Your wedding day is one of the most exciting days of your life, so choosing a great wedding photographer in Pasadena is crucial to capture every moment of your celebration.

A wedding photographer will be used to working at weddings of all shapes and sizes. They’ll know how to interact with your guests to capture those moments you might miss during all of the excitement of celebrating your special day.

Here's list of the top 10 wedding photographers in Pasadena. These professionals specialize in this type of photography and will be there to support you throughout every moment of the day.

Herman Au Photography

Castle Green Wedding Captured in Pasadena by Herman [Herman Au Photography]

Herman Au is a Pasadena-based wedding photographer who will work with you to help you remember every moment of one of the biggest days of your life. He is known for his personal service and high-quality images and works with each couple to understand their needs and expectations.

Herman works to capture natural photos and won’t force anyone to pose or make them feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. He never wants you to stop having fun during the ceremony and will just blend in with your guests on the big day.

Momentailor Photography

The Happy Couple Captured in Pasadena by Andy [Momentailor Photography]

Andy was born in South Korea and is now based in Pasadena. He knows there’s nothing more exciting in life than being able to capture a couple’s special day and treasures the opportunity to attend every wedding he works at.

Andy’s style is photojournalistic, with modern and artistic elements. He works to capture genuine moments and expressions while bringing out his subjects’ personalities in each image.

Kevin Lee Studio

A Fun Moment with the Groom Captured in Pasadena by Kevin [Kevin Lee Studio]

Kevin Lee Studio is excited to work with couples across Pasadena and will be with you during every moment of your big day, from the ceremony through to when the last guest leaves the reception.

He knows that you’ll love to look back on every moment of your wedding day for decades to come and so works to capture the family love and fun moments of your special celebration.

Sarah Fulton Photography

A Floral Wedding Shot Captured in Pasadena by Sarah [Sarah Fulton Photography]

Sarah knows that a wedding day is all about celebrating the special moments that brought you together as a couple. She knows that no two weddings are the same, so she will work to capture the unique details and the story of your day.

Sarah splits her time between Los Angeles and Scotland and loves meeting and working with couples around the world.

Sean J Mason Photography

A Beach Wedding Captured in Pasadena by Sean [Sean J Photography]

Sean has been working as a photographer for over 15 years and loves working with couples around the Southern California area. His wife also owns a bridal shop in South Pasadena, so you can work with them for two of the most important elements of your wedding day.

Sean is known for his professionalism and attention to detail. He loves to get to know each couple before their wedding day and will work with you to create memories you’ll treasure forever.

Avancena Photography

A Themed Wedding Captured in Pasadena by Avancena Photography

Avancena Photography is known for offering low-budget wedding photography in the Pasadena area, so they can work with any couple to create a package that’s suitable for your needs.

The team at Avancena Photography is passionate about showcasing one of the most important days of your life. They’ll work with you to understand your requirements and celebrate your unique love story.

Molly Lichten Photography

The Little Details Captured in Pasadena by Molly [Molly Lichten Photography]

Molly splits her time between Los Angeles and Washington D.C. and also offers fine art and fashion photography. She is known for her stunning images and the attention to detail she offers in her photos.

All of her images showcase the dreaminess of your wedding day, and from the moment you arrive before the ceremony until the end of the reception, she’ll capture every little thing that happens between you and your guests.

The Hendrys

A Sunset Wedding Captured in Pasadena by Sarah and Darren [The Hendrys]

Sarah and Darren are the couple behind The Hendrys, and they are a Scottish couple who relocated to Los Angeles to pursue their career. They are known for their alternative style and work to capture everything that’s unique about you as a couple and your wedding day.

The Hendrys are known for their bold and colorful photography style, which helps to highlight your wedding venue and decor in its best light.

Stephen Tang Photo

The First Look Captured in Pasadena by Stephen [Stephen Tang Photo]

Stephen has spent over 10 years capturing weddings across Pasadena. He’s still thrilled to be invited to every wedding he works at and will work to share your relationship in a series of stunning images you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

Stephen understands that your wedding photos will outlive the other elements of your big day, which pass far too quickly, so he works to create images you’ll love sharing with family and friends after the ceremony.

Vic Studios

A Rooftop Celebration Captured in Pasadena by Vic Studios

Vic Studios is a Pasadena photography studio that will work with you to capture your big day. Regardless of the size of your wedding and the location you are using for your event, they’ll be happy to accommodate all of your needs.

With many years of experience and having been recognized at the WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards multiple times, you’ll be in good hands with the team at Vic Studios.

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