Top 8 Wedding Photographers in Kansas City, MO

Top 8 Wedding Photographers in Kansas City, MO

There are moments in life you wish you could freeze forever—smiles you want to behold for a lifetime, laughter you want to hear echoing for years, and warm embraces you wish you never had to let go of. For many people, their wedding is one such moment, one event that they want to hold on to and remember as fully as they can. But, unfortunately, time always has to march on, and even the happiest day of your life will soon pass into memory.

This is where wedding photography comes in. While it may not be the same as keeping time from slipping by, it does help you freeze those smiles, laughter, and joy into timeless photographs that you can enjoy and relive even decades after your wedding. In Kansas City, where great BBQ and great people come together -choosing your wedding photographer should be done carefully, knowing you will entrust them with safekeeping this beautiful memory.

No need to feel daunted; let us help you out. Ready to start your search for wedding photographers in Kansas City? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your big day.

Claire Ryser Photography

Claire Ryser is the founder and head photographer of her very own studio. Claire's background is in marketing, but photography is her true passion. She was one of the first wedding photographers to offer professional digital photography in Kansas in 2007. Since then, she's become one of the most sought-after photographers in the area.

Claire's wedding photography style is clean, timeless, and she avoids heavy post-processing or excessive filters. As a result, your photos appear elegant and have beautiful, natural color palettes, and even stylish black and white. Claire's shooting style at the wedding is unobtrusive, preferring to let moments happen as they do, and capturing them in their beautiful simplicity.

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A Day to Adore Photography

Deanna is the owner and photographer of A Day to Adore Photography. She's been a photographer for over a decade and has photographed more than 200 weddings to date. With such extensive experience, Deanna is so much more than just a photographer: she's there to be your cheerleader, timekeeper, and can even help your wedding party sort out an issue or two. She's seen it all over her many years of weddings attendance.

Deanna's wedding photography style is very lifestyle or documentary, but she still leaves room for traditionally-posed photographs (such as of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, or the family). However, most of the time, Deanna simply follows along as your story unfolds on the biggest day of your lives. She loves to capture the most authentic moments and tell your love story the way it deserves to be told.

E. Golden Moments Photo + Film

E. Golden Moments is a photography and videography studio staffed by a team of incredible industry professionals and artists. The owner, Elizabeth, also serves as the head photographer and editor of E. Golden Moments, while her husband Kyle is the studio's head videographer. They are joined by their incredible team of associate photographers and videographers, who have all helped them photograph more than 200 weddings since the founding of the studio.

Elizabeth's talent as a photographer shines in how she can capture your wedding any time of the day—morning, midday, twilight, or at night. Whether it's an overcast day or your wedding is in near pitch-black, it's never a problem for Elizabeth. Her extreme technical skill coupled with her incredible artistry produce stunning, ethereal photos that bring your wedding to the point of fairytale-like beauty.

Felicia the Photographer

Felicia is the intricate, incredibly unique founder of the studio, Felicia the Photographer. Felicia loves to call herself a "memory curator." Rather than just 'photographer'—the title shows how much Felicia chooses to transcend just taking a pretty picture. She understands that your wedding photos are some of the most meaningful ones you will ever have in your life.

Felicia's wedding photography style is clean-cut, classic, and superbly elegant. Because she's formally taught in architecture, she uses space and lines as more than just backgrounds - but as a way to inform her composition and emotion of a shot. You can rest assured that Felicia will photograph your wedding with care and attention, and that she will go out of her way to help you preserve as many memories as possible.

Sara Clance Photography

Sara founded her photography studio more than 11 years ago. Sara loves photography for more than just the technical art; for her, it is really about the authenticity of capturing emotion, and being able to give people a way to remember and relive that moment again and again throughout their lives.

Sara specializes in wedding photography and her portfolio is a diverse mix of styles. From traditional portraits, to lifestyle, to documentary photography style, Sara's keen attention to detail allows her to catch little moments that would otherwise slip by. She's not afraid of trying unconventional angles and situations to turn them into stunning photographs of your special day.

Caitlyn Cloud Photography

Caitlyn once thought she would find her career as a wedding planner, but life had other plans. Finding her niche in wedding photography, she understands the power of being a go-with-the-flow type of person. It helps you let go of any expectations and disappointments when it comes to the kinds of shots you will end up with after every wedding.

That's not to say Caitlyn's photos are the least bit disappointing—completely the opposite. Her photographer's keen eye helps her find the joy and beauty in all moments, big and small, and she captures the day's emotion through the most thoughtful shots and photos. Caitlyn doesn't do heavy post-processing, so your photos look timeless and authentic.

Mariam Saifan Photography

Mariam describes herself as a "workaholic," but thankfully she means it in the least grudging way possible. Mariam is all about finding ways to make your wedding experience more memorable and wonderful, to the best of her ability. She believes in continuous education, which is why she never stops learning about new techniques to better her photography, bringing you the wedding photos you deserve.

Mariam has had over 15 years of photography experience, and recently became a full-time wedding photographer in 2019. Mariam's photography style is natural, colorful, and fun. You won't find yourself staring blankly at a camera, directed to pose here and there; Mariam wants to give you the most authentic set of photos that will truly capture the joy of the day.

Heather Brulez Photography

Heather Brulez is the owner and head photographer of her own studio in KC. Heather has been a professional wedding and portrait photographer for nearly two decades. She credits her first experience as a second-shooter in a wedding with giving her the "wedding photography bug." Since then, Heather shifted full-time into wedding photography, photographing over 500 weddings throughout her career.

Heather's photography has been featured in numerous publications, and it's easy to see why. With a bright, naturally-lit, and clean style, Heather never adds or detracts from the special events of the momentous day, but simply enhances them. She values tenderness and wants to bring you and your spouse some of the greatest treasures as a couple.

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