Top 10 Pet Photographers in New York

New York City is a haven for pets and pet owners. In fact, New Yorkers reportedly own an estimated one million pets – the majority of which are dogs. Empire State residents love pets so much that most consider these creatures as their children and treat them with the same love and care.

From dogs to lizards to bunnies that walk alongside their guardians along the streets of the Upper East Side, and the felines majestically sprawled out in the sun in Manhattan, every pet you see holds a special place in the hearts of New Yorkers.

Pet photographers in New York are hired by animal owners to design and shoot professional-quality images of the goofy and cute moments that accompany furry and feathered friends. Here's a list of some of the Big Apple's best talent, all equipped with the chops and props needed to capture top-quality images of your companions.

NYC Pet Photographer (Stacey Axelrod)

With an educational background in photojournalism and a track record of advocating for animals, it is no surprise that Stacey Axelrod chose this career path. She is a professional NYC pet photographer who has photographed thousands of pets and their guardians, and she is skilled at finding the best moments to capture bright and colorful images of these animals.

As a way of continuously advocating for animals, Stacey also has a documentary project aimed at telling stories of adoptable pets and the people who foster them.

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Rachel Eve Pet Photography

Rachel is a veterinary nurse-turned-pet photographer. Due to her inherent love for animals, the New York pet photographer believes that taking pictures of your pets is like giving a gift.

Rachel works with clients who need ideas to show their love for their pets. She works with locations, moments, props, and everything necessary to achieve nothing short of fantastic results.

Rachel is made for this job and will remain in the NYC pet photography business for a long time – all thanks to her expertise in shooting pets in their playful state using natural lightning.

Shaina Fishman Photography

Regardless of your pet's species, New York photographer Shaina Fishman will deliver pictures of them with an “aww” effect. Shaina has carved a niche for herself with her courage to capture moments with both wild and domesticated pets.

Due to her expertise and professionalism, Shaina Photography is sought after by pet guardians and for editorials alike.


As the name implies, PhoDOGraphy is a New York pet photography brand that specializes in portraits of dogs and their friends. For over a decade, PhoDOGraphy has captured numerous pets, and their pictures have been featured in various publications.  

PhoDOGraphy is spearheaded by Mark McQueen, who has received numerous praises from customers for his excellent pet-handling skills and incredible service.

Leslie Leda Photography

Leslie Leda is a prominent New York pet photographer. Her love for dogs is conspicuous in the way she puts in efforts to capture unique portraits that the four-legged creatures’ parents cherish forever.

Her creativity lies in the fact that she makes every moment spent with your pooch memorable and will get both the goofy and happy moments effortlessly.  


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Boprey Photography

Marshall Boprey boasts years of experience in capturing evergreen photographs of pets and their owners, and he has created memories with hundreds of New York pets and their families.

Whether clients want their pets photographed using a curated studio backdrop or a beautifully decorated loft in the city, Boprey Photography has the props to go the extra mile to ensure that pets exude style and class in their photos. Due to his creativity and excellent eye for detail, Marshall's pet pictures have been featured in magazines and other media channels.

Christopher Appoldt Photography

With decades of pet photography experience, Christopher Appoldt is a veteran New York animal photographer. Chris has photographed thousands of people and pets, and he stands out with his fun and high-energy results.

Due to Christopher Appoldt’s long-term experience, compassion, and ability to make any kind of animal cooperate in front of the camera, he is loved by many pet owners in and outside of New York.

Richie Schwartz

A veteran in the New York pet photography space, Richie Schwartz is a former vet tech and dog trainer boasting decades of experience in successfully capturing pet moments with their guardians. Richie is nicknamed the “dog whisperer” because of his ability to "hypnotize" animals and make them comfortable.

Richie and his team at Pets Photography Studio are a mix of professional pet photographers with animal handling skills, putting them in the limelight for years.  

Natalie Siebers

Natalie Siebers is a perfect blend of feisty and charming. She has a track record of going above and beyond to create timeless pictures of animals. Natalie will capture shots of pets under the water, take pictures of couples alongside their pets, and go into the jungle if need be. Her portfolio covers a range of pets and wildlife animals.

The NYC photographer is unique in her way of making top-quality professional pet shots look effortlessly easy. Natalie has a deep passion for pups and feline pets and even rescued her own dog from a puppy mill.

Flobo Photo

Spearheaded by the CEO/creative director and dog lover, Andrew Leal, Flobo Photo is a top-rated pet photography studio in New York City. Andrew’s magic touch is evident in how he makes dogs make eye-catching facial expressions in front of the lens.

He is also a well-rounded professional with an interest in sports and other fun activities from which he gets inspiration and new ideas to execute during pet photo shoots.

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