An outdoor wedding is always divine. But a woodland themed wedding is outstanding and certain to be memorable!

Soft colours complement the natural backdrop of greens and beiges. The sun making its way through the trees will let the couple know well wishes are shining down on them. A simple wedding cake sitting beside antlers on a distressed table – what could suit this original theme more? Planning your wedding will be a work of creativity and certainly enjoyable!

Details for a Woodland Themed Wedding

Heavenly and enchanting, a woodland-themed wedding will bring your celebration to the next level. You’ll feel like you’re in a completely different world as you step into the party with majestically beautiful decor gifted by nature. You don’t even have to invest a lot in decoration, as the natural setting is more than enough to capture everyone’s attention.

Who would have thought that an unflattering combination of a random rugged door, an old table, and a vintage chair could turn into a masterpiece? Nature lover or not, there’s no way you won’t fall in love with a wedding venue adorned with the simple but magical elements of our surroundings.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Woodland Themed Wedding

Some mistakenly assume that they can just throw in a few florals, woods, and greenery in a forested area, and they can rock a woodland wedding theme. But that’s not always the case. You still have to create the right balance of colours and determine what decorative features will work best in a particular space.

Whether it’s a rustic, chic bohemian, or forest wedding, you can incorporate traditional elements, like candles, linens, or string lights for a whimsical effect. Since the surroundings would be mostly green from grass and tree leaves, integrate your wedding colours by adding fresh flowers to the venue.

Colour Palettes for a Woodland Themed Wedding

Show off your creative skills and experiment with different wedding colours to find the right shades and tints that match your ethereal woodland theme. Look for hues that would work well with the colours of the forest, which are typically brown and green. Earthy tones, light pinks, and white look incredible, especially in the early mornings with the gentle summer sun shining through the trees.

Try incorporating bold colours, like red and purple, if you want to try mixing unusual tones. This combo will give your decor an extra edge. Pops of bright red and yellow-orange for a vibrant feel will also bring fun and life to your venue.

Ceremony Decor for a Woodland Themed Wedding

Weddings with a woodland theme create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. Tall grasses, wildflowers, and trees with branches cascading from the trunk serve as a stunning backdrop for the event.

Instead of hiring a vendor to rent chairs, grab those old beams and convert them into comfortable benches that people can sit on during the ceremony. If you don’t have time for sanding and polishing timbers, any old wooden chairs work.

How about finding a spot with a grass area where you can decorate however you want? If you prefer a more fancy setting, exchange vows with a handcrafted wedding arch accentuated with colourful flowers and string lights.

Portrait Props for a Woodland Themed Wedding

Whether you plan to hire a professional or make DIY portrait props for your next project, these items should be designed and put together with your theme in mind. Things like antlers complement a wild woodland wedding theme, and a flower crown or a headpiece full of greenery completes the ensemble. So skip the pricey rental and make a one-of-a-kind photo station with a unique backdrop and props.

Check out your garage or storage. Who knows? There might be hidden treasures there you can turn into fantastic portrait props. Don’t limit yourself to those store-bought options. Instead, make one that will add life to your wedding photos.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Woodland Themed Wedding

Are you ready for a wedding photo shoot to perfectly capture the beautiful memories of your big day? Take photos during the golden hour for perfect lighting that will bring romantic vibes to your images and make the most of those woodland elements, like foraged branches, feathery grass, and wildflowers.

Get a snap of the bride or the couple comfortably sitting on the dried leaves and brown grass with a spectacular backdrop of different trees. Highlight the bride’s beauty and take a close-up photo with her makeup before it gets smudged by her tears of joy. And no wedding photography checklist is complete without shots of the wedding cake, table setting, and floral arrangements.

Table Setting Style for a Woodland Themed Wedding

Your reception table is more than just a place for guests to mingle and enjoy the wedding food. It’s also the centrepiece of the party, so you want to ensure it reflects the theme and your creative vision. Leave the table uncovered to highlight the natural wood grain, texture, and figure, or use a nice white table runner instead.

Spruce up the setup with flowers and candles. Include small jars or vases, a bit of greenery, and driftwood to add some character and whimsy touch to your tablescape. You can add any detail that fits the woodland but don’t overcrowd the table.

Dresses & Accessories for a Woodland Themed Wedding

Many wedding dresses are suitable for an enchanting woodland style, from stylish boho to snow-white fairytale gowns. There are also adorable bridal dresses that will make you look like a forest fairy. These include unique, colourful dresses, like pink, lavender, dusty blue, emerald, and even ombre options, ideal for those who want to step away from the traditional white gown.

