Yorkshire Coast Wedding

Yorkshire Coast Wedding

Taking your dreamed-of wedding in York to the Yorkshire coast makes it even more, well, dreamy! Grab inspiration from this wedding photo shoot and start your plans.

We love the cosy blue knitted shawl and the denim jacket, both perfect for the boho look. Windswept hair and a dress that works with the water and waves give a soft and enchanted style.

Colour Palettes for a Yorkshire Coast Wedding

Yorkshire weddings have great room for some fantastic colour palettes. Couples who finalise a few complementing shades of blue, white, beige, sandy brown, and a few bold pops like red, bright yellow, and more can ensure that they stick with their coastal wedding theme.

However, if it’s a striking contrast that’s the need of the hour, then adding the glamour with navy blue, sequins, bottle green, and white makes for a beautiful wedding too. If you’re looking for sheer elegance from the coastal wedding, it is ideal to opt for pastel shades of blush pink, peach, sea green and lilac. These hues are incredibly flattering and look stunning in photographs.

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What to Look for in a Venue for a Yorkshire Coast Wedding

Yorkshire weddings should be about nature. Since the locale is already gorgeous, you should incorporate as much of the surrounding natural beauty into your wedding as possible. Most people restrict using natural themes in their weddings in lieu of decor. While this is perfectly acceptable, there is nothing more wondrous than natural flowing strands of hair for photos or the glint of sunshine in the groom’s eyes.

In Yorkshire, you can find a wedding venue that fits your dream. You can opt for ivy-covered stately manor homes, open barns with seating for 50 - 100 people, bamboo conservatories, and rolling green lawns perfect for a huge wedding gathering.

Details for a Yorkshire Coast Wedding

Yorkshire weddings can be romantic, magical, elegant, or Boho-chic, depending wholly upon the couple. The surrounding natural beauty is versatile and allows for some fantastic pre and post-wedding photo shoots. The magic of Yorkshire is perfect for large or intimate weddings with casual party vibes or glamorous receptions.

The Yorkshire coast wedding should ideally be on the beach, surrounded by the sound of gorgeous waves lapping at the shore. While beach destination weddings can be somewhat earthy and rugged, it is possible to pull off a spectacular event with the right food, decor, music, and entertainment. When considering a coastal wedding, it is essential to remember that you should combine the ruggedness of the surrounding natural beauty with the wedding to make the event memorable.

Food for a Yorkshire Coast Wedding

The catering choices in Yorkshire are aplenty. While planning your wedding, involve local caterers for their choice in the best, freshest seasonal produce, locally sourced alcohol from the surrounding breweries, and other dishes that all guests will enjoy.

Some good choices for Yorkshire-style wedding food would be a selection of canapes, Elderflower-based fizzy drinks, tea, coffee, hearty vegetable soup with bread rolls, ale and beef stew with seasonal vegetables, and a pastry topping, and several tea cake selections. A choice compilation of potato wedges, mini pizzas, sandwiches, and other favourite foods would also be a hit for the evening snacks.

Table Setting Style for a Yorkshire Coast Wedding

The table setting can be a profusion of wedding flowers, with select locally-sourced blooms, pretty vases, or mismatched mason jars to add authenticity to the coastal wedding, rich-coloured tablecloths in satin or thick cotton with lace trimming, and additional foliage around each table.

You can enhance the beauty of the table settings by reusing and repurposing the wedding bouquets and adding them to the table and chairs. Placing floral backdrops with well-placed lights for the speeches near the tables or in the centre will also look gorgeous. The table setting should be in complementing colours with cutlery and flatware that add to the overall theme.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Yorkshire Coast Wedding

For the wedding dress or bridal gown for coastal weddings, most brides prefer choosing white lace with ruffles for a slim fit. However, many brides prefer a traditional A-line gown with an empress neckline. While there are many fashionable choices that brides can opt for, you should opt for something that you are most comfortable wearing the whole day. This does not mean you have to compromise on style or quality.

