Oftentimes, brides and grooms completely forget about their wedding videos until they come in the mail or get a call notifying them that it’s time to pick up the footage. Why? Because videographers are so good at hiding in the shadows and coming up with content that not everyone notices on that special day.

The good thing about wedding videos is that the bride and groom get to see a little bit of everything! Stuff going on at the bar, conversations while they’re eating, dancing circles while they’re taking photographs with the photographer, and so on. These videos enable them to be a part of every corner of their wedding - so it’s a must to get a good guy, gal, or team for your wedding.

Check out some of the most qualified, detail-oriented videographers in the Montreal area below and pick the person or group that’s going to help you achieve your video matrimony dreams. Ready to start your search for wedding videographers in Montreal? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your big day.

Rob Malo Films

Rob Malo specializes in candid cinematography. What’s the normal lingo and language for those two words? Well, candid cinematography is simply videos taken of people with no fakeness or posing - raw, in-the-moment footage. Natural.  

Malo doesn’t want you to act out your wedding, he wants you to embrace the day for what it is to you. If it’s special, keep that smile on your face all day. If it’s exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time, let your emotions out. He wants to show you an organic view of the day you marry your partner, so that you can look back and see the beauty of the day in its natural element.

Focus Video Productions

Focus Video Productions is definitely all about focusing. When they’re at your wedding, the professional photographers want your attention to be 100% devoted to having a blast. Make the best memories and embrace the awesome guests, but leave the rest of the documentation up to them.

While you’re running around the dance floor, chowing down on some food, or grabbing a quick beverage, let the wedding videographers do what they do best. Focus Video Productions will have fun with your guests all day or night long, capturing all the important moments you’re in - and the ones that you may just miss! Don’t worry, it’ll all be natural and memorable.

De Belle Photography

Jeffrey de Belle launched de Belle Photography back in 1994, and since then, he’s added 6 fantastic photographers to his team, ensuring all customers get exactly what they’re looking for come wedding day. With over 2,500 weddings successfully shot, this large team of reputable guys and gals can make any bride and groom happy.

The best part about the pros over at de Belle Photography is that they know and understand that every couple they work with is completely different. Which means they need to learn everyone’s unique style and what’s important to them. That personal connection produces authentic and timeless pictures to look back on for decades to come.

CocoFilms Studio

The words that CocoFilms Studio lives by when it comes to wedding photography are quite mesmerizing - they strive to immortalize your special day. By putting candid memories in a video, this studio believes you can make those memories last forever, and they achieve their goal every time.

These professionals want to create the most engaging content that brings your story and the stories around you to life. It’s not just about grabbing a few adorable clips for them, it’s about producing high quality, perfectly pixelated videos to keep, cherish, and pass down for coming generations to cherish.

Beau Video Wedding Videographers

Beau Video Wedding Videographers believe that there’s beauty in every wedding moment, and they intend to capture the authentic elegance in every clip. Bringing your happiest day to the screen may be a videographer's job, but this team of professionals does not take their responsibility lightly.

Stick with Beau and you’ll have videographers recording the preparations, festivities, and everything in between. The romance will be seen and the fun will be so contagious it’ll feel like you’re in that very exact moment once more.

Armane Photography

Armane Photography is filled with the utmost passion, bringing a personal and effective approach to videography to the table. In fact, the studio is favored so much that clients keep on coming back for other photography and videography needs, including but not limited to graduations, newborns, and maternity sessions.

This one-stop-shop is a great, credible go-to for any bride and groom set to walk down the aisle. Just check out some of Armane's recent work to solidify an admirable opinion of them.

Ioan Films

Husband and wife duo, Rob and Christina Cato, believe that each wedding is completely unique. Because of their strong belief system, the Cato’s make it their mission to create videos that are entirely one-of-a-kind, fitting your wedding theme to a tee.

Ioan Films is well rehearsed in contemporary film aesthetics, enabling them to capture real emotions and genuine moments as they unfold. The audio and visual worlds collide in such a smooth rhythm, making the film mesmerizing and magical.

Arte Studio Montreal

Are you looking for the latest trends in wedding photography? If so, Arte Studio has your back with their complete professionalism and pristine ability to express imagery and visuals in a detail oriented video.

Giving Arte Studio the chance to impress you and your partner on your wedding day and you’ll have zero regrets. The end result will not only be clean and crisp, but it’ll show romance and all the emotional moments from your celebration.

Videovibes Studios

The motto around Videovibes Studios is, “It’s all about taking the ordinary and finding the extraordinary!” This team of professional videographers lives by that statement by displaying each couples unique story through feelings and emotions in clips and videos.

Once you get your wedding video or videos after minor editing, you are sure to be pleased. The quality is superb, the focus is intended in the best moments, and the professionalism can’t be beat.

VillaView Cinema

Mark Viglas, cinematographer and studio manager, has shot over one hundred weddings in his videography career. Each story shows his raw and genuine passion for filming as well as the true, deep connection every married couple has.

The belief system behind VillaView is that fancy doesn’t get the job done nearly as good as authentic moments do. Drone footage is a joy to capture; the perfect shot may not be easy for them to set up, but they do it out of love for the art of it. With VillaView, you’ll get this and so much more. You’ll absolutely adore the final video once it’s composed and received.

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