Best Wedding Photographers in Eugene, OR

Eugene has specialized photographers who know how to make your big day memorable if you’re planning an intimate wedding. Local photographers have expertise in photographing the beautiful setting around Eugene, Oregon as couples elope in nature. Couples can look forward to images warmed with natural light all while beautifully highlighting the special milestone in their life.

Ready to start your search for wedding photographers in Eugene? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your big day.

Wander Kings

Big weddings have become a thing of the past for many people. Couples now opting for a more intimate experience can rely on the expertise of Wander Kings to craft a one-of-a-kind wedding experience.

Wander Kings shifted their focus to bespoke elopements in 2019 as it allows them to photograph more meaningful weddings. The team of Valerie and Michael will help you arrange a unique wedding, likely outdoors in nature, where you enjoy all of the wedding fun without the stress.

Pictures captured by Wander Kings showcase the love between the couple, with joy radiating in every picture since you’ll actually be enjoying yourself during the event. For them, authentic photos tell a beautiful love story.

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Melissa Stickney Photography

The most special pictures reveal a truth about you—capturing genuine personality and emotion in every image. Melissa Stickney is a wedding photographer who captures timeless photos that highlight every detail of your connection together.

Melissa specializes in intimate weddings where she can have a more personal experience with her couples. Couples allow her camera to peek into their love story and capture truthful, honest pictures that reflect it.

Candid shots make for the best pictures. Melissa knows how to snap the photo at the ideal moment that captures the essence of the couple. She works efficiently during your wedding or elopement and will deliver the final images in a quick turnaround.

Teresa Lopez

Storytelling is one of the essential elements in wedding photos shot by Teresa Lopez. She and her team shoot beautiful weddings in Eugene, specializing in small, outdoor weddings.

Teresa can document your entire love story using only her camera. Even with intimate weddings, she’s very discreet in capturing beautiful candid moments that spotlight authentic love between the couple.

Couples always look good on their wedding day, thanks to the photography skills by Teresa. She’s work enough weddings at this point to share valuable tips on striking the best poses and delivering from creative angles. Above all, she promises to take photos that last forever.

Keena Good

Couples unsure about the details they need for their wedding photoshoot can rely on Keena Good to provide excellent resources before your big day arrives. She works best with adventurous couples seeking a more private wedding experience.

Keena Good steps outside the box when working with clients. She shies away from the traditional wedding photoshoots and delivers a personalized experience based on the couple. With her camera, she can capture the real love story as they start the journey into marriage.

Based near Eugene, Keena is a valuable resource when seeking locations for your elopement. She’s worked with numerous couples holding private weddings on nature trails, scenic views in the backdrop, or even backyards.

Dawn Photo

Your wedding is a special moment between partners that doesn’t always need a big crowd. Couples planning an intimate, micro-wedding can hire Dawn Photo to capture all the memorable moments.

For the past six years, Dawn has embarked on adventures with couples into remote parts of the forest, out on the beach, and other locations while snapping pictures of their unique weddings. Couples who want to elope and spare the expenses of major weddings can still make the event memorable, fun, and full of timeless moments – all on camera.

Dawn has a signature style of shooting vintage-style pictures. Each image tells a story about your wedding day. And she’ll even provide a few polaroid pictures for your collection.

Longstreet Williams Photography

Not everyone is used to having a camera on them at all times. But luckily, the photographers at Longstreet Williams Photography know how to ease your nerves. They have years of experience working with couples, so they know exactly what you’re looking for in a photographer for your wedding.

Mark and Bob are the founders of Longstreet Williams Photography. They work together to take sharp pictures of your wedding that capture all of the details. It’s an excellent way to document your wedding and relive the moments when looking at the pictures.

Couples are always surprisingly relaxed when working with Mark and Bob. They’ll share suggestions for unbelievable shots throughout your time together.

Miranda Lyn Photography

Smaller weddings are always more special as you’ll truly be with the people who mean the most to you. Miranda Lyn specializes in photographing intimate weddings with incredible detail that helps make the event even more magical.

Since 2019, Miranda Lyn has been a full-time wedding photographer in Eugene. Before the wedding day, she’s sure to connect with each couple so that it’s a comfortable experience for everyone while taking photos.

Documentary-style pictures help Miranda capture the wedding as she sees it. She has an eye for spotting moments of raw emotion and true love. Couples who hire her will enjoy their fantastic photo gallery full of timeless wedding pictures.

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