Mansions add rich splendor and grandeur to your set - and these one are honestly the best mansions we could find for you to rent for film and photo in NY. Intricately decorated, stunning ‘wow’ appeal, and opulent fixtures these homes come in different styles and locations. There’s a lot happening in each of these locations and the presence of unique fixtures at these listings really make them all distinct and unique. So without further ado, here’s our list.

9. Lodge Style Mansion with Lake, Forest & Field

Located within the studio zone, this ranch mansion feels like a mountain resort and lodge somewhere in the mountains of Colorado. Secluded and spacious, this property has three distinct outdoor looks all of which is scenic and camera ready. A pier leads to the lake, and the property is nestled on the edge of a forest. There’s a pool and sauna, along with a kids play area in the landscaped yards. Indoors the home is furnished with a lot of expensive art, materials and fixtures, giving this space a very opulent on-camera presence.

Available on Giggster, starting at $475/hr.

8. Luxury Mansion with Spiral Stairs

A luxury home located in a scenic, natural setting, this home has a touch of magic and fairytale to it. Really posh looking and equipped with furniture and fixtures that exudes class and elegance, this home looks spectacular on camera. The attic with the spiral stairway has an abundant and refined use of wood. The interiors are decorated in a rich Bohemian style. A wrap around porch area goes around the home, making it perfect for outdoor shoots as well. There’s even a greenhouse on site which you can use for more natural outdoor frames and sequences.

Available on Giggster, starting at $650/hr.

7. Long Island North Shore Mansion

Spread over a massive 30 acres, this property on the north shore of Long Island has all the works of a luxury mansion. The French-style home has a pool and patio outdoors, and along the beach you’ll find a gazebo area overlooking the ocean. The interiors are very loud and bold, drawing a lot of attention with their colonial and Bohemian decor styles.The bedrooms and personal spaces are kept minimals, either dual tone or monochrome making them very conducive for family shoots. A glass walkway in the home overlooks the bay, adding a very dramatic on camera presence to the video and photos taken here.

Available on Giggster, starting at $700/hr.

6.Spanish Mediterranean Style Mansion with Pool

A trip to the other side of the Atlantic, this luxurious mansion is very camera conscious. The interiors have high ceilings and tasteful decor which blends in Art Deco and Colonial style impressions. Wood and marble is abundantly used to add to the elegance of the home. Outdoors, there’s a pool with 2 waterfalls, hot tub, cave, pool house, outdoor bar and a grill. There’s multiple balconies, rooms and features here which makes the listing very versatile in terms of the shots and sequences you can capture.

Available on Giggster, starting at $300 /hr.

5. Charming Old School Mansion

Two bowling alleys, a stunning lap pool located in a glass structure with an overlooking mezzanine area, another pool (this one open air) and a bunch of whole other affluent features … this mansion is nothing short of a castle. Lush, manicured yards all around, walking inside feels like walking back in time. Brick fireplaces, chessboard tile patterns, a home library, exposed Greek-style columns, wide staircases, this place certainly has a very quaint royal element to it. There’s a lot of different looks you can experience here, and this makes the listing perfect for all kinds of photo or video projects that require a touch of the regal.

Available on Giggster, starting at $350/hr.

4. South Mountain Luxury Mansion

Resting amidst six acres of rolling fields and gradients, this picturesque location has a magical transformation each season. Nestled in the forest, beautiful landscaped gardens and yard create a painting of colors, something your camera can capture beautifully. The interiors are kept simple compared to the brilliant outdoors, adding a very homely aura to the space. Charming through-and-through, your camera is going to have a great time capturing the beautiful interiors and the idyllic exteriors.

Available on Giggster, starting at $250/hr.

3. Colorful Modern Mansion with Indoor Pool

Located in walking distance to the beach, this modern mansion is as colorful as it gets. Vibrant, eye-catching furniture rests beautifully among the white walls, providing the kind of contrast and juxtapositioning that looks spectacular on the camera. The different rooms have different dominant colors, which have different effects on the warmth and vibe of the stuff you film. The floor-to-ceiling windows let in floods of natural light while providing panoramic views of the ocean and the cured yards. The ultimate, colorful modern mansion!

Available on Giggster, starting at $700/hr.

2. The Joel Farist Mansion

A typical Queen Anne Victorian mansion, this home was a statement of grandeur whose value has only grown over time. This pristine home has 3 floors of furnished living space and an unfinished attic showcasing the magnificent carpentry of the period. Furnished with a shabby-chic look throughout, this space has 7 fireplaces, 5 bedrooms, 3 large sitting rooms, a balcony on the 3rd floor, renovated in-law suite, porte-cochère,crown and bullseye moldings, and the 1894 original staircase up 3 floors. A white fence surrounds the lot with a trim friendly yard, adding to the entire camera appeal of this listing.

Available on Giggster, starting at $250/hr.

1. Luxury Waterfront Estate

A high-tech, modern contemporary mansion, this home is what a Zen mansion would be. Right from the outside, the exposed columns and tiled front area add a very calm yet sophisticated look which looks incredible against the neutral colors of the house. The indoors have a vast, open floor plan giving you plenty of space to move your camera around. Minimal furniture, rich natural elements wherever you turn your eyes, and plenty of windows to let in natural light, this home is equipped with all the features and fixtures of a modern millionaire home … including a waterfall.

Available on Giggster, starting at $500 /hr.

These mansions certainly are breathtaking, and they’re all functional as incredible sets. Whether you’re looking at something modern, or something from the past … you’re certain to have all your checkboxes in at least a couple of them. This said, do be mindful of the furniture and your camera/set size while narrowing down your list. And if you like what you see, would like to check more pictures, or take a look at the fine print, please follow the links in the articles. Happy filming!

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