Bohemian, whimsical, and free are just a few words to describe this sensational wedding inspiration. You’ve got to scroll down to the crepe wedding cake right away; we’ve no doubt brides everywhere will want to consider this fabulous dessert.

Do you imagine a floral crown as part of your wedding attire? A Woodland Floral Wedding is just the place to wear one. And that goes for the floral dress too!

What to Look for in a Venue for a Woodland Floral Wedding

Well, when we’re talking about a Woodland Floral Wedding, we know that your wedding venue is going to be an outdoors, forest-inspired, romantic wonderland. Think about Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night as your base inspiration with so much wonderful whimsy that will bring an essence of natural magic to your big day.

Obviously, you’re going to want some decent weather not only on the day itself but leading up to the wedding so that the ground has time to dry out, especially if you have quite a lot of guests traipsing across the property – no one wants to sink down into the ground!

Colour Palettes for a Woodland Floral Wedding

When you’re looking at suggested colour palettes for your big Woodland Floral Wedding, keep it super simple and bring it back to the grounding element of nature. After all, there’s a clear reason as to why you’ve chosen a woodland and floral inspired theme for your big day.

You can choose to use browns, greens and blues in differing shades to offer depth and points of difference, while highlighting details using lighter white and cream floral elements. This will not only lighten up the colour scheme but add a more feminine, romantic aspect to your overall Woodland Floral Wedding scheme.

Details for a Woodland Floral Wedding

As with a lot of different, less-traditional wedding themes, the devil really is in the detail when it comes to pulling them off successfully. For this theme, you don’t want to just rely on the beautiful surroundings that you’ve chosen as your location. You need to use details and decor to enhance what’s there and bring it to life.

Think about textural elements like hessian and lace that are going to juxtapose and contrast nicely against the rougher aspects of the trees like the bark. You can also use other wooden elements like reclaimed tables, benches and even vintage dressers that can hold the cake or guest book to add an old-world feel to your decor.

Food for a Woodland Floral Wedding

Who doesn’t like having the opportunity to try loads of delicious, tasty morsels of food ahead of your big day? With a Woodland Floral Wedding, you’re looking at quite a chilled and laid-back theme that should be replicated in your dining style.

With this in mind, it’s probably best to steer clear of big formal sit down meals with dozens of smaller tables. Instead, opt for a family style service with tons of big bowls of fresh, delicious, locally sourced food on a long community style bench where your new family and friends can get to know each other.

Table Setting Style for a Woodland Floral Wedding

When it comes to your table setting style for your Woodland Floral Wedding, you want to make sure that you’re bringing in elements from both sides of your theme: both the woodland and the floral. In addition to having dainty, lightweight floral centrepieces you can use fern leaf shapes to stamp and adorn your linens and table runner – it’ll bring in your surroundings in a feminine, cohesive and beautiful way.

You’ll also want to mix up the styles of crockery, stemware and cutlery you’re using to show different textures and shades, especially when it comes to wood colours and staining.You want to utilise all the shades of the woodland, not just one kind of brown.

Budget for a Woodland Floral Wedding

As with any kind of wedding, there are definitely ways to scrimp and save, and there are ways to completely blow your budget out of the water. This Woodland Floral Wedding is no exception to this rule.

Although on the surface it looks like quite a casual theme that is easy to achieve, with the level of detail needed to pull it off well, the costs can definitely start to creep up if you’re not careful. Also, any theme with a focus on fresh flowers is going to come at a premium. Contrary to popular belief, bouquets and floral arrangements are not cheap at all!

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Woodland Floral Wedding

Okay, so this is one of the biggest factors when it comes to bringing your Woodland Floral Wedding theme to life. As with a lot of outdoor-based weddings, you’re probably going to want to go with a fairly a-line or flowy dress that doesn’t have a lot of puffy fabric or trains that are going to get ruined as they’re dragged along the woodland floor.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different for your Woodland Floral Wedding outfit, consider something with a floral element either as a print or floral lace overlays that can bring both sides of your theme cohesively into your wedding dress.

Wedding Invitations for a Woodland Floral Wedding

When it comes to designing your invitations for your Woodland Floral Wedding there are a few things that you’re going to want to allude to. Primarily, you want to let your guests know that it’s an outdoor wedding in a woodland setting so that they can dress accordingly – for example, leave the stilettos at home!

