Austin has been referred to as a university town because of the handful of colleges and home base of the intercollegiate team, the Texas Longhorns. The University of Texas draws many crowds in from around the country to celebrate the team’s professional players. In addition to college football, Austin has several minor league teams as well as a Major League Soccer team.

Whether you’re a football, soccer, or baseball enthusiast, Austin has a nook for every sports nut out there. In addition to a large number of sports bars in the surrounding area, there’s always a professional sports photographer on the sidelines snapping the winning team’s home run and the goalie’s agile homecoming save. We compiled the best sports photographers in Austin so your next big game is archived for your personal hall of fame.

ATX Sports Photos

Youth cheerleading team photographed by ATX Sports Photos.

Many can look to ATX Sports Photos to capture cherished moments of your family’s youth as they grow from Little Leaguers to the Varsity team. Since 1998 ATX Sports Photo has been shooting quality sports photography with their client’s happiness in mind.

With additional printing services for a smooth photo delivery, ATX also offers personalized plaques and graphics with speedy turnaround times. They’ve worked with several youth and community leagues as well as larger institutions such as the University of Texas at Austin.

Darren Carroll Photography

Professional golfer Tiger Woods at the PGA Tournament shot by Darren Carroll Photography.

Working in advertising and editorial pieces, Darren Carroll Photography captures high-quality sports action shots the beam emotion and concentration in each shot. Highlighting not only the physique of the athlete, Carroll’s photography skills are of the master class.

Whether it’s yoga, tennis, football, or a traditional Texas rodeo, Darren Carroll offers premier photography services that won’t disappoint. His talented work has been featured in a number of publications including Sports Illustrated, Smithsonian, and Golf Digest.

Texas Real Sports Photography

An Austin high school football team player photographed by Texas Real Sports Photography.

Like most creatives, it all starts with a hobby that transforms into a professional career. Tracy R. Stirman, head photographer of Texas Real Sports Photography, experienced this first hand. His experience has led him to photograph a number of high school sports teams in football, soccer, baseball, volleyball, and several other teams and leagues.

With an understanding of many sports playstyles, Stirman’s tactful eye engages his audiences through photos that are insightful and celebratory. Texas Real Sports Photography is a skilled team of photographers that will capture autograph-worthy images of your family’s sports events.

TX Sports Photography

Dirt biker in action captured by TX Sports Photography.

TX Sports Photography has experience shooting a large range of sporting events. Everything from traditional high school sports to bike and barrel racing. Complimenting head photographer Samuel I. Beard Jr.’s 40 years of photography experience, there truly isn’t an event that he can’t instill.

Other events covered include martial arts, boxing, and marathon races that bring the atmosphere of the ring or mat to your very home. Images captured by TX Sports Photography are one-of-a-kind and motivate others to live an active lifestyle.

Austin Vivid Photography

Racing cyclists zooming through the street shot by Austin Vivid Photography. 

At Austin Vivid Photography, lifelike images are captured through high-quality images that seize the moment. As a lifestyle photographer, the team at Austin Vivid Photography focuses on the fast-paced and dynamic life of an athlete.

With photography experience in sport and portrait shots, lead photographer Heather Schramm reimagines the athletic photography field. With experiences in rigorous sports like rock-climbing, off-trail biking, and kayaking, Austin Vivid Photography is an ideal choice to consider when choosing a sports photographer for your event.

AzulOx Commercial

Black and white photo of two fencers competing shot by AzulOx Commercial.

The team at AzulOx Commercial is a creative-driven photography team that specializes in commercial, product, ad, events, and a plethora of other photography fields. By working closing with their clients in intricate projects, the team is always on the lookout for innovative opportunities to polish their photography and editing skills.

Their sports photography practice captures detailed stills of athletes training and performing to their best ability. Whether you’re looking for an editorial-style shoot or a candid explosion of energy, AzulOx Commercial’s photography skills are arete and stunning.

Gallagher Studios

Texas Longhorn basketball player seconds before scoring by Gallagher Studios.

With a precise eye for excellent studio and destination photography, Gallagher Studios has worked diligently throughout his photographer career to capture life’s unique moments. As a commercial photographer, his portfolio consists of a large range of events including action and sport, architecture, and product.

Through their quick-witted sports shots, Gallagher Studios focuses its energy on every element from the play, the crowd, the reaction, and the player’s victorious smile. Every grand photographer knows that views are temporary, so it’s imminent that the artist is ready to take a snap at the flip of a coin - and Gallagher Studios does just that.

Austin Sports Photography

Action shot as a football player with the ball leaps over tackled players by Austin Sports Photography.

Infusing their passion for sports and beloved hobby for photography, Austin Sports Photography focuses their work on capturing life’s timeless moments so their clients have a piece of the past to look back on. Their mission is to assist you in preserving those memories for your family for generations to come.

Working with a number of high school football, basketball, and volleyball teams, Austin Sports Photography envisions and captures the perfect alignment on the field and court. Without hesitating, the team catches each pivotal moment of the game.

Hattie Austin

Three horseback racers trekking through the dirt shot by Hattie Austin.

Hattie Austin incorporates every aspect of the environment in her photos. Specializing in sports photography, she’s captured original photos of sporting events but most prominently with horseback riding.

Her focus on farmland animals and the beauty of nature’s wispy trees and muddy soils are all essential components to her photographs. Hattie’s quality photos have been published in Hounds Magazine as well as been featured in Fieldsports Journal. Her huntsman esquire aesthetic is truly unique and a rare talent.

TTL Sports

Texas Hockey team sliding for the puck photographed by TTL Sports. 

Although they are situated in the heart of Texas, TTL Sports is a professional photography team that has traveled the globe shooting phenomenal sports shots for a range of teams and sports. Encompassing sports on land and aquatics, TTL Sports captures stunning images that transport you to the front row of the event.

They’ve worked with a number of teams and organizations including the University of Texas and the Austin Spurs and have been featured in publications such as The Dallas Morning News, ESPN Radio, and Austin Fit Magazine. For a professional photography team that will overshoot your expectations, TTL Sports is an exceptional choice.

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