Classic Estate Wedding

This wedding photo shoot is full of inspiring images reminiscent of days gone by. Romance is there, in the wedding cake, the powder blue wedding gown, the invitations and so much more.

We think that many of you will say, “I’ve found it”! This could very well be the theme you go with. Take a look!

Colour Palettes for a Classic Estate Wedding

There are various wedding colours you can play with for a classic estate wedding inspiration shoot. We’ve seen the traditional colour combinations like pink and gray, navy, white, and gold, and black and white. Many have also tried the exciting contrast of soft, warm hues and bold, darker shades.

But don’t be afraid to take your wedding design and colour palette to the next level by integrating an unusual colour pair into your big day. The white and powder blue combo transcends season and will take you back to a chic version of the 70s. It can also be rustic, modern, and traditional and paired with all shades and tints.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Classic Estate Wedding

When preparing for a wedding shoot, find an accessible location that offers flexibility so that you can explore your creativity and try different ideas the couple will love. Consider mansions with beautifully manicured lawns, elegant courtyards, or converted warehouse spaces. Besides having distinct vibes and personalities, they’re like blank canvases you can design and embellish to your heart’s content.

Classic estate weddings are versatile and timeless, so it’s a great idea to choose from an array of wedding venues that offer enduring beauty and charm. Think of unique spaces like museums, art galleries, libraries, historic sites, and farms. They have all the right elements to create a picture-perfect vintage estate wedding style.

Budget for a Classic Estate Wedding

It’s no secret that weddings can be expensive, costing tens of thousands of dollars. But your overall expenses will depend on many factors, including the venue, catering, guest list, clothing, accessories, flowers, etc. You might also want to include the entertainment, transportation, videographer, and photographer in your wedding budget.

Additionally, it’s almost guaranteed that you will run into hidden fees, so be sure to prepare for any unexpected expenses. The good news is it’s easy to add fun DIY twists to a classic estate wedding shoot to help you save money. If you’re feeling creative, think of a DIY project you can add to the props or décor. It offers an exciting way to customise your special celebration.

Dresses & Accessories for a Classic Estate Wedding

Your wedding dress should reflect your vintage estate wedding style. Of course, you can opt for the classic white bridal gown, but a light blue wedding dress brings some modern appeal to the bride. Pair it with a wide headband, and you’ll capture one of the most fabulous fashion moments of the 1970s.

Wearing antique and estate jewelry can add elegance to your dress and elevate your appearance. It’s one of the best ways to incorporate vintage into your outfit. And don’t forget to wear a pair of comfy shoes to match the soft and airy dress, allowing you to dance all night long with your groom.

Menswear for a Classic Estate Wedding

When planning a wedding, we often pay great attention to the bride’s dress and are quite inattentive of the groom’s attire. As a result, the guys tend to miss out on their best looks. To ensure it doesn’t happen on your big day, always have your wedding motif in mind when scouting for your outfit.

You may avoid wearing a gray or black suit but go for something relaxed but elegant. A shirt and matching pants with a jacket, accessorised by a powder blue checkered bow tie, look casual and cheerful for a vintage estate wedding. Then groomsmen may skip the blazer and rock pants with a shirt and suspenders.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Classic Estate Wedding

We already love the floral crowns and the flower centrepieces, but what caught our attention are the gorgeous wedding bouquets and boutonnieres made from crisp white flowers. White blooms in various shapes and sizes dominate the arrangement, but the slight hints of soft blue complete the look and accentuate the motif.

There’s also enough greenery in the boutonnieres and bridal bouquets for a natural appeal. By mixing delicate whites with the natural pops of green, they were able to achieve a refined and classic style but still organic. It’s a spectacular combination of romance and sophistication, perfect for vintage estate weddings.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Classic Estate Wedding

Wedding cakes are a crucial element of a reception venue, so make sure you don’t fall short in terms of design, taste, and overall look. An all-white reception dessert exemplifies elegance, which fits a vintage estate wedding theme. But if you want to enhance the look of your multi-tiered white cake, adorn it with some floral details.

