Wind Element Wedding

The blue and white color theme and the backdrop for this wind element inspirational photo shoot couldn’t be more perfect. A lovely large bouquet and a simple but stunning wedding veil are just two more features of the wind element theme you may want to use.

A wind element wedding can be thrilling to organize. Wind can be breezy or heavy, with fresh country air or slight humidity. This element is one of the most challenging to plan the wedding around since it is only felt and not seen. However, with some creativity, you can include decor, floral arrangements, wedding invitations, and more to fit right with this beautiful theme.

Your guests can experience the beauty of an elemental wedding without wondering how you will pull it off. This novel experience is one that can be enjoyed and remembered for a lifetime.

The splendor of a windy wedding can also make for a perfect wedding. Since air is essential for life, so can your love and planning bring about a glorious mix of wedding decor and ethereal beauty.

What you need to do is start planning from the get-go. There are several surreal experiences that can add grace to your wedding. The trick here is to always think ahead. Let’s help you plan a gorgeous wedding with the wind element!

Windy Wedding Venue

It goes without saying that your wedding should be an outdoor event. Ideally, you should search for wedding venues with plenty of natural light and breeze. The seasons to host such a wedding would be spring, summer, and autumn. Winter weddings, while windy, may end up being too cold, depending on where you hold the celebrations.

While you may want the wind element, you should aim for a natural breeze that ruffles your hair playfully, breathes love into your wedding dress, and allows your wedding decor items to flutter gently. Avoid places with too much wind that can topple your reception venue with a heavy gust. You must also remember that wind also carries with it plenty of dust. So if you have a beachside venue, you must account for sand blowing in the wind.

Some examples of perfect wedding venues to incorporate and support your theme would be mountainous venues or those in orchards and vineyards. You could also opt for a cliffside venue that receives a gentle breeze, cool, humid air, and an occasional spray of water (if it’s near a water body). A lakeside evening reception with a fresh breeze that sets hearts aflutter will also work perfectly with your wedding theme.

Windy Wedding Dresses and Accessories

Can you imagine a gorgeous wedding dress that gently sways with the breeze making you look like a princess in a castle? We can! You can definitely have the wedding dress of your dreams and one that fits the windy element theme.

There are several styles and patterns you can choose from for your wedding gown. You can opt for ladylike glamor with haute couture flair to the wedding dress. You can go for a plunging V-neckline with an illusion lace covering with cap sleeves or half sleeves to add detail. The wedding gown can be feminine, graceful, and appealing with an eye-catching bareback, intricate floral work, and a voluminous tulle skirt that looks like something out of a fashion magazine.

You could also choose ultimate glamor with a vintage twist. An A-line gown with a sweetheart neckline, silhouetted bodice, handwoven lace designs, and exquisite piping with half sleeves can exude sensuality and beauty and incorporate the windy theme. To add volume, you can opt for tulle or fabrics like chiffon that blow in the wind, giving you an ethereal look for your nuptials.

Accessories should complement your wedding look and fit with the theme. Bracelets with charms at your wrists that tinkle in the breeze, light dangling earrings that move with the wind, and an open hairstyle to let your hair do its own graceful dance will go well with the theme.

Windy Wedding Decor

The wedding decor should look exquisite and match your wedding venue. When planning the wedding budget, apart from the venue, consider decor that fits well with the theme. Since your wedding theme is the wind element, spending money on having a unique water feature made for the reception would not help. Instead, you should start focusing on all your favorite aspects of the wind.

For some couples, choosing the wind element is because the proposal happened high up in the sky, in a hot air balloon. For such couples, ensuring hot air balloons are part of the decor or embossed on the wedding invitations is a great way to remember their special day. While your reasons for choosing the theme may be varied, you should ensure the wedding decorations speak for themselves.

Some excellent ideas for incorporating windy elements in your decor (without looking too campy) are gentle tinkling wind chimes at catchment areas, faux birds in ivory cages or wrought iron cages, dreamcatchers adorned with feathers, adding birds in flight as part of the wedding invitations, draped strings of pennants throughout the reception venue, vintage wedding decor that is light, airy, and easy to style.

