Best Wedding Photographers in Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati is known for its lavish weddings, weddings cakes, and beautiful venues. Being one of the most happening places in Ohio, Cincinnati is becoming a popular place where people come to get hitched.

What is the one thing that is common among all weddings? The photographer. That one guy or gal who painstakingly captures the events of the day as they unfold. No wonder they are in such high demand.

Ready to start your search for wedding photographers in Cincinnati? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your big day.

K Herman Photography

Kristina is the face behind K Herman Photography. Started in 2013, the studio is an accomplished wedding and engagement photography business based in Cincinnati. With more than 450 weddings under her portfolio, Kristina has already carved a name for herself as one of the leading wedding photographers in the region.

A graduate from Wittenberg University in 2010 she has a major in Studio Art. She also studied film photography which helped her to have a profound understanding of exposure and lighting. The results of all her experience and training can be seen in her excellent portfolio images.  

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Bird and Rose Photo

Shay and Katie, the dynamic husband and wife duo are the faces behind the name Bird and Rose Photo. Together they form one of the best wedding and lifestyle photography services in Cincinnati.

Between them, the couple has over 25 years of experience shooting weddings. Primarily natural light photographers, they are adaptable and can work in almost any setting you have for them.

Though they are based in Cincinnati, the dynamic duo are always ready to travel anywhere in the world to work on photography assignments.

Hamoon Photography

Behind the name are two wonderful people Sid and Siavash. Together they form Hamoon Photography, a creative fine art wedding photography company. They both have Master's degrees from Columbia University, NYC in Fine Art photography.

Above the educational qualification is their passion for creative photography that sets apart their work from the rest of the bandwagon. Every photo on their portfolio is a testimony to their understanding of lighting and composition. Their photos involve very subtle post-processing. It is the moment and the emotions that speak rather than their ability to retouch photos.

David Stephen

David Stephen is not your average wedding photographer. Though he loves the concept of free cake. His motivation to photograph weddings comes from being given the responsibility to capture the best moments of someone’s life and save them for posterity.

David loves capturing emotions and the little priceless moments that make up the big day. His photos reflect his meticulous and industrious approach. Although he is based in Cincinnati, David is available to travel through the USA for wedding and engagement assignments.

Pottinger Photography

Brenda is the face behind Brenda Pottinger Photography. Her love affair with photography started at a very young age when she found a girl scout camera at a garage sale. Her initial training was given by her father. Years on, she graduated with Art Graphic Design with a double major one of those being photography.

Even as a student, Brenda was shooting weddings at friends and started getting praise for her work. She soon became a full-time wedding photographer getting commissioned work to shoot on her own. Now she runs her photography business full-time and satisfies clients all over the Cincinnati area.

Annie Ryan Photography

Annie Ryan has been shooting professional photography from the age of 17. She dropped out of college to pursue her dream as a wedding photographer. Within three years, Annie was able to make her living from the craft.

Even at her young age, Annie has already carved out a name for herself as one of the finest wedding photographers in the country. She routinely travels throughout the country and beyond for photographing destination weddings and elopements.

Bare Moments Photography

Bare Moments Photography is a Cincinnati-based wedding and engagement photography business. A quick look at their portfolio reveals that they excel in natural light photography and exquisite posing.

Great moments are best shot candidly, but they also know how to make any posed image worth saving in your portfolio. Check out the Bare Moments portfolios for insight into the kinds of galleries you can expect when you hire them on.

Hearts and Color

Hannah is the heart and soul of the business and the lead photographer. She has been a dedicated wedding photographer for several years now and has carved a name for herself as one of Cincinnati’s best.

She loves being a part of the whole process of a wedding and loves capturing the emotions of the day. Hannah has been regularly featured in various wedding publications. She's open to travel throughout the US for any wedding or engagement sessions.

Weddings And More

With more than 46 years of experience photographing weddings, Ron Shuller from Weddings and More is a highly experienced photographer who loves documenting the emotions from a bride and groom’s biggest day. He is an accomplished photographer with a penchant for details within the scenes.

What drives him and his business is that he wants to capture the magic of weddings. Ron loves being part of destination weddings and elopements, and is ready to photograph anywhere in the USA and beyond for such lovely assignments.

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