Fresh flowers will always work to add some colourful decorations to your wedding cake. But you can work with your pastry chef or baker to design your reception dessert with edible flowers on the top and bottom tier, adding a pop of colour to your cake.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Classic Estate Wedding

If you know how to infuse vintage elements into your classic estate-inspired wedding photoshoot, you can transform any ordinary wedding photo into something sentimental and memorable. It could be an old clock you’ve been eyeing from a thrift store, an antique mirror sitting in your basement, or a vintage car waiting for the couple outside the reception venue.

Reinvent old items and use them as your photo props to create an old-world feel. Also, don’t forget to take photos of the bride in her classic yet unconventional 1970s light blue dress and be charmed by the adorable flower girls wearing beautiful flower wreaths.

Wedding Invitation Ideas for a Classic Estate Wedding

One way to create a glorious impression before your big day is by sending an invitation suite that will wow your guests. Your wedding invitations should allow you to introduce your style, wedding colours, and even your goal and vision for the event. So make sure every element is well crafted and highlights your theme.

Blue and gray are cool colours and make a stunning combination for an invitation suite. But no matter your style and colour palettes, it’s always best to personalise the design and add features that represent you as a couple. You may also include calligraphy and wax seals for an old-school-inspired invitation.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Classic Estate Wedding

Boost your guest experience by setting up a space outdoors to eat, dance, and celebrate your big day. While your ceremony can be in an indoor area with lots of old-world elements and decorations, you can take the party outside in a garden, park, or even your backyard. This way, you can blend natural features with vintage design in a space where everyone can have fun all night.

Fairy lights and candles will add a whimsical and romantic effect to the venue, along with your choice of wedding flowers. Borrow or rent a vintage car, and it will undoubtedly enhance the atmosphere at your outdoor wedding.

Vintage Estate Wedding Ideas

powder blue wedding

I just love this powder blue ‘oh so perfect for winter’ inspiration shoot submitted by Alea Lovely. It takes us right back to a classy version of the 1970s. The light blue dress gives the bridal look some modernity while the wide headband is a total throwback to the 70s.The details of this inspiration shoot are outstanding and I particularly love the flower detailing on the cake and the incredible blue and grey paper goods. There’s certainly a lot to inspire a vintage winter wedding here and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

powder blue and gray wedding inspiration shoot by Alea Lovely Photography
powder blue and gray wedding inspiration shoot by Alea Lovely Photography
Powder blue inspiration shoot by Alea Lovely Photography
powder blue and gray wedding inspiration shoot by Alea Lovely Photography
Powder blue inspiration shoot by Alea Lovely Photography
powder blue and gray wedding inspiration shoot by Alea Lovely Photography
Powder blue inspiration shoot by Alea Lovely Photography
powder blue and gray wedding inspiration shoot by Alea Lovely Photography
powder blue and gray wedding inspiration shoot by Alea Lovely Photography
Powder blue inspiration shoot by Alea Lovely Photography
powder blue wedding dress

Credits: photography: Alea Lovely Fine Art Photography // Venue: Family Estate in Missouri // Bridal Gown: vintage 1970s gown redesigned by Alea Bebenek // Groom’s Suit: vintage 1970s heirloom suit // Groom’s Tie & Accessories: The Social Seam // Bridal Hair Accessories: Jennifer Behr // Wedding Belt: Ivy and Aster // Bride’s Bracelet: Francesca’s Collections // Bridal Earrings: Erica Koesler // Bridal Shoes: Kate Preston // Flower Girl Dresses: Target // Wedding Flowers: Victorian Gardens // Wedding Cake: Classic Cakes // Invitations & Stationary: Announce This Design // Hair: April McReynolds // Makeup: Jolie Artistry.