It’s no surprise that Austin, Texas is somewhat of a food lovers' paradise. Be it Tex-Mex or barbecue, Asian-fusion or classic American, there’s a food, cuisine, or dish for everyone. And with a never-ending stream of food locations—from restaurants and food trucks to breweries, wineries, and coffee bars, there’s always something to eat.

Fortunately, Austin’s vibrant culture—filled with its art, entertainment, and lively outdoor experiences—make it a hotspot for creatives, as well. Food photographers in Austin keep up with demand to shoot and showcase its food scene and the people who make it possible.

So whether you’re a local restaurateur seeking to illustrate your new menu, a food-tech startup with a new product, or an omnivore with an entrepreneurial spirit, rest easy; Austin food photographers undoubtedly have the creative talent you need to make it known to the world.

Jody Horton Photography

Grilled steak with pepper salsa [Source: Jody Horton]

Jody Horton is a freelance editorial and commercial photographer with years of experience shooting for food, travel, and lifestyle themes. A former writer, editor, and owner of a one-man documentary film production company, Jody knows how to use imagery to tell authentic stories. And, he’s remarkably good at it—having worked with reputable clients including Bon Appetit, Bud Light, Food & Wine, Real Simple, Tito’s Vodka, and Whole Foods.

With a hope to bring out the natural beauty and authenticity in every shot, Jody’s passion for simplicity and craft shows in all his work. He enjoys shooting food photography of all types and styles—especially smoke, fire, and barbecue. He's known for his professionalism, especially when collaborating with food and prop stylists, designers, and strategists to execute projects both large and small.

Miachel Pruett Photography

Citrus salad on small plate [Source: Miachel Pruett]

With a love for playful photography, Miachel Pruett spends her days taking bright, creative shots of food from her fully-equipped photo studio in downtown Austin.

A fan of simplicity, letting the product take the spotlight, Miachel’s also fond of adding her own ingeniously-designed props when appropriate. Whether it's a complimentary backdrop (with a bright, bold color), a little something to add texture, or perhaps a hand or two, Miachel isn’t afraid to take chances, or to make a statement. And, with a string of past clients including Annie’s (organics), Burt Bee’s, Justin’s (nut butter), mindbodygreen (supplements), Quaker Oats, Starbucks, and Vitamix—she’s certainly worth a look.

Whether you need a professional to bring life to your plant-based wonder-cleanse, or to spice up your life-changing brand of trail mix, tortilla chips, or condiments, look no further than this talented Austin photographer.

Eric W. Pohl Photography

Meat platter [Source: Eric W. Pohl]

Eric W. Pohl is as unique a food photographer as food photographers get. Born and bred in Texas, this ranger has been featured in Austin Monthly, Texas Highways, Texas Parks & Wildlife, and The Local Palate. Driven by a natural curiosity, Eric loves the process of doing his homework: exploring the source of the food he’s shooting, where it comes from, and who makes it—and using his photography as a vehicle to tell that authentic, visual story in a truly extraordinary way.

With a penchant for the nostalgia and history, and a love for all things scenic, Eric aims to bring out the narrative behind all the food he photographs. Whether you need a professional cameraman for your backyard barbecue, country-style menu, or head-chef head-shot, Eric delivers exceptional results.

Robert Gomez Photography

Texas tacos with colorful sauces [Source: Robert Gomez]

It doesn’t get more "authentically-Texan" than this. Robert Gomez is more than your average photographer. As a native to central Texas, Robert grew up with a camera and love for the local taquerias and hiking trails that make up this region. Now a professional lifestyle and food photographer in Austin, Robert has made a name for himself by using his talents to showcase the authenticity, flavor, and story behind every local restaurant, food truck, taco bar, and BBQ pit under the Texas sun.

Always willing to go the extra mile, Robert is a fan of using creative lighting, natural color, and real-world scenery to create the best possible shot. With past clients including Austin Monthly Magazine, Hatchworks Austin, Houstonia Magazine, Texas Highways Magazine, and Texas Monthly Magazine, you can expect excellent results from this Austin food photographer.

