Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Tacoma, WA

Finding the perfect wedding photographer in Tacoma no longer has to be a hassle. Several Tacoma-based wedding photographers provide services for all couples and shoot spectacular pictures worth framing and keeping for years to come. After working with hundreds of couples and many popular local wedding venues, these photographers will be well-prepared to photograph your wedding.

Ready to start your search for wedding photographers in Tacoma? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your big day.

Donna Nguyen Photography

Being fully immersed in the wedding industry, from management to photography, has introduced Donna Nguyen to many of her clients who she’s been able to capture elegant photos of since 2017.

Donna recognizes how special your wedding day is, and it’s her job to capture all of the emotions that help tell your love story during the events. The more you enjoy your wedding, the better she’s able to shoot images that reflect it.

Bright, radiant images provide the perfect glimpse of your wedding with the hopes that you’ll frame them for keepsake memories forever.

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Stella Grace Studios

Having a wedding photographer as passionate about capturing the special moments as Jennifer Pledger also results in pictures you’ll love looking at, even years later. Her company, Stella Grace Studios, has built a name for itself in Tacoma as one of the go-to photography companies.

Jennifer has a natural eye for great shots. Throughout the event, she focuses on various subjects, such as wedding details to individuals, that delivers a gallery spotlighting the entire ceremony. For over 10 years, Jennifer has absolutely loved working with couples in the Tacoma Area.

One Love Photo

Traveling photographer duo Heather and Jon Alameda frequently find themselves in the Tacoma area to shoot memorable wedding photos for local couples. Being married for over a dozen years, love is something that they instantly recognize in other couples. Their aim as wedding photographers is to deliver an experience as they would like it for their own wedding.

One Love Photo was established to capture the special moments during a wedding. Now with more than 300 weddings under their belt, the coupling team is ready for all kinds of events that may happen on the wedding day.

Jaclynn Wilkinson

Wedding photography for Jaclynn Wilkinson is about celebrating diversity. She’s one of Tacoma’s top all-inclusive photographers who works best with atypical couples that step away from tradition.

Whether you’re planning a wedding celebration with cultural activities or you're looking for someone who doesn’t shy away from unique weddings, Jaclynn is the perfect photographer.

Jaclynn will be your dedicated third wheel at the wedding. She’s always equipped with a camera in hand and another on her belt loop to get the perfect shot in split-second timing. Forget about the standard wedding poses – candid moments make the most timeless pictures.

Lessie Blue Photography

If the stars in the universe are aligned, Lessie Blue feels like it’s fate for her to photograph your wedding. She’s a spiritual photographer who always brings a bit of soul to each wedding that she shoots.

Lessie Blue was inspired to become a wedding photographer after seeing the need to preserve tangible memories in the form of photos—something she wished she had for herself. She’s inspired by true love and does an excellent job at capturing it authentically.

Many of the couples that Lessie Blue is attracted to are down-to-Earth, and she looks forward to working with everyone.

Harmony Photography

Even after shooting numerous weddings, photography is a craft that Angie Whitten continues to learn to deliver the most professional experience possible for her clients. A trustworthy photographer, you can count on her to handle one of the most important events in your lifetime.

Angie founded Harmony Photography herself, where she employs a talented team to support the various photography niches that she photographs, including weddings. Not only is she skilled with the camera, she prides herself in having technical expertise over lighting and angles. Her approach leads to amazing shots with every click of the shutter.

Roddy Chung

While Roddy Chung continues to search for true love from behind his camera lens, he’s always on the lookout for the next Tacoma couple who just might fit the bill. He’s an award-winning photographer who can gladly say that he’s seen true love and artfully captured it many times over through his career as a wedding photographer.

Roddy Chung’s goal is to provide couples with memorable pictures that they will have on their 50th anniversary and beyond. Preserving those moments during a wedding is important for a lasting relic of something so special as love.

RC Media Photography

Tacoma and the surrounding regions provide the perfect backdrop for the creativity of RC Media Photography to truly come alive. When applied to wedding photography, it leads to epic pictures with striking visuals that look more like a work of art.

RC Media Photography is one of the most creative photo studios that uses the natural environment to create the setting for wedding photos like you’ve never seen. Each shot is dynamic and tailored to the couple.

Managed by Robbie and Lindsay, the studio creates a unique photo experience for couples looking for something different.

Kusko Photography

Your wedding is all about you, and Andrey from Kusko Photography keeps the spotlight there through his documentary-style of shooting. As a wedding photographer, he helps tell the love story of couples through high-quality images.

Andrey has a way of capturing emotions of love, joy, and intimacy that truly make weddings one-of-a-kind. He hopes to inspire the same feelings from your wedding day every time you look at the images. Reviewing your pictures reveals how the bold colors and beaming faces bring each image to life.

Jason Comerford Photography

Working with Jason Comerford and his wife-partner Hannah is always a collaborative effort. He wants to give you the pictures and overall wedding experience you’re expecting. Having excellent communication from the first point of contact has continuously led to successful wedding photoshoots.

Jason gives a professional photography experience on the day that you need it most. He’s won awards on WeddingWire and has dozens of positive reviews from satisfied clients who have used his services. A great working relationship with clients helps Jason to keep them comfortable and having fun throughout their wedding day.

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