commercial by Max Fannin [Max Video Productions]

While Max Video Productions might be a small team, they always deliver big results, without requiring an oversized crew or massive budget. Led by creative director and lead cinematographer Max Fannin, they specialize in visual media that is captivating and engaging and have won numerous awards along the way. Max’s passion for film began as a seven-year-old while living in South Korea and he went on to study Business Economics at UC Santa Barbara. In 2012, he founded Max Video Productions, with a focus on quality over quantity.

KJ 2 Productions

A highlights reel by KJ 2 Productions [KJ 2 Productions]

KJ 2 Productions is named after its CEO and executive producer, Kenneth Johnston, who has more than a decade of experience in the television and film production industry. He has established KJ 2 Productions as one of the leading names in Northern California’s video production industry and has worked on projects in more than 50 countries. Kenneth’s true passion is in crafting educational documentaries and he has won several national and international awards as a testament to his talents.

Accelerated Video Production

An up-close shot of production equipment [Accelerated Video Production]

Established in 2005, Accelerated Video Production is a Sacramento-based video production company that serves clients in Folsom, the Napa Valley, the Bay Area, and beyond. Not only do they produce marketing, brand, and corporate videos, but also training, recruitment, and construction films. Whether you’re after pre-production shot lists, drone aerials, or green screen work, their highly experienced team can be of assistance. Previous clients include Caltrans, the American Veterans Center, and the California Transportation Foundation.

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