Yellow and Slate Grey Wedding

Rachel and Evan make a fabulous decision when they went for a yellow and slate grey wedding. The invitations announcing the big day are adorable and the bouquet is what we’d call glorious!

Details for a Yellow and Slate Grey Wedding

The combination of yellow and slate grey is youthful, quirky and suitable for summery celebrations. Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor wedding venue, feel free to add fun elements that suit your personality in these trendy colours. Maybe your groom has some hilarious yellow socks he’s been dying to wear, or you want to serve banana splits at your wedding reception – it’s likely that anything you want to use comes in one or both of these colours.

Rachel and Evan have chosen to add some colour to their reception with a brightly coloured cake, fun paper straws in yellow and grey and decorative pom poms above their reception tent. Take the opportunity to splash the colours around with liberal amounts of white or cream to keep the look balanced and elegant.

Colour Palettes for a Yellow and Slate Grey Wedding

Even though the colours “yellow” and “slate grey” are right in the title, don’t think that you can’t add another colour or two, or various hues of each to flesh out your theme. Rachel and Evan chose to accent their two main colours with a pop of springy green. This colour has yellow undertones and accents a variety of elements from the cake to the bouquets.

Other colours that would work with this colour palette include mid-tone blues, black, or even a bright pop of magenta used sparingly. As long as the colours still feel vibrant and a little unorthodox, you’re doing it right – just make sure the accent colours don’t overtake the yellow and slate grey combo. Adding too much of a complementary colour could make things too mismatched or chaotic.

Menswear for a Yellow and Slate Grey Wedding

You’re in luck, gentlemen! Because a yellow and slate grey inspired wedding is sunny, fun and likely less formal, you can forgo the dreaded tuxedo in favour of a well-fitting suit, or even matched separates if it fits the style. A charcoal grey suit in a light fabric is perfect for a warm afternoon, especially if you pair it with a lemony-yellow tie and a chic belt.

If you want to make the look less formal but still stylish and put-together, consider slacks and a matching vest, sans jacket, like the one Evan is wearing. It’s cooler and more comfortable in warm temperatures, but adds style and elegance. For the groomsmen who want to have a bit of fun with their formal attire, consider adding a flash of colour with yellow socks or a patterned tie.

Groom Style for a Yellow and Slate Grey Wedding

Similar to the groomsmen, the groom doesn’t need to be fully suited in a formal tuxedo to look stylish next to the bride. This colour palette is all about feeling fun and carefree, so keep the look light. Just because slate grey is one of the main colours doesn’t mean your entire ensemble needs to be a solid block of dark grey. A light grey suit compliments the colour palette well and won’t appear stuffy on a warm summer day, especially if the event is being held outdoors.

For accessories, try a yellow tie with a quirky pattern, such as polka dots or even plaid. If you’d like to go just a tad more formal, consider a pinstriped suit with shiny black shoes and a plain tie. A yellow boutonniere will give the ensemble a brighter feel.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for a Yellow and Slate Grey Wedding

A sunny yellow and slate grey theme is fun, flirty, carefree and unfussy, and finding a wedding dress that suits all these style elements isn’t as difficult as you may think. Consider a sculpted type of dress in a stiffer fabric that is tea-length or even knee-length. Keeping the fabric plain allows you to add fun elements such as bows, beadwork or lace – for a stunning, unconventional look, you could even go with a bit of black lace!

If you have your heart set on a long, flowing gown, not to worry – there are plenty of ways to add in some fun. Try a pair of yellow satin pumps that peek out as you’re walking down the aisle, or a yellow sash for a little flash of colour. You can also add a floral headpiece of small yellow flowers with or without a veil. This look is especially stunning on dark or red hair.

Bridesmaids Dresses for a Yellow and Slate Grey Wedding

When choosing bridesmaid dresses, there are two main directions you can go. In most cases, you’ll probably want to choose yellow dresses in either a single style or different styles that compliment the figure of your wedding party. Try to keep the lengths the same – if your dress is full length, theirs should be too, and the same with shorter styles.

If you’re hosting an evening, event, however, and you want to add a little drama, your bridesmaids can wear dresses in a deep slate grey paired with shimmery fabric. This look would work best for evening weddings at an indoor venue, as the look is considerably more formal. To incorporate yellow into the look, tie the bridesmaid bouquets with yellow ribbons or place a yellow flower in their hair.