Dennis Burnett Photography

A vibrant food spread in an outdoor setting [Source: Dennis Burnett]

Hailing from Savannah, Georgia, Dennis Burnett graduated from the prestigious SCAD University with a BFA in photography, where he honed his skills as a director, photographer, and filmmaker. Now making a name (and a home) for himself in the great state of Texas, he’s eager and able to shoot for your next Austin food photography project.

With a unique style rooted in documentary photography, Dennis enjoys capturing food in its purest form—open, out-of-the-box, being eaten—to document the true emotion and authentic moments that might be expressed through it. He’s known for his observation skills, great sense of humor, and all-around friendliness, and has experience doing everything from studio work to photography for editorial and marketing campaigns.

Jessica Attie Photography

Colorful plate [Source: Jessica Attie]

Jessica Attie is a Texas-raised editorial and commercial photographer with passion. From the first darkroom class she took at the age of 13 to graduating from St. Edward's University with a degree in photography, Jessica Attie knew she wanted to be a photographer.

Now an Austin-based, full-time freelance photographer with past clients including Austin Monthly Magazine, Bon Appetit, Easter Austin, Food & Wine, Magnolia Network, The New York Times, and Whole Foods, Jessica is living her dream, and is incredibly good at it. Whether you need a food photographer to light up your menu, capture your product, or spotlight your produce, Jessica will deliver unique, high-quality results.

Buff Strickland Photography

Platter of steak and grilled peaches [Source: Buff Strickland]

Buff Strickland is a photographer with an eye for authenticity. Whether shooting for commercial advertisements or editorial spreads, she’s known for capturing what’s real—images in their purest, honest, and most original form—and she’s real good at it.

With a background in advertising photography and over 20 years of experience, she knows how to size up a project, grasp its vision, collaborate with stakeholders, and manage projects well. Past clients include Travel and Leisure, Gourmet, House Beautiful, Body and Soul, Hyperion, Time Inc., and Coastal Living. She’s been living in Austin since 2011, where she’s built a solid reputation for her top-notch work and energetic personality.

Mica McCook

Pecan pie [Source: Mica McCook]

Looking for a food photographer who's as fun to work with as your food is flavorful? Mica McCook pulls out all the stops and more, and it’s not just because her name aligns with her subject matter. With a love of color and a true sense of spunk, Mica loves to paint vivid, dramatic images with nothing but her camera and inquisitive eye. She’s on a mission to help Austin restaurants and food brands stand out, win business, and tell their stories, and she certainly has the talent to pull it off.

Mica is passionate about producing vibrant and vivid imagery that captures the flavors of the food and likes to shoot on-location with natural lighting. If you’re looking for a creative, insightful photographer with editorial skills, Mica's the pro for you.

Kimberly Davis Photography

Platter of bacon and sausage [Source: Kimberly Davis]

With a BFA in photography from the University of North Texas, top-rated Austin photographer Kimberly Davis has the education and experience to execute exceptional photo shoots. But it’s her down-to-earth attitude, passion for craft, and fun, engaging personality that really sets her apart.

As a professional commercial and editorial photographer, Kimberly’s work focuses on capturing the natural beauty of the space, meal, and message her client's brand hopes to convey. From ice cream to beekeeping and honey, to pinot grigio and Texas barbecue, her experience and her love of capturing food at the source makes her truly a one-of-a-kind photographer. Kimberly’s past and reputable clients include Chick-fil-A, Dwell, Food Network Magazine, The New York Times, Texas Monthly and Zoe’s Kitchen.

Jane H. Kim Photography

Thanksgiving platter [Source: Jane H. Kim]

Natural light. Vibrant color. Mouthwateringly good-looking food. That's what you'll get with Jane H. Kim, a brand and food photographer from Austin, Texas. She's a wide-eyed creative with a specialty for capturing food exactly the way you'd like it to be when eaten--from the perfect amount of BBQ sauce oozing out of a brisket sandwich to the sizes, shapes, and colors in a full-course meal.

Jane is the one to hire for the perfect Instagram shot, and her own Instagram page proves it. With her skills, she can take you from "bland with no-brand" to internet sensation in no time. Her previous clients include Austin BCycle, Austin Eastciders, Brew Dr. Kombucha, Colleen’s Kitchen, Home Slice Pizza, Revival Coffee, and William Chris Vineyards.

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