Best Landscape Photographers in Salt Lake City, UT

Discover the beauty of Utah’s beautiful landscapes as captured through professional photography. Browse the top landscape photographers in the picturesque land of Salt Lake City. Clients who need high-quality landscapes or wish to commission imagery of them can work with these photographers on getting their ideal pictures. Unbelievable portfolios filled with images of the American Southwest adorn their working history.

Ready to start your search for landscape photographers in Salt Lake City? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.

Haymore Landscapes

For over 20 years, John Haymore has developed his talent to become one of the best landscape photographers in Salt Lake City. Locally born and raised, he has a leg up on knowing Utah’s landscape inside and out to snap the best pictures.

Haymore promotes conservation through his landscape photography with a goal to inspire people to protect the landscapes they see in his beautiful photography. To put real action behind his ideals, he donates a percentage of his print revenue to credible conservation organizations.

Visiting the Utah national parks as a child inspired Haymore to start photography. Going through design school gave him a creative eye for great shots. He’s photographed landscapes of all different heights, from the forest ground to mountain summits. His state-of-the-art camera and accessories give him industry-leading quality with prints or digital.

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Andrew Lockwood Photo

Salt Lake City is the perfect base for Andrew Lockwood to pursue his passion for landscape photography. He specializes in shooting US landscapes targeting the western region. The quick access to the national parks in Utah and other natural landscapes have made it easy to build a portfolio of stunning landscape pictures.

Andrew studied photography in college before going on to pursue his passion as a landscape photographer. Now, his work is published in media such as Utah Life Magazine and Utah’s Department of Natural Resources. In addition, he’s had images selected for group exhibitions and also sells prints of his landscapes.

A successful photo for Lockwood grows an admiration for nature by the viewer – and brings out the true adventurer in us to potentially seek out the location ourselves.

Jeremiah Barber Photography

If you’re looking for the best Utah national park photos, check out the portfolio of Jeremiah Barber. Based near Salt Lake City, he’s one of the best landscape photographers known for capturing nature's authentic beauty.

Jeremiah has been shooting landscapes for over 13 years, taking his brief training as a child into a professional career. He specializes in photographing Utah and the Southwest region of the US. He experiments with different lighting, which can lead to an entirely different picture when captured at different times of the day.

Barber has seen and photographed it all, from the red rock buttes to scenic waterfalls tucked inside a forest. He has an extensive collection of images available as high-quality prints. In addition, he provides a few print material options to tailor each piece to the customer’s home or office décor.

Fearnow Media

Keith Fearnow is a well-known commercial landscape photographer who worked with some of the biggest brands like Mercedes Benz and LuluLemon. His unique approach of combining marketing and landscape photography has given him a unique niche leading to impressive photos.

Fearnow is the founder of his media company, where he provides commercial photography services to his clients. He’s a visual storyteller who uses nature as the setting to support the brand message. Capturing the stunning views of mountains, canyons, and other landscapes around Utah makes the commercial photography appealing to a target audience inspired by outdoor adventures.

Landscape photography has now entered the mainstream thanks to Fearnow creating a demand for his signature style. As a result, his images have been used as part of major campaigns by brands he’s worked with.

Visions of the West Photography

Tom Mills has always had a knack for photography, but a period of constant travels led to developing a focus on landscape photography. He’s used photography to document his travelers, leading to an impressive portfolio that many people hold in their private and public collections.

Visions of the West Photography was founded by Mills, who specializes in photographing the region and beyond. He’s skilled with shooting big picture panoramic shots or small details such as flora. The wide range of images makes him popular for Utah photography.

Mills sells landscape prints like most other photographers, but he adds a personal touch to the experience. He creates limited runs so that clients can be sure they’re receiving a rare piece of art. Additionally, he offers custom framing options.

Sylvia Austin

It takes a truly artistic eye to shoot landscape photos as good as Sylvia Austin. She’s one of the most creative landscape photographers with an extensive portfolio of pictures shot around Utah.

Sylvia has worked with numerous magazines and publications in her career, leading to an editorial-style picture gallery. A defining characteristic in all of her photos is the lighting. She has a unique way of capturing natural light that creates dynamic contrasts in the image.

Clients praise Sylvia’s work for being rich in color yet still only revealing the natural details of a particular scene.

Sylvia is available for hire on projects and is a talented photographer capable of shooting all kinds of photos. She also has her portfolio available for prints that go perfect as wall décor.

James Kay Photography

Landscape photography isn’t just a career for James Kay, but it’s his life mission to use photography to promote environmental awareness. His credibility as one of the top Salt Lake City landscape photographers has helped local conservation organizations continue their missions with amazing pictures to support their causes.

James is a well-accomplished landscape photographer whose images have appeared on National Geographic, museum exhibitions, and published in his photography books. Throughout his career, he’s compiled a collection of hundreds of high-quality images that he sells and uses in collaboration with different organizations. The collection grows with each new project he takes on.

Kay is a regular contributor to Outdoor Photographer Magazine. While his full-color images are impressive, something about his black and white photos creates a timeless feel to the setting.

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