Wedding Reception Decor for a Yellow and Slate Grey Wedding

The wedding reception is one element in which the yellow and slate grey theme can really shine. These wedding colours lend themselves well to a party-like atmosphere, especially if it’s outdoors. Rachel and Evan used a tent for their reception and strung the top of it with grey, yellow and cream coloured pom poms. You could also use balloons for a similar effect.

Other decorative items include simple, inexpensive things such as lemons and limes, vintage serving pieces and yellow cushions on the seats. If you plan on partying into the evening hours, party lights strung inside the tent with yellow orbs do double duty as both lighting and decorations.

Table Setting Style for a Yellow and Slate Grey Wedding

Use colour to your advantage to make the table settings look extra fancy when they are fairly inexpensive. A bright yellow table runner may be all the colour you need should you choose to go the very simple route. For centrepieces, a vase of sunflowers or yellow daisies adds height and interest but not fussiness.

If you’re keeping the table linens neutral or leaving them out altogether, a simple bowl of yellow or green fruits is vibrant, fresh and inexpensive. Rachel and Evan used colourful paper straws – in yellow and grey, of course – to add colour and function at the same time. If you’re using full place settings, one bright yellow or accent colour item, such as a bowl or salad place, adds a pop while not overwhelming the delicate colours.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Yellow and Slate Grey Wedding

The wedding cake is one place where pairing yellow with cream or white keeps the cake looking classy and elegant and less like a child’s snack. Rachel chose a modern, fun cake with yellow fondant hearts decorating a smooth white background. The single green heart – or whatever accent colour you choose – adds interest to the simple design.

The yellow and grey combination is young and modern, so intricate piping and texture seem a bit out of place. If you’re not a fan of fondant and prefer buttercream, you could opt for a white or cream-coloured cake decorated with fresh flowers such as yellow roses or daffodils. You could also opt for the naked cake trend, with a luscious lemon filling and a very thin layer of frosting.

Bouquets and Boutonnieres for a Yellow and Slate Grey Wedding

A yellow and grey colour palette lends itself well to simple, modern elements, so you’ll be able to create beautiful bouquets without going overboard on the flowers. Yellow roses are readily available and always in fashion, and they can easily be formed into the trendy “ball bouquet” – a simple bundle of flowers with minimal leaves or greenery in a round shape. You could also simply gather the roses, leaves and all, into a bouquet tied with a silk ribbon. Simple yet classy.

If you’re watching your budget, or you simply prefer other flowers to roses, there are several types of daises, gladiolas (watch the pollen) and even yellow calla lilies that a large, fun and punchy – and because they’re larger flowers, you won’t need as many to make a beautiful and budget-friendly bouquet.

Keep the boutonnieres simple with a single yellow rose or carnation. Since boutonnieres are a fairly formal tradition, you could choose to forgo them altogether.

Yellow and Slate


yellow and slate grey wedding inspiration

This yellow and slate grey wedding inspiration board has a quirky vibe that I’m really loving. White and green mix really well with the ever so popular grey & yellow colour combination. The bridal bouquet in the upper left hand corner is the second bouquet that I sent Behold Designz for our inspiration + invitation series! I just love what these ladies came up with. Their unique hand painted floral designs really make this invitation suite come to life and it’s the perfect match for this fun inspiration board!

yellow and gray floral wedding invitations from Behold Designz
yellow and gray floral wedding invitations from Behold Designz
yellow and gray floral wedding invitations from Behold Designz
yellow and gray floral wedding invitations from Behold Designz

And don’t forget – there are two more in this inspiration + invitation series coming up & be sure to

Credits: photo credits: yellow and grey floral invitations from Behold Designz, available here, and photographed by Gigi Marie Photography // bouquet from Southern Weddings, designed by Flower Wild, photographed by Jose Villa // bride and groom shoes from Jose Villa // paper straws via B.Loved Weddings, photographed by Marianne Taylor Photography // cake by The Sweet Side // love sign via Wedding Chicks, photographed by Jagger Photography // reception tent with tissue poms from Wedding Chicks, photographed by Abby Caldwell Photography // place setting via Every Last Detail, photographed by Natalia Zamarippa Photography.