Boudoir has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, with many women drawn to the empowering and self-love aspect of the experience. Boudoir photography gives women the chance to choose intimacy with themselves, and to rediscover parts of themselves they've maybe hidden away over the years.

The best kind of boudoir photographer is one who can guide you in this journey of self-empowerment, while honoring the tremendous vulnerability you will be sharing with them throughout the session. In Halifax or elsewhere, it's important to choose a boudoir photographer that you can meet and feel comfortable with – and know you can trust with this experience.

Ready to start your search for boudoir photographers in Halifax, Novia Scotia? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your sexy shoot.

Photography by Merna Ryan

A black-and-white photo focusing on the silhouette of a woman lounging seductively in a bed, against a thinly-curtained window [Photography by Merna Ryan]

Merna Ryan started her photography journey with her family, her children. She was immediately drawn to the art form of studio backdrops, lighting, and photography. Soon after, she delved headfirst into learning the technical skills she needed to become a professional photographer. Merna's simple but effective studio has allowed her to take her photography career to the next level, with many happy return clients that trust her with their photography needs.

For her boudoir sessions, Merna encourages open communication. She's always after maximum comfort with her clients. Through gentle guiding into poses and scenes, she helps clients of all ages and experiences levels through the boudoir experience. The main focus of Merna's boudoir is not about what you wear (or don't wear) - but how confident you feel after the session.

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Ashley Cecilia Photography

Ashley Cecilia is one of the up-and-coming photographers in the Halifax area. While she mainly focuses on wedding and engagement photos, she's also a stunning boudoir photographer. Ashley takes pride in being an out-of-the-box photographer, capturing angles and emotions far from the usual portraiture.

Ashley understands how important and powerful photos are. She treats them as your legacy. And what could be a better legacy than a portrait that captures you at your most powerful, your most intimate, during a boudoir shoot? Through her boudoir sessions, Ashley allows you to tap into that inner strength, and release it in sensual and stunning photos.

Kaylin Amelia Studio

Kaylin is the owner and head photographer of Kaylin Amelia Studio. Her photography career has been inspired chiefly by her quest to find true and real self-love. Through photography, and meeting women from all walks of life, Kaylin has been able to preach that message of self-love and empowerment to everyone who comes into her studio. In turn, Kaylin learns from her photography clients of the different facets and ways one can love oneself no matter where we are in life.

A boudoir experience with Kaylin is more than being glammed up in front of a camera. She imparts her passion for the artistry of the human body with every photo, with you as the main art subject. Kaylin hopes that your boudoir experience with her helps you see yourself as a beautiful, confident woman ready to take on the world.

One Blue Fish Photography

A woman lies on her stomach on a bed, her lingerie-clad back covered by a thin, white veil [One Blue Fish Photography]

Liz is the founder and photographer of One Blue Fish Photography. She's been a professional photographer servicing the Halifax area for more than 5 years, in the wedding, destination wedding, and boudoir niches. Liz loves photography because it allows her to connect with people in new ways through her lens.

For boudoir photography, Liz wants to focus on the experience of the session rather than the end goal. Through the experience, Liz will build you a full day of pampering and glamour for you.

Belle Visage Boudoir and Photography

Belle Visage Boudoir and Photography (BV Boudoir) is one of the leading boudoir photography studios in Nova Scotia. BV Boudoir was founded by two high school friends who discovered the power of boudoir and wanted to share it with the world. Gillian Crouse serves as the head photographer of the duo, while Lindsay Mae Truelove is the hair and make-up artist who preps their clients for a one-of-a-kind empowerment sessions.

BV Boudoir is well-loved by their clients for their professional but warm demeanor. Clients love Gillian's positive vibe throughout the shoot, eliminating any nervousness from the client even if it was their first time posing in front of a camera—and in lingerie, at that. The women also loved Lindsay's incredible eye for color when it came to the makeup looks. So whether you want a fiery, sultry boudoir session, or a flirty and fun one, you can trust Belle Visage to deliver.

Elegant Boudoir by McCarthy Photographic

Mike McCarthy is the owner and head photographer of McCarthy Photographic. He specializes in boudoir photography, glamour photography, and fine art nude photography. With over 35 years of photography experience—and nearly 15 years of those in the glamour and boudoir niche—Mike takes his art very seriously, which has garnered him countless awards throughout the years from both international and national organizations.

Mike founded Elegant Boudoir in 2014 because he wanted to make boudoir more accessible to the people in his community. He wanted to show women that anyone can do a boudoir shoot, and it's not something restricted to just models. With Mike's expertise, your boudoir experience will be a fun and empowering session that will be rewarded with show-stopping photos.

Pure Images Photography

A woman with flowy blonde hair and wearing a black lace bodysuit poses in a porcelain bathtub [Pure Images Photography]

Pure Images Photography is a Nova Scotia-based photography studio that specializes in portrait and boudoir photography. Founded by Tara, who also serves as the head photographer, Pure Images has become a go-to for women looking for new photos to celebrate a milestone in their lives, or to simply treat themselves to a fun new experience.

As a boudoir photographer, Tara prioritizes your comfort and confidence throughout the entire shoot. She will help you carefully curate a series of outfits and poses to help highlight your best assets, without pushing you too far from your comfort zone. The results are classic, sensual photos that stay authentic to who you are.

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