With its beautiful architecture, lush green forests, quaint fishing villages, and rugged coastlines,  Nova Scotia has no shortage of gorgeous landscapes to make your dream wedding come true. Now, to capture all that beauty and immortalize it through a series of images that you’ll love to look back on down the road – you need the perfect wedding photographer.

Lucky for you, wedding professionals who are at the top of their game abound right in the capital, the harbor city of Halifax. To make the task of weeding through them and picking the right one easier, we’ve prepared a list of 10 of the most sought-after lensmen in the area.

Ready to start your search for wedding photographers in Halifax, Canada? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your big day.

Kristyn Smith Photography

Candid and natural photography that showcases the most genuine connection between people is how Kristyn describes her shooting style. Nothing too contrived or planned; she wants to keep it real. To achieve this, she takes pains to establish rapport with her clients.

Kristyn takes an average of 150,000 photos each year but don’t be surprised if you see her tear up at your wedding. For her, each wedding has something unique to offer and this special quality is something that she strives to highlight in her images.

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Kate Heyter Photography

Kate’s stunning photographs have brought joy to hundreds of brides and grooms and have earned her countless referrals. Her meticulous yet laid-back style has secured her a spot as one of the most well-liked wedding photographers in Halifax.

Kate credits her cool yet focused parenting style (she has twin girls) to her being a wedding photographer. “I have a very high threshold for panic,” she says. This should be a welcome relief to couples who are worried their wedding photographer might not be able to handle the chaos of their big celebration.

CreativeAlex Photography

Anyone looking for a wedding photographer is faced with a dilemma: Do you pick one with years of experience and stellar photo equipment but commands higher fees, or do you settle for a reasonably priced rookie that uses so-so paraphernalia?

Enter Alex of CreativeAlex Photography. His company has managed to strike a perfect balance between cost and quality – and he’s fast. You’ll receive the final images (with full rights) within a week.

Tanya Canam Photography

Describing herself as a “documentarian at heart,” Tanya is all about capturing emotions that make us all uniquely human. Her keen eye for perfectly illustrating the raw, candid moments that make weddings truly memorable is well known in photography circles in Halifax.

Thanks to Tanya’s relaxed yet no-nonsense approach to her craft, even the most camera-shy couples are able to channel their inner supermodel. Her clients are happy to report that they are still swooning over their wedding photos many years after they were taken.

Jill Roberts Photography

Weddings are, first and foremost, a celebration of love, of romance. It is the wedding photographer’s responsibility to produce an evocative visual recollection of this loving essence without being over-the-top mushy.

This is paramount in the mind of Jill Roberts who specializes in romantic wedding photography. With her subjects perpetually bathed in flattering soft light, there is a dreamy, almost ethereal quality to Jill’s snaps.

Chelle Wooten Photography

Chelle has loved documenting everything since age 5 when her grandmother got her a Kodak 110 film camera. These days, she documents weddings with her assistant/husband, Adam, and their second shooter, Cherakee.

With a “soft spot for low-key weddings” and the couple’s favorite animals as props, she’d want nothing more than for the couple and their wedding guests to be as comfortable as possible. She has a special knack for charming even the most socially timid subjects to drop their guard down and enjoy the moment.

Dave Reyno Photography

Award-winning photographer Dave and his wife, Pam, are the quirky couple behind this company. Dave has been photographing weddings since 2002 and remains among the most sought-after wedding photographers in Halifax for reasonably priced packages.

Dave and Pam forego the latest photography fads in favor of images that have a timeless appeal. They tackle portraits with the usual zest, but it’s the little moments in your wedding that this couple live for.

MaddenVallis Photography

Another husband-and-wife team on this list is Matt and Kim of MaddenVallis Photography. The couple describes their approach to wedding photography as modern and authentic, a perfect marriage between romanticism and realism.

Light, airy and pristine characterize the couple’s shooting style. Their goal is to capture all the genuine interactions from your celebration and produce images that can stand the test of time.

Shaeline Faith Photography

What Shaeline loves about weddings is that it incorporates all the three elements that she treasures the most: family, photography and storytelling. For her, it’s a privilege that she, essentially an outsider, is given access to the couple’s inner world to capture deep connections and beautiful moments as they happen.

Shaeline documents the couple’s lifelong memories in clean, evocative compositions with plenty of natural light. Her main goal is for her clients to enjoy the process and look good while doing it.

Ming’s Photography

For Ming, the best way to do photographic justice to something as dramatic and life-changing as a wedding is through subtlety. The less distracting elements that could potentially steal the thunder from his subjects, the better.

Ming’s minimalist approach to wedding photography makes use of light and neutral colors, with faint, sometimes non-existent shadows. This results in wedding images that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also timeless.

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