Nestling amongst breathtaking scenery, Windsor is every outdoor photographer’s dream location. With weddings, engagements and elopements happening across the city, there is no lack for talented photographers. From the over-the-top images to the intimate, for-you shots, you find creatives that help capture and share your legacy.

The Windsor wedding photographers we’ve covered here are creative, talented and passionate about weddings. They know how to make people comfortable with posing, put the spotlight firmly on the couple, and tell a riveting story.

Ready to start your search for wedding photographers in Windsor? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your big day.

Rain, the lead at Blink Photography Windsor, is clear about what she offers her clients. Images are not average and forgettable, but something stylish and memorable that you’ll come back to time and again. Overall, her style in a mix of bright and airy, colorful and artistic gives your wedding and engagement photo a distinct look.  

Rain offers an additional wedding photo booth service to help with all your guest selfies and reception entertainments. Other than wedding sessions, she also provides family lifestyle images to discerning clients.

Heather Brooks Photography

Heather believes that wedding photography is as much about craftsmanship as it is about stories and memories. Which is why she never takes up a client unless she can provide that time, quality, and experiences they deserve.

Heather and her studio team are known among their clients for their impeccable service and attention to detail. While she loves covering weddings, she is equally happy capturing newborns, kids and their families. Their wedding galleries tell one simple truth – time goes by but the memories they capture remain timeless.

Nina Larocque Photography

Like others on this list, Nina finds storytelling the best part about being a photographer in general and a wedding photographer in particular. If you asked about her favorite type of client, she’d probably say couples who are wildly romantic and playful.

Nina doesn’t stick to the usual set of weddings or engagement shots, but looks for something different, something special. This could be settings, framing, moments or even couple activities. While she opts for a dreamy and soft look, many of her images are whimsical, endearing and entertaining.

Jessica Catanchioni Photography

Jessica considers herself a go-to photographer for the romantic and the exploders. She considers being asked by couples to create lasting memories of a love story as the greatest honor.

Her choice of photography as her career can be traced back to her parents being hobbyist photographers. Jessica didn’t start off covering weddings or other niches, but experimented with travel imagery. Above all, she loves shooting emotional scenes with a unique viewpoint and enjoys the use of color, light, and composition to narrate beautiful couples stories.

Nicole Vallance Photography

Nicole has a simple and specific aim – to capture couples the way they truly are. She has the knack of photographing people in gorgeous shots even as they remain blissfully unaware of the camera.

Nicole employs both natural posing and photojournalism techniques to create real shots that make your heart race decades later. Dramatic, tender, silly moments – she captures them all. As a photographer, Nicole excels in capturing both - the important moments of your special day, as well those silly and sweet moments that tend to slip away.

John Lyons Weddings

John Lyons is all about luxe weddings with stylish and fun-loving couples for clients. His photographic style is hard to slot into one particular category as he adopts one based on the wedding theme, location and client ideas.

From modern images with a soft and dreamy look to cinematic and colorful shots, he showcases a range of shots in his portfolio. John is unabashedly open about covering LGBTQ weddings and ceremonies. He's one of those photographers who use lighting and framing to recreate the mood for every enduring shots.

Trevor Booth Photography

Sometimes, you need to pause and record life to recall the ties and shared memories with family and friends. Trevor knows how to create these chronicles, especially when it comes to wedding photography.

Aside from his interest in photography from a young age, he been schooled on the technical side of it. Trevor gained valuable event experiences came from his seven-year stint with Princess Cruises. Nowadays, he's got his own photography gig and is not the traditional poses-and-portraits guy. Instead, Trevor prefers to use his creativity to capture candid and spontaneous shots of couples, guests, and families.  

Mike Elford

Mike is an inventive photographer who captures the beautiful moments that may go unnoticed. He's someone who photographs weddings in all their forms from elopements and intimate to outdoor weddings. In addition, Mike offers family and couple portraits, special bridal sessions and pre-ceremony coverage.

Mike thinks that brides choose him more for the positive impact he brings to their wedding experiences than for his extensive experience. And his gallery reveals why. He excels at artistic and vibrant images that capture the personalities and genuine emotions of this momentous day.

Spry Photography

Richard’s goal is an ambitious one: To create wedding galleries that become beautiful and meaningful heirlooms to be passed on to the next generation.

Many of his images are worthy of adorning walls or being immortalized on canvas. From surreal outdoor shots of couples to dreamy and charming indoor photos, his wedding portfolio is filled with beautiful client memories. Richard shares the same philosophy for engagement and maternity shots. He ensures the entire photography process is exciting, enjoyable and stress-free.

Anthony Sheardown Photography

To quote Anthony, he enjoys transforming his client’s special day into enduring narratives with artistic photographs. Anthony is also an artist who creates customized picture frames and captures fine art pictures.

When it comes to weddings and personal events, Anthony's preferred image style is bright and colorful with a touch of the dramatic. Through his images, he's got the ability to make you feel part of the wedding or engagement through his candid and poignant photos. In addition to weddings, Anthony also focuses on commercial and art projects.

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