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Colour Your Wedding with Beautiful Combinations of Hues

Wedding colours are what tie the theme, outfits, and decor together. Before diving into the wedding planning process, the first order of business often involves settling on a wedding scheme and colour palette. It's both a simple and complex task, in the sense that it’s all about choosing your preferred colours but again, there's the overall aesthetic to think about.

Narrowing down to the best range of colours is all about combining your favourite pigments with seasonal favourites, and wedding theme inspirations. Also, think along the lines of setting the mood and influencing the tone of the day. With the exception of neutral or ombre weddings; the rule of thumb is to work with a base colour, two complementary undertones, and complete the palette with metallic accents.

There's yet another layer of deciding whether to go with neutral tones, an ombre pairing, or a harmonious blend of several pigments. Consider your wedding location. Are you looking at Oxford wedding venues, for example? With such an array of historical places to give inspiration – we’re thinking a centuries-old pub for one – a wonderful mix of hues in your decor will be fantastic. To help you out with the selection process, here's a roundup of some of the timelessly classic wedding colours.

Pastels & Sorbets

Elegant pastels in the shades of lilac, bubblegum pink, lavender, and mint green often exude a whimsical effect. They colourfully vibrant occasions hosted against the backdrop of a garden setting.

To introduce a playful and sweet vibe, add sorbets in shades of pale pink, pineapple, and orange. That in itself sums up what you'd expect to see at a bohemian affair. Sorbets hues are equally perfect for accessories particularly if you are going for a darker colour palette.

Rainbows & Neons

In general, rainbow-coloured palettes are ideal for couples who can't simply settle for one hue, and by all means, they have every liberty to follow their hearts' desires. There are two favourable approaches if you decide to use every colour under the sun for your nuptials.

Introduce the rainbow of colours as backdrops, floral arrangements, neon accents, linens, and as part of the wedding stationery. The second option is to fully embrace the aesthetic for every facet of the wedding; from the outfits to the linens and wedding menu.


Green as a base colour is perfect for Southern, rustic country, Christmas, and tropical-themed weddings. However, green often blends well with just about any theme when juxtaposed into the floral arrangements as foliage.

Pistachio and matcha are perfect shades of green for a nature-inspired fete. Combined with metallics and neutral hues, green works for a modern contemporary wedding.


Add shades of pink to any wedding and you'll instantly up the romantic factor. It's a mood-setting colour and will always exude a lively vibe.  A rosy pink tone works for spring nuptials while a rich pink/fuschia pairing pops better in the fall months.

Pastel pinks introduce a sweet and charming aspect to rustic weddings. Varying shades of pink ranging from blush to its pigmented form are equally ideal for the bridesmaids' dresses.


Black combined with whites, greys, and pink tones create the perfect wedding colour palette for a classic formal affair. Once again, you could use black as the base colour or simply for the accents and decorative accents.

Black chairs and linens in a natural garden setting, berry boutonnieres, tall black candlesticks for the tablescape, and matte black chargers all beautifully bring out the earthy dark tone. The bold bride can equally brave a black wedding dress or choose the colour for her bridesmaids' outfits.

Peaches & Oranges

The combination of peach, orange, forest green, and metallic accents is a perfect fit for a rustic affair. Throw in some peach and orange into a garden affair to bring in a delightfully cheerful pigment to the aesthetic.

Peach is an equally lovely hue for the bridesmaids' dresses or at the very least, you should incorporate it in the form of accessories or shoes. Peach and cream floral arrangements exude a delicate and refined look. Toss in some actual oranges for a country-themed wedding.

Lavender & Purples

Lavender is a soft and romantic hue that pairs beautifully with other different colours. It is a shade of purple, hence the reason why the first colour combination would be other pigments in the same spectrum.

From the bridesmaids' dresses to the jewellry and dessert table items like macarons; lavender and purple create a colour palette that you can use for every aspect of the big day. There are equally selections of gorgeous purple-coloured blooms that create beautiful wedding bouquets and boutonnieres.


Grey is yet another earthy tone that exudes a calming effect, and it works well as a neutral pairing for a multi-coloured nuptial. Besides being perfect for any season, it's far from a pigment that you'd describe as gloomy.

Some wedding combos worth exploring include, orange and grey, white and grey, yellow and grey, and purple and grey. The pigment is a classic favourite for the groom and groomsmens' attires.


Blue is a royal colour that translates well into several aspects of the big day. From its dusty shades to navy tones; it suits diverse wedding styles ranging from nautical-themed affairs to beach weddings.

Pastels like sky blue favour casual, spring nuptials while darker tones like midnight blue work for classic, sophisticated affairs. The colour palette also pairs beautifully with silver and gold accents.


Red is a perfect base colour for weddings held on Christmas or Valentine's day. The rich and bold pigment is equally a lovely choice to add pops of colour to a dark-themed wedding.  

From shades of maroon to burgundy and claret; it pairs well with several other pigments for different seasons. Show stealing colour combos include, red/peach/green foliage, gold/ blush/ burgundy, and dark grey/ burgundy.


A pairing of white, ivory, and champagne is one of the most popular wedding combos. Most nuptials include at least one of these classic hues, whether as accents or the base colour.

White equally works well as the perfect neutral shade to blend with diverse wedding styles, deck out various wedding venues, and accentuate diverse themes.

Tans & Browns

Tans and browns are wonderful undertones, particularly when used for a country wedding, beach nuptials, or rustic affair.

From the groom and groomsmens' attires to wooden accents, and wedding stationery; the hue looks stunning on several elements. It's also a lovely colour for the bridesmaids’ dresses, shoes, and accessories.

Silver & Gold

Silver, white, and gold create yet another timeless wedding colour palette. Use more gold tones for a vintage affair and introduce some black and ivory for a classic black-tie wedding theme.

For a summer palette, go for the gold, white, and green combo. Metallic gold accents remain a popular choice because they fit right into any wedding scheme.