Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Canberra, ACT, Australia

Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Canberra, ACT, Australia

What is it that you’re looking for in a wedding photographer? Someone who takes the lead by offering plenty of posing direction or someone who you hardly notice is there?

In Canberra, you’ll find wedding photographers offering a range of different approaches and varying styles to suit you. In this guide, we’ll share with you 10 of the top creatives in the Australian Capital Territory, all of whom are wedding imagery experts.

Ready to start your search for wedding photographers in Canberra? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your big day.

Milton Gan Weddings

Milton Gan is a former Londoner who now calls Canberra “home” and says he became obsessed with wedding photography after shooting his first wedding back in 2010. By 2012, he had gone full-time and loves capturing authentic moments that his couples can cherish forever.

Milton draws on his extensive experience in media in both London and Sydney and served as the New South Wales President of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography between 2014 and 2016.

Olia Photography

Canberra-based photographer Olia grew up in Moscow and now lives in the “bush capital” of Australia. Capturing photographs has always been a big part of her life, with her father and grandfather building a dark room in their apartment where they would process film.

As a child, Olia watched photographers work their "magic” as they made the images appear. Olia now holds a Diploma and Certificate IV in Photography from the Canberra Institute of Technology and is accredited as a wedding photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

All Grown Up Weddings

All Grown Up Weddings is a team of highly talented photographers, led by Dan O’Day and Kelly Tunney. They shoot weddings throughout Canberra and along the East Coast of Australia, including in Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

Since 2013, they have been on a mission to “perform above the existing industry standard” and consistently deliver incredible work. Each of All Grown Up Weddings’ photographers has a unique style, ranging from documentary to editorial and contemporary.

Biblino Images

Mike is the man behind the camera at Biblino Images and has worked as a wedding photographer for the last 17 years. Today, he is based in Canberra and collaborates with couples throughout the ACT, Sydney, and the surrounding areas.

Mike’s style can be described as documentary, casual and relaxed, and he has a knack for making his subjects feel comfortable in front of the camera. On your wedding day, his aim is to be hardly noticed while still capturing every meaningful moment.

Kelly Tunney Photography

Kelly Tunney loves telling the “stories of people, how they were brought together, who they have become as a couple.” The Canberra-based photographer has documented weddings all over the world, including in Italy, London, Fiji, and Singapore, and has received multiple awards throughout her career (as well as being an Australian Nikon Ambassador).

Kelly says that she doesn’t do “predictable” but, instead, sets out to capture your story along the path that is right for you.

Who Shot the Photographer

Who Shot the Photographer is the brainchild of James, a Canberra-based photographer who is all about “capturing extraordinary humans on epic adventures.” He says that he is an old-school romantic at heart and that it was his love of film that inspired him to become a photographer in the first place.

James is passionate about documenting genuine connections with couples who are “free-spirited, wild-hearted and madly in love.” Rather than big, glamorous celebrations, this photographer is more about rugged and intimate weddings that reflect who you are as a couple.

Lauren Campbell

Originally from the Hunter Valley, Lauren Campbell is now based in Canberra and loves capturing the emotion surrounding wedding days. She believes that weddings are about “who we are, who is in our lives and who we love” and that the story she tells through her lens should be as unique as you are.

Lauren’s portfolio is filled with real emotions and gorgeous details, as well as quiet moments and joyous celebrations.

Hello Ro Photography

While Ro is based in Australia, she regularly travels overseas to document couples in love. She describes herself as a “wanderess” and a “chaser of silver linings” who spends most of her weekends climbing mountains and doing yoga.

It was after spending many years traveling and capturing her own memories that she decided to document the moments of others and Hello Ro Photography was born. As a wedding photographer, Ro loves seeing connections and being able to convey them through images.

The Beautiful Collective

The Beautiful Collective is the team of Haley and Darren who recently relocated from Sydney to the Australian capital, Canberra. That being said, they are still available to shoot weddings throughout New South Wales and beyond. The Beautiful Collective describes its photography as “in the moment and from the heart” and focuses more on documenting the emotions of its subjects rather than the glamorous backdrops.

Haley and Darren receive rave reviews from their couples for making them feel comfortable in front of the camera and capturing memories they will treasure forever.

Studio Vita

Studio Vita is a collaboration between Doug Hall and Samantha Taylor, both of whom are skilled photographers in their own right. Doug is an AIPP awarded Master Photographer who turned his talents to photography after working for 15 years as a computer engineer in the defense industry.

Samantha is also accredited with the AIPP and is busy racing sled dogs when she’s not behind the camera. Over the last 10 years, this studio has captured hundreds of weddings together and had their work published internationally.

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