Miscellaneous Windy Arrangements

Instead of the usual floral arrangements, you could think of air plants (epiphytes) that grow with the help of other plants. These plants are beautiful and look stunning in hanging glass ornaments or from bare trees surrounding the wedding and reception venue or from the ceiling. You could also opt for epiphytes as centerpieces for the wedding table decor and turn them into tiny terrariums. These gorgeous air plants can also be incorporated as wedding favors at the end of the day.

For the wedding bouquet, you could think of white roses, greens, and other small light flowers tied together with sky blue and ivory ribbons that flutter in the breeze as you walk up the aisle.

You can include the wind theme even in the wedding food. Consider serving light and airy desserts like chocolate mousse or lemon meringues to work with your theme instead of dense foods like almond cakes and cookies.

For entertainment, you could consider hiring an acapella band (no musical instruments at all!) or hiring a band that only plays wind instruments like flutes, saxophones, trumpets, clarinets, or trombones.

However you consider incorporating the wind element in your wedding, the guests will have a splendid time. Just ensure you have fun with the theme while walking on cloud nine!

Wind Bride

Continuing from yesterday with the fabulous four elements-inspired shoots from the recent Erich McVey Workshops, today’s editorial from Photographs Caileigh captures the beauty of a windy day and a perfect wedding.

Blue Froufou ribbons | Photographs by Caileigh | see more on:
Powder blue calligraphy | Photographs by Caileigh | see more on:
Classic portraits | Photographs by Caileigh | see more on:
Unique wedding shoes | Photographs by Caileigh | see more on:
Wedding portraits | Photographs by Caileigh | see more on:
Rustic, outdoor reception | Photographs by Caileigh | see more on:
J.Crew groom | Photographs by Caileigh | see more on:
Vintage ring box | Photographs by Caileigh | see more on:
Wind-inspired wedding | Photographs by Caileigh | see more on:
Powder blue and silver place setting | Photographs by Caileigh | see more on:
Bridal bouquet with ribbons | Photographs by Caileigh | see more on:
Rustic chic tablescape | Photographs by Caileigh | see more on:
White calligraphy on powder blue | Photographs by Caileigh | see more on:
Veil | Photographs by Caileigh | see more on:
Powder blue and white wedding color palette | Photographs by Caileigh | see more on:
Large floral centerpiece | Photographs by Caileigh | see more on:
Erich McVey Workshop Wind Element | Photographs by Caileigh | see more on:
Canyon | Photographs by Caileigh | see more on:
Chic, organic tablescape | Photographs by Caileigh | see more on:
Erich McVey Workshop Wind Element | Photographs by Caileigh | see more on:
Erich McVey Workshop Wind Element | Photographs by Caileigh | see more on:

Air is life – and this shoot is brought to life through all of its exquisite details. The idea, the feeling, and the beauty of the wind is captured in each of these images, be it via the ribbons streaming from the bridal bouquet or the groom’s jacket. The light blue palette and earthy setting along with the cloud-white blooms in the floral designs all allude perfectly to this editorial’s wind element.

Credits: Photography: Photographs by Caileigh  // All images photographed at the Erich McVey Workshop in Bend, Oregon // Creative Direction & Styling: Ginny Au assisted by Ashley Nicole // Flowers: Ashley Beyer assisted by Brenna Williams // Hair & Makeup: Amy Clarke for The Halcylon Agency assisted by Beth Level // Gown: ‘Scarlet’ by Rubicon // Veil: Monvieve from Ivory & White Bridal Boutique // Jewelry & Groom’s Attire: J. Crew // Paper Goods: Mon Voir // Ribbon: Froufrou Ribbon // Models: Sydney Babcock of Muse Models and Garrett Righele of Option Models // Location: Smith Rock State Park // Sponsors: Red Leaf Boutique and Neve Albums // Photo Lab: PhotoVision // Film Sponsor: Fuji Film.