Top Wedding Videographers in Vancouver, WA

Top Wedding Videographers in Vancouver, WA

Your wedding is probably one of the most memorable milestones in your life, which is why it is important to document the magical day with photos and videos. Unlike in the old days where you ask your uncle to whip up a camcorder to record the event, it is all about high quality footage nowadays. And if you want to relive those memories over and over in high quality as if you were there experiencing it one more time, or if you want other people who couldn’t make it feel the magic at home – you are going to need the best wedding videographer.

If you live in Vancouver, Washington, it is an excellent location for local and destination weddings. The picturesque landscapes, the stunning locations, and natural views are too good not to be filmed by a professional. If you are about to embark on a journey with your soon-to-be spouse, finding the best wedding videographer is a must.

Lucky for you, you don’t need to go all over the place to search for the best. Browse these choices and find the best option that will fit your needs. Ready to start your search for wedding videographers in Vancouver? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your big day.

Kilen Murphy

Kilen has a deeper connection and reason why he loves capturing moments at your wedding with his video camera. Before he started doing what does best, he had a successful career in the corporate world, and was living a comfortable life. However, when he first picked up a camera and started to take photos of happy couples, he found his true calling and purpose.

With his new passion, Kilen worked hard to be where he is now, which is making a living and doing what he loves. He loves to travel, which is why he is an excellent choice to cover your destination weddings. Vancouver, however, is full of fantastic wedding spots. Expect to get the best wedding film with his unique perspective, no matter what.

Expressive Productions

Marc Roy, the man behind Expressive Productions is a person who loves to create cool videos and meet awesome people. Just like most videographers, his passion started out as a hobby and then became a business. To build his skills, he combed his raw talent with his eagerness to learn. He took many film and photography classes in high school. And in college, he aimed towards business marketing and videography.

Marc loves what he does. The process of meeting new people and creating videos for one of the top days of a person's life brings him nothing but joy. Being hired to help couples realize the perfection of a wedding day drives him to succeed.

Rachel Konsella Photography

Rachel describes herself as having midwest roots with pacific northwest spirit. Although she wasn’t born in Washington, she quickly adapted to the spirit. She is a talented wedding videographer but before she focused on weddings, she tried a lot of everything else.

Rachel loves weddings so much and loves the idea of love. As a result, she started to focus towards capturing these moments. Rachel has fast became one of the best wedding videographers in Vancouver.

Wild Hare Films

Wild Hare films consists of two highly-talented individuals who strive to create non-traditional films. With their deep connection to the arts, they make an excellent choice for covering weddings, elopements, and more. They don’t believe in templates and always start to improvise on their projects to ensure its uniqueness, and will incorporate any theme you choose.

EM and J are all about breaking the norms and traditions. The couple eloped at the Oregon Coast, and since then decided to become elopement photographers themselves in order to capture these special unions in new light. Because their elopement was something they will cherish forever, they want others to feel the same magic they felt during that time - even if the wedding is non-traditional.

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