Since your Yorkshire wedding could be a mix of indoors and outside with a walk to the beach for some fabulous photos, it is best to have a comfortable wedding dress that is easy to manage yet gorgeous. For the accessories, pearls or blue sapphires will bring out the elegance in the dress. Gold jewellry, bracelets, and well-done nails will enhance the overall look.

Menswear for a Yorkshire Coast Wedding

The groom can opt for a blue or black suit. Most men dream of the debonair style of James Bond and can make a selection of navy blue tuxedos that suit the surrounding beauty. The groom and best men can choose similar suits in style and cut.

When finalising the menswear for the big day, it is essential to think of comfort. This applies to the shoes also, and not just the tuxedo. A suitable watch (not the iWatch), a tie or bowtie, a beautiful boutonnière in shades of pastel against the dark suit, and a smile at all times will make the wedding day gorgeous and the groom a happy man!

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Yorkshire Coast Wedding

There can be a vast selection of flavors and styles for the wedding cake. Couples do not need to stick to a hard and fast traditional theme and instead should speak to local bakers about the choices available. Some couples enjoy cheesecake, and a multi-tiered cheesecake will be a tasty treat for all the wedding guests.

Couples can also opt for traditional cakes like a Victoria sponge with buttercream frosting, icing flowers, and a small smattering of candied seasonal fruits. Hand-painted cakes with local flora and foliage in pastel shades are unique and will add value to your Yorkshire wedding theme.

Portrait Props for a Yorkshire Coast Wedding

Some of the best props for portrait shoots are light-up letters with your initials, large reclaimed cardboard boxes shaped in hearts with backlighting, floral arrangements with Edison lights, a foliage wall with tall white light-up letters, and white mesh backdrops with small notes from friends and loved ones.

The portrait props should not overshadow the complete wedding theme but should enhance the love and romance of the couple. Depending on the portrait photo shoot, it would also be lovely to include a sun umbrella and take a few pictures by the beachside, among flowers, or other natural areas. Add in some sunglasses, the bridal veil, and you have a readymade romantic photo shoot setting!

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Yorkshire Coast Wedding

Since the Yorkshire coastline is gorgeous, a beach destination wedding makes perfect sense. Combining the beauty of the surf and sand with the wedding in lovely shades of icy blue and white will make for a magical wedding setting. Boho beach options could include a beachside resort leading out onto the sand or a nearby chic hotel with easy access to the beach.

Couples could also opt for a wedding surrounded by the verdant green of nature and opt for a gazebo-style set up for the vows, with a canopied structure for the reception and buffet.

Yorkshire Coast Bridal Session

The Yorkshire Coast in the UK isn’t necessarily the first place you think of for a beach destination wedding, but let us assure you, it should be! The rugged, natural beauty combined with empty, expansive beaches made for a perfectly gorgeous bridal session in today’s inspiration shoot.

Yorkshire Coast rugged beach bridal session
Yorkshire Coast rugged beach bridal session
Yorkshire Coast rugged beach bridal session
Yorkshire Coast rugged beach bridal session
Yorkshire Coast rugged beach bridal session
Yorkshire Coast rugged beach bridal session

From Your Fabulous Wedding “This is a recent boho shoot on the beach at Robin Hood’s Bay on the rugged Yorkshire coast.  It brings in a hand decorated denim jacket over a Soon Bride dress enhanced by the coastal background.”

Yorkshire Coast rugged beach bridal session

Credits: Photography: Emily Olivia Photography // Event Planning: Your Fabulous Wedding // Floral: Wild Flowers UK // Hair: Jen Eachus // Ribbon: Pompom Blossom // Wedding Dress: The Aisle Ilkley // Handmade Items: King and Eye Crochet // Jewelry: Starbox Wedding Jewelry // Hanger: Akito Avalanche Hangers // Lingerie: Extra Special Touch // Location: Secret Seaview at Robin Hood’s Bay in Yorkshire, England.