Churches have a special place in film. They’re a place of importance, a place of impact. The imagery and tradition associated with churches lends well to all sorts of cultural and social overtones. Cathedrals, mural walls, high ceilings, religious iconography; they all provide an incredible, aesthetic backdrop for cinematography and photography. So if you’re in The Big Apple for a film project wondering which church is the best place for my camera in NY, then this list is a must read.

1. Multi-Level Small Church

A charming church with a brick wall exterior, this church is more picturesque from the outside than on the inside. Extremely minimal, with barely any religious relics and imagery on display, this church is more spiritually-rooted than inclined towards any particular religion. There’s also a lush yard with a stone-paved walkway on-site which boosts the photogenic quotient of this space.

Available on Giggster, starting at $250/hr.

2. Victorian Gothic Church

A fully-fitted, aesthetic church styled in a Gothic flavour, this spectacle is a beauty with mesmerizing imagery inside and outside. The high cathedral ceiling looks incredible on camera along with the painted windows and the large picturesque prayer halls. There’s plenty of wood all around, adding to the natural aura of the space. Along with the ideal interiors, there’s also an on-site garden with sculptures and a fountain for any outdoor work you might have planned.

Available on Giggster, starting at $650/hr.

3. Two Chambered Catholic Church

Idyllic, simple and extremely down-to-earth, this humble church feels as one of those frequented by the locals. Mural walls, long wood pews, tiled floors; this church has just the basics and nothing extravagant. With plenty of Catholic imagery on the walls extending into the high ceilings, there’s an air of rich stillness to this church which makes it perfect for film.

Available on Giggster, starting at $450/hr.

4. Stunning Church with Large Gardens-

A grand church with an even grander garden, this stunning property is perfect for large shoots. Quaint-looking and located in a serene plot, this church has all the works. Dark wood and linoleum floors with different wall textures, paneled walls, murals and intricate details; it has everything you’re looking for. In addition to having just about the perfect church setup for any shoot, there’s a lush garden adjoining the church with walkways and picturesque benches.

Available on Giggster, starting at $750/hr.

5. Ornate Photogenic Church

A church which exudes tradition and culture, this grand ornate property is perfect for the camera. The large nave room features dark wood pews and a brick wall finish. The church also hosts a magnificent altar with rich visuals adding to the religious persona of the space. In addition to the marble altar, the outdoor foyer area can also be used for filming. Be prepared to see some beautiful stained windows in your footage after recording here.

Available on Giggster, starting at $500/hr.

6. Abandoned Church with Bright Interiors

An abandoned retro church fitted to meet commercial photo and video requirements, this church is decked up to maximize the on-camera appeal of the location. From light wood and whitewashed floors and walls, to a high cathedral ceiling with a multi-tier platform setup, there’s plenty of sightlines to make sure you get the camera angles you want.  

Available on Giggster, starting at $350/hr.

7. Charming Church with a Library

Naturally-lit, this elegant church calms the eyes. With elegant, light interiors; floor-to-ceiling windows and delightful architecture, this property lends itself perfectly for camera. The abundance of light in the prayer hall makes the space seem bigger than it appears. There’s also a very tasteful library on the church premises with carpeted floors and artistic wood furniture.

Available on Giggster, starting at $350/hr.

8. Church with Large Stage and Prayer Hall

A church with a large stage, this property is perfect for those scenes where the action is driven on stage as opposed to within the audience section. Brown wood makes up most of the interior, extending to the furniture and the walls. There isn’t much religious imagery in the prayer hall or near the stage, which furthers the natural look of the space. Besides the main prayer hall and stage, the church also features a library fitted with a piano nestled among the walls of books.

Available on Giggster, starting at $450/hr.

Churches add to the sentimental and emotional value of a scene. So if that’s something you’re looking to capture, these churches in NY are perfect to rent for filming and photography. If you’re interested in any of these locations for your next shoot, or want to know more about them, see more pictures perhaps, then please follow the links provided. Cheers!

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