Marsala Wedding

We bet when you see the wedding cake for this Marsala wedding photo shoot, you’ll fall in love. With four tiers and a simple and elegant look, this cake is any bride’s dream.

A Marsala wedding embodies sophistication and color, yet pairs with a rustic theme also. Looking for whimsical and classic combined? This is it!

Details for a Marsala Wedding

Marsala – this deep, red colour isn’t just for Valentine’s or Christmas! Marsala is a beautiful, deep, burgundy red colour that exudes elegance. Marsala can be found in so many items you’ll naturally want for the wedding such as flowers, fabric, table linens, and so much more!

Grooms can choose a deep burgundy suit or tuxedo for the big day, and bridesmaids will love this flattering colour. Plus, brides can opt for a red velvet cake to further the theme. A Marsala wedding can be scheduled for any time of year, but it is a beautiful fall or winter colour. Pair the deep red of Marsala with blush colours for a romantic effect as well.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Marsala Wedding

Most any venue is suitable for a Marsala wedding! It is the ideal theme for both indoor and outdoor venues, but brides will want to be sure that the indoor venue is set up with neutral tones on the walls so that nothing detracts from the beautiful reds of the Marsala wedding colours.

An outdoor venue can be outfitted with many items to signal the Marsala wedding; however, gardens with deep red or burgundy flowers in bloom would naturally add to the Marsala wedding theme.

Be sure to ask the venue representative what is included in your price of the venue rental. You may be able to save a great deal of money on rented furniture and rented linens if the venue provides them.

Colour Palette for a Marsala Wedding

A Marsala wedding typically calls for deep reds and burgundy. Some even go with maroon and white as colours for a Marsala wedding. However, while it is perfectly appropriate to go with burgundy, cream, white, and even grey, there is one set of colours that can beautifully accent the Marsala in your wedding colour palette.

Consider using blush colours – pink, mauve, and antique white as accent colours for the Marsala wedding. These colours will not detract from your Marsala wedding colour palette, but rather, they will enhance them. Mix these blush colours in floral arrangements, and blush coloured tulle may be intertwined with marsala fabrics for perfect elegance in decor.

Food for a Marsala Wedding

Use the Marsala theme to choose the foods being served at the reception. For instance, chicken Marsala would be a great offering. This dish includes a tender chicken breast that has been sauteed in herbs and garlic then topped with a Marsala wine sauce and served with delicious fresh vegetables. This dish is perfect for an evening reception.

Another possibility is veal Marsala, which is made in much the same way as the sauteed chicken, and it is also served with fresh vegetables. For vegan guests, opt for a pumpkin marsala soup. These can be served in miniature pumpkins, and they are perfect for a fall Marsala wedding.

Budget for a Marsala Wedding

No matter what theme brides choose for their upcoming nuptials, it’s always wise to determine a list of must-have items before planning the budget. These items are things that you wish to have as a part of the wedding no matter the cost, and, let’s face it - you won’t be truly happy with your big day if you forgo these desired items.

With that said, once you’ve chosen your must-haves, then begin crafting the budget. Look for discounts and seasonal sales. There are many ways you can plan a beautiful Marsala wedding without breaking the bank. Organza or tulle fabric in the marsala colour can be intertwined with flickering holiday lights for a romantic and elegant effect. You can allocate a large amount of the budget to flowers, and adding the tulle and holiday lights can add to the decor without breaking the bank.

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Marsala Wedding

Brides have some very elegant choices when it comes to the Marsala wedding bridesmaid dresses. Of course, one’s first choice might be beautiful, deep red Marsala coloured dresses. These dresses are very fitting of a Marsala coloured theme, and they are very complimentary to almost anyone regardless of skin tone.

However, bridesmaid dresses in the very slightest blush pink are absolutely beautiful, and they fit perfectly into the Marsala wedding colour palette. Brides who really want a unique wedding can choose bridesmaid dresses in a hunter green colour.