Besides the colour, dresses come in different designs, from mermaids and A-lines to ballgowns and slipdresses. There are various kinds of detailing, too, as well as accessories to complete the style. But there’s probably no better accessory that matches a woodland-themed wedding than a colourful flower crown.

Menswear for a Woodland Themed Wedding

There’s no doubt that the groom and groomsmen will look dashing in a navy blue outfit. This classic wedding colour for men remains trendy for many good reasons. It’s sophisticated and unique but not entirely out of the box, so you won’t be entering unchartered territory. It will stand out beautifully in a woodland setting and go well with the warm earthy tones of outdoor wedding venues.

The simplicity of the woods might influence you to go for something casual but classy. It will certainly work in harmony with the effortless elegance of the bride and the relaxed atmosphere of the reception area.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Woodland Themed Wedding

Cakes are a must-have dessert for wedding celebrations, so make sure you have enough space on the reception table. You don’t need to have something too elaborate or fancy. A single-tiered white cake adorned with gorgeous flowers placed against the backdrop of dense weeds and old furniture definitely stands out. Then add the tarts, mini cakes, and jar desserts to the setup.

The combination is truly a work of art. A photo of it deserves a spot in your living room to be remembered for years. It is, without a doubt, a stylish and exciting way to jazz up your simple cake to suit your wild woodland wedding theme.

Wild Woodland-Themed Wedding

With a stunning range of creative floral headpieces, antlers, and a whole lot of rustic goodness, today’s woodland-themed wedding inspiration shoot photographed by Lil Elements and styled by Ruffles & Bells captures the whimsy of a wild forest wedding in the most alluring way!

Rustic woodland dessert display | Lil Elements Photography | see more on:
Unique flower crown | Lil Elements Photography | see more on:
Mini layered dessert | Lil Elements Photography | see more on:
Ombre petal wedding dress with a unique flower crown | Lil Elements Photography | see more on:
Single tier wedding cake with antler decor | Lil Elements Photography | see more on:
Unique flower crown | Lil Elements Photography | see more on:
Wild woodland-themed wedding | Lil Elements Photography | see more on:
Shabby chic Mr and Mrs chair signs | Lil Elements Photography | see more on:

From Marie of Lil Elements – “I love deer and adore how majestically beautiful they are with their gentle spirits and gorgeous brown eyes. I was inspired to make a woodland-themed wedding inspiration shoot with deer as a main element, and keeping it light and simple.

The colour palette used was light pinks, white, greens and browns, and since we shot early in the morning to avoid the high temperatures during the crazy heat wave that Melbourne had this summer, everything looked fantastic bathed in golden light.”

Woodland wedding inspiration | Lil Elements Photography | see more on:
Bride with antlers | Lil Elements Photography | see more on:
Woodland wedding decor | Lil Elements Photography | see more on:
Bride with antlers | Lil Elements Photography | see more on:
Layered tulle wedding dress | Lil Elements Photography | see more on:
Wild flower bridal bouquet | Lil Elements Photography | see more on:
Single tier cake with rustic antler decor | Lil Elements Photography | see more on:
Mini tart desserts | Lil Elements Photography | see more on:
Woodland bridal bouquet with antlers | Lil Elements Photography | see more on:
Wild, woodland-themed wedding inspiration shoot | Lil Elements Photography | see more on:

“Wunderplant did such an amazingly creative job on the flower crowns incorporating native flowers and antlers that really worked well with our setting. Poppy Jean brought in the most amazing props and furniture for the shoot – we really couldn’t have done it without them. The rustic, yet modern pieces brought out the playfulness in our theme. Regnier Cakes make beautiful sweets for the dessert table with tarts, mini cakes and jar desserts.

Bridal Atelier brought several wedding dresses with layers of lace, tulle, embroidery and beading. Each of them was exquisite and one (my favourite) was on-board in pink and had the most amazing petal texture that contrasted perfectly with the edgy-ness of the woods and forest. Sophie Knox created a makeup look for our model that was an enchanted vision along with the hairstyling of Candice from Beauty Within Makeovers.

With this shoot we wanted to welcome summer days and show how beautiful morning weddings can be. The light at sunrise brings out the most amazing sense of a remarkable day!”

Credits: Photography: Lil Elements // Styling & Design: Ruffles & Bells – Event Styling and Planning // Bridal Stylist: The Bridal Atelier // Model: Indigo May // Floral Design: Wunderplant // Cake & Sweets: Regnier Cakes // Makeup: Sophie Knox Makeup // Hair: Beauty Within Makeovers // Furniture & Props: Poppy Jean // Location: Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia.

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