Giggster is a site like Peerspace that offers a large library of locations perfect for filming, photography, and events.

Finding an affordable rental space that fits the needs of your production or event can be a stressful and challenging task. Giggster makes this process much easier by connect renters and hosts on a single free-to-search online platform and providing a range of complementary services ranging from help with permits and insurance to assistance negotiating budgets and contracts. While everyone has their preferences, we think our site and service stacks up pretty well against similar competitors.

Cool spaces come in all shapes and sizes, and we don’t discriminate. We’re proud to offer professional content creators the most diverse, and most easily searchable library of film and event locations.    

Sites like Peerspace are built around one-size fits all spaces, that cater to both casual and professional location renters. While their library provides a plenty of compelling options it can also be challenging to find more off-beat spaces, particularly in commercial categories like hospitals, restaurants and churches.  

Without a full-text search function (which is a the center of Giggster's search) it's a lot slower to find specific features. While you can filter locations containing a pool, This leads to more time spent manually reviewing photos, messaging hosts, and potentially even driving around the city on unnecessary location scouts.  

Giggster was custom built for professional filmmakers and event planners - so our location search is extremely powerful. We have thousands of specific keywords for our locations that pull from detailed host categorizations, location descriptions, and advanced image-recognition technology. Professional photographers and fashion brands love this feature because they can narrow down their search to a few finalists with a couple of clicks.

Earlier this year Westfield Malls reached out to our team looking for a large ocean-front photo location with an infinity pool. We quickly directed them to our search tool, and within 15-minutes they had sent a booking request. On a site like Peerspace, finding this feature would have required scrolling through tons photos and trying to determine if the property matched their specific needs.

In addition to boasting a more robust library, full text search is one of the biggest timesavers on our Giggster and a commonly cited example of why certain renters prefer us as an alternative to Peerspace. While they can show you locations containing a pool or a bathtub, figuring out what those features look like means getting into the individual location photos and scrolling through dozens of images to find what you want.  With Giggster, you can type exactly what you need and we’ll show you pictures in search, so you can quickly compare options and find the one that best matches for your vision for the perfect pool party, fashion shoot, music video or whatever.

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Need help? Giggster offers the industry’s best customer service with 24/7 phone and messaging support.

Planning a production or corporate event can be stressful, and we’re always here to help. We review all booking inquiries and will be there to intervene and lend assistance if anything goes wrong. From last-minute cancellations to issues with card payments, to uncooperative hosts or neighbors, our Santa Monica-based team is always just a phone call away. If you have a larger budget (typically around $2500 and above), we also offer full end-to-end concierge services, including help with pricing negotiations, and coordination of permits, insurance, and site representatives.

This differentiation in our service model has a lot to do with the history of our two companies. Peerspace started as an event and party rental service in San Francisco. Giggster was founded in Los Angeles with the vision of being the Airbnb for Filming locations. From day one,  our focus on professional production has always meant providing a more “white-glove” service and building trust and respect in the production industry. While Peerspace has expanded their scope to capture the interests of producers and photographers, they have not invested resources into upgrading their customer support to the level required by professional content creators.

While Peerspace and Giggster are competitors for certain types of bookings, there isn’t a tremendous amount of overlap between our two services. If you’re a casual renter and your requirement is “a cool looking space” Peerspace is a going to be a great option. If you have a more refined vision, need a truly unique space, or anticipate the need for additional support and coordination Giggster is going to be your best choice.

Giggster is trusted by leading film and production companies, photographers, fashion brands and commercial agencies.

Giggster works with a diverse list of production companies, agencies, and freelance content creators as well as big name brands such as Netflix, Disney, Hulu, Snapchat, TNT, NBC Universal, H&M, Adidas, Spotify, Playboy, Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, and Neiman Marcus. Our popularity and reputation within the higher end of the location market allow us great leverage with top-tier location owners in Los Angeles and New York as well as the experience to know how to deliver exceptional customer service for even the most demanding shoots and events.

Affordable fashion retailer Michael Kors has shot with Giggster on multiple occasions, using our properties for a number of large seasonal collections. In May 2018, one of the producers on their team had reached a roadblock when the owner of their top location choice decided to triple their day rate with the expectation that Michael Kors would have the budget to afford it. Our team intervened, leveraging our knowledge of the owner's past accepted bookings, to negotiate a total shoot budget of almost $11,000 less than the owner's previous minimum offer.

Better Data, Bigger Savings.

One of the most significant differences between Giggster and other online location services like Peerspace is our technology advantage. In addition to a streamlined website, and talented customer support service, we have a dedicated team of back-end engineers, data scientists, and professional writers working to surface useful data to help you find better, less trafficked, and more affordable location options. One of our largest ongoing projects has been analyzing over a decade of production data from LA's largest permitting service, FilmLA.

From this permit data we’ve been able to get a clearer understanding of the Los Angeles location industry and surface some cool stats: for example, we know that in the past ten years there have been over 150,200 on-location shoots with 55 different zip codes that have attracted at least 100 shoots per year. We also have detailed lists of individual locations (including those not represented by Giggster) and can provide guidance on finding undiscovered spaces as well as locations that are more laid-back about permit requirements.    

Find the right place faster - 94% of our hosts have an average response rate of under than 24 hours.

In addition to having an impressive location library and best-in-class search tools, we have an incredibly responsive community of hosts and a variety of messaging tools that make communication a breeze. All of our hosts can be reached directly on the platform, and once you make initial contact, you can manage all messaging through your phone thanks to our text-to-reply feature.    

With text-to-reply, Giggster automatically links your messaging inbox with the phone number on your account, so you can manage multiple inquiries without ever needed to log-in. This feature also helps keep our hosts responsive, as they will receive an immediate text notification whenever you reach out.

Complete peace of mind regardless of budget, project or crew size.

Producing a film shoot or an event can be a stressful process. At Giggster we’ve tried to streamline the process, by serving as an all-in-one destination to coordinate bookings, manage permits, purchase insurance and source third-party vendors like matting and catering services. We keep these add-ons 100% optional, allowing you to cater the level of support to the demands of each project.

If anything ever does go wrong, our team of location agents are here to ensure that your investment is protected and that the hosts always adhere to the terms of the location contract. Like Peerspace, all of Giggster’s location payments are managed through the platform, providing an extra level of security against faulty claims and potential disputes.

While these types of scenarios are few and far, it’s always nice to have a safety net in place. Giggster’s best-in-class renter protection services and on-demand support, are a key differentiator from our competition, and one of the reasons why we’re trusted by the industry’s top photographers, agencies and brands.  

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