Top Wedding Videographers in Greenville, SC

Top Wedding Videographers in Greenville, SC

Wedding videography is becoming more and more popular as people recognize the importance of capturing every moment of your wedding day. While photos are an excellent way to remember your wedding, a wedding video will allow you to relive your special day more completely. A wedding film lets you listen to your vows and share the experience with friends or family who weren’t able to attend.

Fortunately, Greenville, South Carolina is home to many talented wedding videographers who can produce an exceptional video to remember your wedding day by. Ready to start your search for wedding videographers in Greenville? Check out this list of the city’s top talent below.

Askem Studios

Askem Studios is owned by Todd and Kelley, a husband and wife wedding filmmaker team. Askem Studios firmly believes that every wedding should have a beautiful video to remember it by. Weddings are a huge investment and an extremely important day of your life, so it should be remembered through more than just photos.

Askem Studios is a service-oriented team who is passionate about delivering exceptional results and getting to know each couple on a personal basis. By getting to know you, the team will develop an understanding of your preferred style and vision for your wedding video. The result will be an exceptional wedding video that captures your special day with a cinematographic feel.

Noveli Wedding Photography

Noveli Wedding Photography is a husband and wife wedding photography and videography team owned by Summer and Stephen. The team works alongside Christina and Alejandro so that your wedding is well-equipped with talented photographers and videographers.

The team creates emotional wedding videos that represent the authenticity and tenderness of each moment during your wedding day. Most couples who don’t get a wedding video end up regretting it, so Noveli encourages couples to invest in both photography and videography. Luckily, this studio makes it easy to hire a team of photographers and videographers who work well together to capture weddings.

314 Collective

314 Collective is a cinematography company that specializes in weddings. The business director of the company is Isaac Fields, a talented cinematographer that strives to tell stories through beautiful films. Isaac works alongside the creative director Anna Swanson, a professional photographer with a creative spirit.

Together, photographers and videographers at 314 Collective create emotional films and photos that will help you to cherish your special day forever. The team is committed to capturing love stories all throughout the beauty of Greenville and surrounding areas.

Front Row Films Co

Front Row Films Co is owned by Kalyn and Robert, professional cinematographers based in Greenville. The team loves to travel and will film weddings all across Greenville or anywhere in the world. They recognize the importance of documenting your wedding day in order to remember the emotions of each moment.

Front Row Films Co chose their name because they wanted each couple to feel as if they had a “front row” seat to their own wedding. The videos they create will capture your wedding in its whole so that you can relive it for years to come.

Will Wright Films

Will Wright Films is owned by Will Wright, a videographer who has been creating professional films since 2008. He has over 15 years of experience producing live video and continues to use this experience to capture weddings.

Will's time in live video production has taught him to have an eye for the fleeting moments that should be captured on camera. He's truly passionate about wedding videography and guarantees a wedding video that will tell your story with authenticity.

Perry Productions

Perry Productions is a team of wedding videographers who have been capturing weddings since 2012. They love telling the unique story of each couple through a custom wedding video. Clients recognize the professionalism and hard working attitude that Perry Productions brings to each wedding. They are known for being easy to work with and creative.

The Perry team films with a cinematic style that will transform your wedding day into a beautiful film to cherish. Perry Productions takes pride in their role as wedding videographers and recognizes the importance of creating a film that represents the sacredness of each wedding day.

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