Unlike other wedding vendors, the job of the wedding photographer doesn’t end when the ceremony wraps up. For every hour that is spent taking photos during the actual ceremony  extends to another hour or two of color correcting the images and adjusting them for proper exposure and tone. Mastery of technical aspects aside, a good wedding photographer must have an eye for detail, foresight to deal with the unexpected, and enough likeability to make you and your guests feel comfortable.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Melbourne, Victoria, you will never run out of options. Professionals who eat, sleep and breathe weddings, they’ll be as excited as you to make your wedding photography as perfect as possible.

Ready to start your search for wedding photographers in Melbourne? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your big day.

Wild Romantic Photography

Elle Alihos brings her passion for culture, gatherings, art, and film into her work as head of Wild Romantic Photography. The company specializes in wedding and elopement photography and videography with an editorial and artistic feel.  

Her team has photographed and filmed weddings in Melbourne, Yarra Valley, and Mornington Peninsula. Their work has been featured in the likes of Vogue, Cosmopolitan Bride, Ivory Tribe, and many others.

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ATEIA Photography & Video

Artistic and elegant storytelling is at the heart of every image and video frame that this company produces. From small scale to grand, rustic to ultra glam, the company has done it all and is happy to bring your vision of your dream wedding to life.

The team prefers timeless photography that makes use of as much natural light as possible so you can be sure that you wedding photos will never look outdated even decades down the road. They want to keep it real though, so heavily filtered images are not their style.

Corey Wright Photographer  

“I don’t do cheesy; I don’t do posed!” declares Corey Wright. If your idea of a perfect wedding photography is the same, you’ll definitely be in capable hands. His approach  is relaxed and fun, just letting the day’s events unfold while he quietly documents everything in the background.

Corey has photographed hundreds of weddings enough to know that not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera. However, his easy charm and laid-back attitude has been known to coax out people’s inner extrovert to great effect.

Motta Weddings

Art is tightly woven into the DNA of Italian Alex Motta who comes from a family of creative minds. For him, a good wedding photographer not only takes stunning images, but should do so in an unobtrusive manner that you almost forget he’s there.

Candid and natural is the heart and soul of Alex’s wedding photography. He won’t create your moments for you, like you smile and pose, he clicks, and then you go back to your natural selves. Just be you and enjoy the day.

Dan Brannan Photography

For Dan, nothing trumps photography when it comes to storytelling and nothing beats the high of being just a “fly on the wall.” With his journalistic style of wedding photography, Dan is able to capture emotions as they happen.

Dan is the type of guy who can’t sit still, so if he’s not taking photos, he’ll be out there hiking in the woods or traveling to distant horizons. He’d be delighted to get invited to weddings no matter the location. Client testimonials on his site tell a story of excellent and exciting work.

Ashleigh Haase Photography

Ashleigh’s approach to wedding photography is ‘Go big or go home’. Photos that make one’s heart skip a beat, tug at your nostalgic heartstrings, or make you laugh that tears start rolling down your cheeks? Yes, she lives for those moments.

Modern, organic and earthy is how Ashleigh describes her photography style. Quirky and friendly, she’ll be throwing in some well-timed cheeky lines so that your hesitation in front of the camera will dissolve in no time.

White Vine Photography

Editorial, detail focused, and intuitive is how couple Daniel and Alexandra describe their wedding photography style. Daniel’s approach is more precise and structured, while Alexandra is more attuned to the mood of the moment, letting her intuition guide her.  

The couple’s combined styles enable them to perfectly cover all bases during the wedding, turning fleeting moments into a cohesive, lasting, and timeless recollection of your special day.

PiXRay Photography

Pula of PiXRay Photography believes that it’s important for you to just be unapologetically you, while the photographer takes care of the light and the symmetry and other aspects of photography. When these elements are in place, the stars will align and your photos will turn out stunning.

The wedding photography niche is a very competitive one, so PixRay Photography is happy to offer beautifully evocative images at realistically priced packages.

Black Avenue Productions

Black Avenue Productions is a team of photographers and videographers that specialize in capturing images that are artistic and  authentic. For them, even the smallest of details that contribute to a cohesive aesthetic are what make weddings more than just a customary swapping of “I do’s.”

The team is not after adding just another set of images to their already diverse portfolio. What Black Avenue Productions want to achieve is wedding photography that is a clear representation of who and what you are about as a couple.

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