What do The Graduate, The Godfather, and Sex and the City: The Movie all have in common? Aside from being cinematic masterpieces, they all feature iconic wedding scenes.

In fact, based on a recent ranking of The Top 100 Movie Weddings of All Time eight Best Picture winners feature a wedding scene: Gone With the Wind (1939), The Sound of Music (1965), The Godfather (1972), The Deer Hunter (1978), Out of Africa (1985), Dances With Wolves (1990), Forrest Gump (1994), and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003).

While weddings scenes come in all shapes and sizes, the old fashion church wedding is a great place to start. Fortunately, there are a bunch of affordable film-friendly temples of worship around Los Angeles. Whether you're looking for an Old Western chapel, an ornate Cathedral, or Vatican-style gardens there are great options available within the TMZ.  While church rental prices aren't for the ultra-low budget filmmaker, if you can afford $150 - $250 per hour you're going to be in very good shape.

To make your search for film-friendly churches a little bit easier, we've gone ahead and picked our 10 favorite God-friendly filming locations in Los Angeles. Take a look at the full list below:

10) Modern Methodist Church to Rent for Filming


This modern Methodist church in DTLA is a beautiful and affordably priced filming location starting at $200 per hour. There is a large organ is placed on the back wall, and glass windows line both sides of the church (providing a rare amount of natural lighting for this location category). In the back section of the church is a large lecture hall/secondary altar as well as an auditorium and classroom.

Starting at $200/hr, available on Giggster.com

9) Authentic Western Desert Chapel for Rent


This mission-style church is a rare find, and definitely a worth a tech scout if your filming a Western around Los Angeles. In addition to the authentic chapel location there are many other native stone buildings on the 40 acres property. A short drive north of Los Angeles, the location is only 1.66 miles beyond the 30-Mile Studio Zone near Santa Clarita, California.

Starting at $175/hr, available on Giggster.com

8) Budget-Friendly Southern Church For Filming


The charming community church located in the city of Pasadena boasts a lovely walkway through the grounds, front yard, playground, and indoor gym. In addition to the large chapel, and auditorium there are also numerous small rooms rooms used for classes and private counseling. The church features stained glass windows and updated light fixtures, making it a steal at a starting price of under $200 per hour.

Starting at $171/hr, available on Giggster.com

7) Beautiful Church-Style Gardens & Halls


While not technically a church, this location makes the list based on its charming Spanish colonial aesthetic and rare "old world" charm. A favorite filming location of the entertainment and media communities for over fifty years, it offers four floors of distinctive spaces with available on-site parking for base camp, crew parking, or equipment, making it an ideal setting for motion pictures, television, music videos, still photography.

Starting at $650/hr, available on Giggster.com

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6) Charming White Church For Rent in Pasadena


Built in 1906, this iconic church has deep roots in the history of Pasadena, California. The entire church has recently been restored with much care being taken to retain as many of the original elements as possible, such as the stained glass in the sanctuary, original walnut floors and the many arched windows throughout. The restoration has allowed for modern amenities such as central air conditioning, security system, and technology.

Starting at $295/hr, available on Giggster.com

5) South LA Church Space Ideal for Filming


This large mid-century church is a great all-around day rental option with flexible parking, affordable rates, and a multitude of unique rooms and backdrops around the property. High ceilings provide beautiful acoustics, and 14 rows of pews provide seating for a crowd of several hundred people.  

Starting at $208/hr, available on Giggster.com

4) Ornate Church Temple to Rent for Filming


Titled the "Mini White House" on Giggster, this Pasadena church is a rare and flexible filming location that can easily be decorated to fit a variety of filming needs. Featuring well-manicured grounds, a children's nursery, large pillars throughout the building, and large auditorium tile floors and lots of sunlight. If you're scouting a location for vintage period drama this a fantastic option.

Starting at $220/hr, available on Giggster.com

3) Church Cathedral with Ornate Ballroom


Set in the heart of downtown, this grandiose  venue boasts Italian baroque inspired interiors and expansive gardens. Originally built as a cathedral in the late 1800's the location is now used as an event venue. While it lacks the religious paraphernalia of some of the other locations, with minor set dressing, it can easily be transformed back into it's original state. While, the daily rate of $4,000 isn't cheap, its certainly a fair price for one of the largest and most ornate church filming locations in Los Angeles.

Starting at $500/hr, available on Giggster.com

2) Hilltop Stone Church in Highland Park


This stone-walled property has the look and feel of a 16th century monastery. Features includes an abbey, chapel, cellar, and dungeon. Inside the abbey the interiors are decorated with a variety of scavenged relics and collected treasures. Antique furniture and old musical instruments are scattered throughout, and ornate window fixtures makes this place the holy grail of ceremonious locations. Old tile and gigantic spaces/hallways make for incredible acoustics.  

Starting at $350/hr, available on Giggster.com

1) Colorful Spanish Church with Ornate Altar


This small beautiful church near Silverlake is far and away the most popular religious-themed filming location on Giggster, with over 26 bookings over the past year. In addition to the immaculate altar and interior decorations, the church also features a charming garden and banquet hall.  

Starting at $125/hr, available on Giggster.com

Need more than just church locations for rent?

This list should have you pretty much covered when it comes to tracking down an affordable church location in the city of angels. However, there's a good chance you'll need to rent some other filming locations as well. That's where Giggster comes in! We've got thousands of unique film-ready properties from from millionaire mansions to desert shacks.

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