As it’s a laid-back wedding, stick with a simple design on some plain textured card with some floral elements illustrated on the cards. If it’s a smaller wedding, you can make it even more personal by hand writing the envelopes and invitations to convey the feeling of an intimate, community wedding.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Woodland Floral Wedding

Of course, with Woodland Floral Wedding as your overarching wedding theme, you’re going to have to have your big day outside in the great outdoors. We’ve already noted a couple of weather and outfit based issues with a woodland location, but there are a few more logistical things to consider.

You’re going to need to think about the distance to your ceremony and reception venue from the nearest car park if your guests are going to have to walk a fair while in their best wedding guest outfits, as well as the bride having the world’s longest aisle. You don’t want to be hiking levels of sweaty when you arrive at the altar!

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Woodland Floral Wedding

With such a gorgeous, natural and magical backdrop to your wedding, there are an almost unlimited amount of beautiful shots you can consider for your Woodland Floral Wedding photo shoot. You can do the traditional side by side shots surrounded by wilderness and wildflowers or you can look intimate and private hiding in between the trees.

You can also take advantage of your surroundings and look out across the rivers, streams and gorgeous views that you’ve chosen to get married around. You can utilise the different textures of the leaves, the bark of the trees, and the softness of your dress fabric and get some real depth to your Woodland Floral Wedding photos.

Wooded Floral Wedding Inspiration

Not only did Ray & Alyssa of My Dear Love photograph today’s wooded floral wedding inspiration shoot perfectly, but they also did all of the fabulous details. It’s elegance combined with a natural beauty that only a forest can provide. Prepare yourself to fall in love with this free-spirited bohemian look!

Copper wedding invitations for a forest wedding | My Dear Love | see more on:
Foraged bridal bouquet | My Dear Love | see more on:
Sweetheart table for a forest wedding | My Dear Love | see more on:
Floral print maxi dress from Free People | My Dear Love | see more on:
DIY copper wire and wood wedding signs | My Dear Love | see more on:
Crepe cake | My Dear Love | see more on:
J.Crew groom's attire | My Dear Love | see more on:
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Woodland wedding inspiration | My Dear Love | see more on:

From Ray & Alyssa of My Dear Love – “For this shoot we were instantly inspired by the bride’s blue and white floral dress from Free People. The dress communicated the free spirit and non-traditional feel we wanted for this shoot, while evoking elegance amidst the natural woods.

We carried this theme in every aspect of the shoot, which you’ll first notice in the colour palette: blues and whites with hints of copper amongst earthy greens and browns. The bride’s whimsical flower crown and free-form bouquet also carried out our theme perfectly.”

Bohemian bride and groom | My Dear Love | see more on:
Truffle bar | My Dear Love | see more on:
Copper candlesticks and fern print table runner | My Dear Love | see more on:
Vintage wooden board games | My Dear Love | see more on:
Free-spirited forest wedding | My Dear Love | see more on:
Crepe cake with flower cake topper | My Dear Love | see more on:

From My Dear Love – “Our reception table spotlights an array of wooden chairs and many DIY details. We printed free floral graphics and sewed copper thread into the paper for table numbers. We stamped fern leaves in coordinating colours onto a dark chambray fabric for the table runner, and created napkins from the same chambray fabric.

Tall candles and copper-rimmed wine glasses added that elegant touch. The bride & groom’s table included many of the same details, but in a more intimate space. Their bench is an easy DIY project connecting two chairs with a pallet wood.”

Copper and wood wedding ideas | My Dear Love | see more on:
Floral print maxi dress from Free People | My Dear Love | see more on:
Copper and wood wedding ideas | My Dear Love | see more on:
Crepe cake and truffle bar | My Dear Love | see more on:
Woodland wedding ideas | My Dear Love | see more on:

“The dessert table features a truffle bar and crepe cake accompanied by a rustic beverage cart. We created the wooden signs with copper wire lettering, and we also mixed in a fun reception element with vintage board games. Lastly, our setting could not have been more perfect at Five Star Retreat. We were nestled amongst nature at its finest: trees, fields, and a river running along a massive stone wall – absolutely surreal!”

Credits: Photography: My Dear Love // Bride’s Dress: Free People // Bride’s Shoes: Mod Cloth // Groom’s Attire: J. Crew // Invitations: Yellow Specs Design // Location: Five Star Retreat in Lyles, Tennessee.

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