The 8 Best Fashion Photographers in Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City is often described as a “big city with a small-town feel.” The ambiance is a little more relaxed, and residents can enjoy any of the great mountain locations and local hiking trails. It comes as no surprise that “fashion” might not always be top-of-mind when talking about SLC. And yet, more and more the city has seen a revitalized interest in more diverse and avant-garde fashion around the metro area.

The rise of fashion has also given the recognition to great photographers in the city. Fashion photographers from Salt Lake have their own unique visions on display and gain inspiration from the relaxed vibes of the Utah capital. If you’re a budding model or label owner, you’ll need someone who can bring out the best in what you have to offer.

To help you find your perfect photo partner, we rounded up some of the best fashion photographers in Salt Lake City, UT below.

Tawny Horton Photography

Tawny Horton is the owner and head photographer of her own studio in Salt Lake. Her photography style is heavily influenced by the fantasy world of animation, high fashion, and cinema. A veteran in the beauty and wedding industry, she's been photographing for around a decade, with numerous cover and editorial publications in popular magazines.

Tawny shoots both on-location and in-studio, depending on the preferences of her client. Her style features bold lines, colors, and high fashion poses. Her editorial photos truly focus on the fashion she intends to showcase, using the model’s body as an extension of the garment's artistry.

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Todd Collins Photography

Based in Salt Lake City, Todd Collins' work focuses on portraiture and wedding photography. But he also shoots fine art, promotional, and some event photography. Todd has been a professional photographer since 2007, and his years of experience in the field have allowed him to develop a style that inspires.

In wedding photography, Todd aims to be at the right place, at the right time, in order to capture the best photos; in fashion photography, on the other hand, Todd creates the right place and the right time to come up with striking, exhilarating photos. Fashion is both a medium and a subject in Todd’s photos, which allow him to tell unique brand stories.

Rachel Smart Photo

Rachel Smart is an editorial fashion photographer based in Salt Lake City. Rachel studied visual art and design, with a specialization in photography, and has been published in several editions of British Vogue. Rachel has experience in fashion portraiture, commercial fashion, weddings, and product photography.

Rachel’s photography style is flooded with light, and she especially enjoys shooting fashion concepts that sparkle and shine. She can shoot portraits on-location or in-studio, depending on your preferences. While Rachel holds the creative reins, her main goal is always to capture what you want to highlight in the photo, whether it’s the clothes, the emotion of the model, or their dramatic interplay.

Whitney Finuf Photography

Whitney Finuf is the owner and head photographer of her own studio in SLC. Her expertise lay within fashion portraits for beauty and wellness brands. Over the years, she has partnered with multiple beauty and makeup brands to shoot their product campaigns.

Additionally, Whitney has an advocacy to encourage more female product and portrait photographers in the industry, and she writes newsletters and teaches courses to champion this initiative.

Whitney’s style uses crisp lighting, youthful looks, and playful, creative themes that appeal to younger, dynamic audiences. Her photos are bold and colorful, with larger-than-life images that promise to bring your brand from a simple name to a full experience.

Natalie Michelle Photography

Natalie Michelle has experience in wedding and portrait photography, with a diversity of experience that comes with years of being a professional photographer. She describes her style as a mix of fine art and editorial fashion, with an ability to create images that are elegant and full of genuine emotion.

For her fashion photography, Natalie is adept at playing with light and shadow to create appealing shots. Her photos combine natural movement and unexpected editorial poses, sure to wow you from every angle.

Brett Colvin Photography

Brett Colvin is an artist-photographer. Brett states that “capturing unique imagery” has been one of his passions for over 30 years, and his works show just how deeply he is devoted to the craft. His specializations include portraits, headshots, commercial, and advertising photography.

As a fashion photographer, Brett’s shots are high art in quality and editorial in nature. Colors are bright, the clothes are extravagant, and he aims to tell a story with each snap. Brett is no stranger to the magic of post-processing, able to take photos from inside the studio to an otherworldly masterpiece.

Ricardo Quintana Photography

Ricardo Quintana owns and operates his own business and describes himself as a photographer and filmmaker at heart. He takes pride in the combined artistry of his two passions.

Ricardo, originally from Santiago, Chile, has been a professional photographer since a little before 2015, and is always looking to improve and build his portfolio.

Ricardo’s shooting style is finely artistic, editorial, and romantic. He is passionate about portraiture and wedding photography, where he always aims to capture treasured memories that stand the test of time. For Ricardo, natural light is the best light, and ensures his photos have a soft and gentle quality to them. Overall, he aims to elevate every photo he takes, whether wedding or otherwise, into a high fashion portrait worthy of being displayed.

Jake Garn Photography

Jake Garn is the creator-extraordinaire behind the camera here. He started his photography journey as hobby in 2002, where it blossomed into a long-term love affair and eventually a full-time profession. Jake loves to digitally tinker with photos, fulfilling his insatiable need to create fine art in new and exciting ways.

Jake describes his specialization as “whimsical fashion.” His photos are bright, full of colour, and are often shot in atypical environments or utilise unconventional poses. Jake's work often pushes the envelope in both creativity and technical skill. It is for this reason that the photo artist has been featured in numerous fashion publications and won several awards.

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