Top 10 Pet Photographers in Austin

For most pet owners, furry and feathered friends are an integral part of the family. They show unconditional love and provide emotional support through life’s ups and downs while getting us out and about to exercise in the great outdoors.

This devotion and companionship inspires many Austin pet lovers to hire professionals to capture the unique personality and traits of their beloved animals. When you're ready to set up a creative session for your favorite furry family members, enlist the help of one of the talented pet photographers in Austin to execute an expert-level photo shoot.

Austin Furtography

Austin Furtography photographer Dan’s journey with the art began when he started a travel blog as he was adventuring around the globe. In pursuit of taking better images, he enrolled in classes at the Austin School of Photography. Just as he was finishing, Dan adopted a dog, Coco, from the Austin-based pit bull rescue team Love-A-Bull.

Coco became the subject of countless portraits and pretty soon, Dan turned his hobby for photographing dogs into Austin Furtography. Dan has a knack for capturing dogs’ personalities and their bonds with humans, with images that are bright and playful.

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Zoom Pet Photography

Zoom Pet Photography is owned and operated by Jay C. Herman who is assisted by his golden retriever, Abby. He views pets as valued family members and believes they have the innate ability to lift spirits and provide unconditional love. He aims to capture these traits and connections through his candid photos, whether you’re in your favorite park or in his studio equipped with your pet’s toys and treats. Jay is a tireless advocate for pet rescue, therapy, and disease prevention and works throughout the Austin, Colorado Springs, and Denver areas.

Fetching Fido Fotography

Jane Nogin is the photographer behind Fetching Fido, one of Austin’s top pet photography businesses. Jane is a former teacher who boasts refined camera skills, both in the studio and in natural settings. Her stunning pet portraits are able to capture the personality of each of her feathered or furry subjects, with often an amusing take. Fetching Fido Fotography is also committed to giving back and Jane is passionate about helping less-fortunate animals through her volunteering and fundraising work.

Norah Levine

With her work featured in “Oprah Magazine,” “Austin Monthly,” and “Professional Photographer,” Norah Levine has garnered a reputation as one of Austin’s top pet photographers. She has a talented eye for being able to capture animals just as they are, whether it’s a curious cat, a clucky chicken, or a lazy dog. Norah also creates mixed-media works using pigment, resin, and oils to transform your pet portrait into a unique work of art.

Zilker Bark

Alex Hopes is the man behind Zilker Bark, a pet photography company that was founded by accident in the spring of 2015. Alex had been taking his dog, Sid, to Zilker Park for years and starting capturing photos of Sid and other dogs and sharing them on Instagram. Aside from capturing engaging pet portraits that encapsulate all the joy of dog ownership (many of which have featured in his book “Dogs of Austin”), Alex also helps to raise funds for animal-related NGOs.

Paw Pixels

Paw Pixels is a collection of talented animal photographers who work in Austin, New York, Cape Town, and London. Rebecca Charles is the woman behind this international pet photography business, which captures portraits for both individuals and companies. They strive to create images that portray the unique nature and quirks of your beloved pet while having a lot of fun in the process. Their extensive experience as commercial pet and animal photographers is clearly illustrated through their outstanding portfolio.

Nicole Mlakar

Established in 2008, Nicole Mlakar Photography specializes in lifestyle and pet photography throughout the Austin area. She honed her photographic skills doing freelance work for several years before graduating with a Photo Journalism degree from The University of Texas. She now has multiple awards under her belt, including the "Most Awesom-ist" Pet Photographer in 2009 and 2010 as voted by readers of Austin Pet Directory. In addition to providing portraits for the Central Texas SPCA, she works closely with several non-profit pet organizations and rescue groups.

Ruff Adventures

Offering “dog adventures” in Austin and the surrounding hills, Ruff Adventures is an on-location pet photography company. Led by Krista Allenby, its team loves taking dogs out to local areas where they can let their personalities shine, with your pet allowed to explore while these talented photographers capture action shots. Krista has more than a decade of experience in dog photography, having captured over 350 pooches and is certified in animal CPR for your peace of mind.

Dogs Around Austin

While Dogs Around Austin is primarily a dog training, daycare, and low-volume boarding center, they also offer dog portrait sessions for pet owners in and around the Austin area. The company has partnered with a certified canine behavior consultant to offer training services, no matter whether your dog is anxious or has special needs. A quick look throughout their online portfolio illustrates the love and joy that dogs bring to human lives.

Fabulous Fur Photography

Fabulous Fur Photography is owned and operated by Allie, an animal lover who says her dogs are “basically my children.” She believes that photography is a way of showcasing and memorializing the bond you have with your pet and that the impact pets have on our lives should be immortalized in print. Her images take advantage of dramatic natural light and gorgeous settings while freezing all the energy your pet has while out enjoying the great outdoors.

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