When it comes to dress styles, any style is appropriate for a Marsala wedding, from A-line to v-neck to tea-length dresses or knee-length dresses. You might want the bridesmaids to choose their own personal style dress as long as they wear the same colour.

Menswear for a Marsala Wedding

While a traditional black tux is appropriate for a Marsala wedding, some grooms will opt for a tailored suit rather than a tux. These suits in navy blue, black or even a light tan colour are all appropriate menswear for a Marsala wedding.

However, grooms and the members of their party who want to stand out just a bit may consider a velvet suit jacket paired with black or navy suit pants. Menswear for a Marsala wedding should be rather dressy instead of casual. The blood red colours of the Marsala wedding require grooms and the members of his party to match the elegance of the bride and her attendants.

Ceremony Decor for a Marsala Wedding

The Marsala ceremony decor should be as elegant as possible. Begin decorating the ceremonial venue with an arch. Choose marsala coloured tulle and cream tulle draped over the arch. Add garlands of greenery and burgundy and blush pink floral arrangements at the corners of the arch. Small matching arrangements should also sit at the bottom of the arch.

Place an easel where guests enter, then drape floral arrangements matching those used in the ceremony atop the signage sitting on the easel.

Use smaller arrangements of the flowers adorned with long ribbons to denote special seating during the ceremony. Another nice touch would be to use lanterns with flowers and a tea light inside; hang these from the ceremonial arch.

Reception Decor for a Marsala Wedding

Although you may have access to pure white linens for the reception, you can dress these traditional linens up by adding blush or marsala coloured fabric as an accent. However, if you’re planning to rent table linens, consider choosing them in a very light blush pink colour.

Use clear glass vases filled with the marsala and light pink flowers used in the ceremony; these make perfect centrepieces for tables. Why not use the lanterns from the ceremony? The battery-operated tea light will set just the right romantic mood at the dining tables. Using longer, rectangular tables? You may want to make a garland runner using greenery and flowers from the ceremony.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Marsala Wedding

Any outdoor venue can be outfitted to match the Marsala wedding theme, but one great idea for an outdoor Marsala wedding is to choose a garden where many deep red coloured flowers or shrubs will be blooming around the time of your wedding. What could be more perfect than allowing Mother Nature to assist in decorating on your wedding day? Even a beautifully landscaped backyard garden would make the perfect locale for an outdoor Marsala wedding.

However, you may want a Marsala wedding on the beach or in a mountainous area. Again, the Marsala colour works well with both of those locations.

A Whimsical Marsala Celebration

Paper blooms entwined with real ones and a darling wedding cake with a chalkboard-themed layer adds to the whimsical nature of this adorable Marsala-hued wedding inspiration shoot. Designed with Vanilla Rose Weddings and shot by Plenty To Declare Photography – it’s a romantic vision of beauty!

Flower adorned wooden wedding chair | Plenty To Declare Photography | see more on:
Chalkboard wedding cake | Plenty To Declare Photography | see more on:
Outdoor wedding ceremony with paper flower details | Plenty To Declare Photography | see more on:
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Whimsical red and white wedding cake with chalkboard layer | Plenty To Declare Photography | see more on:

From Daria of Plenty To Declare Photography – “Our Marsala shoot took place at the Brightwell Vineyard, which was a perfect location choice for a colour that lends its hue from the richness of the fortified wines. The flowers were especially hand grown by the florist to ensure the right colour and blooming phase! We used them to add the opulent to the table and bring a more sophisticated finish to the rather rustic setting of the ceremony.

We also added some paper flowers and entangled them with a green foliage around the wooden arbour, for a romantic ceremony backdrop.”

Credits:  Photography: Plenty To Declare Photography // Planning & Design: Vanilla Rose Weddings // Floral Design: Green & Gorgeous // Cake: Little Cow Creative Cakes // Chairs & Vintage Rentals: The Little Lending Company // Stationery & Paper Flowers: Things By Laura // Venue: Brightwell Vineyard in Oxfordshire, UK.