Drone videography is a specialized subject under the umbrella of the videography genre. As businesses and individual clients are warming up to the benefits and the value that drone shot footage brings to the equation, the demand for aerial cinematography grows.

Melbourne is an important business hub in Australia, and businesses of various sizes are queuing up to sign up for drone shot footage to promote their businesses. Brands and individual consumers looking for a unique perspective to cover their celebrations collaborate with videographers for this specialized skill set.

We have done the hard work for you. Ready to start your search for drone videographers shooting aerial cinematography in Melbourne? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.

Aero Shots Drone Services

Aero Shots Drone Services is a professional drone videography and aerial cinematography company based in Melbourne, Australia. The company employs CASA-certified pilots to operate all of its drones.

Booking a drone videography service with them is very easy. All one has to do is log into their website, select the kind of video she needs to be shot, and fill in the details. A company representative will get back to the client to finalize the job requirements and give the final quote.

All footage shot by the company will be discussed with the customer upon delivery. Post-processing refinements may be required, the shots can be retaken, and the final cut is always to be approved by you.

Unmanned Aerial Visual Solutions

Among the leading aerial videography services operating in Melbourne, Unmanned Aerial Visual Solutions is one of the most well-known companies. Founded in 2013 right at the start of the drone revolution, they are also known as one of the finest data solutions companies in the country.

The company offers the latest drone technology and skilled hands who are CASA-approved to operate their drones. Working with a large number of industries and across all sectors, their aerial cinematography and drone footage is utilized for various purposes including but not limited to: site inspection, construction monitoring, aerial surveillance, and promotional videos.

Next Generation Drones

Adam is the face and the founder of the company Next Generation Drones. Adam's been intrigued with the process of video making, and he was always interested in starting something that revolved around the production of videos. When drones came about right at the start of the second decade of the 21st century, he immediately adopted the technology and started his business Next Generation Drones.

Today he's become an expert and flying drones for commercial and other purposes. Adam fields a team that supports his work and helps him plot the course of his client work. Next Generation Drones caters to businesses of all sizes and across all industries. They are willing to travel anywhere in Australia to cover any aerial videography and cinematography work.

Western Drone Services

Western Drone Services is a professional drone services company offering services in inspection videos, 3D mapping and modeling, aerial site measurement, thermal imaging, and drone photography and video production. They offer their services in both civil and commercial applications. They employ skilled hands to operate their drones, and these pilots are all CASA-certified.

Western Drone has an in-house post-production studio where they edit and fine-tune the footage shot by drone. This allows them to maintain the quality of their films, and that quality control standard is consistent from preproduction to production and post-production.

Jordy Scott

Jordy Scott is a professional photography and videography company based in Melbourne, Australia.

For Jordy, everything started when he bought his first Sony mirrorless camera. He joined a startup company soon after that and traveled overseas. That's where he was introduced to the many techniques of image capturing and was also introduced to drone photography, and videography.

After returning home, he started working as a freelancer and got the first positive review that inspired him to continue working. Jordy has a CASA certification which allows him to fly drones for commercial purposes. He offers his services to many industries and businesses across Melbourne and the rest of this state.


Chris is the founder and managing director of DreamCube Productions. After high school, he was invited to study Television Broadcasting at Melbourne university. After a break and a year spent abroad, Chris' degree in Audio Visual Technology vaulted him into starting his own photography studio - Media Productions, later rechristened as a DreamCube.

Today, DreamCube offers a range of services, including drone videography and aerial cinematography in Melbourne and the adjoining areas. Chris is also ready to travel anywhere in Australia to take care of any aerial cinematography assignments.

Elite HD Media

Elite HD Media is a professional full-service drone videography and aerial cinematography company in Melbourne. Predominantly working in the real estate sector, offering drone videography and aerial cinematography services to real estate agencies and brokerage firms - this company has got their clients covered.

With experienced drone pilots using skilled hands, Elite HD's CSA-certified operators are prepared for your commercial photography and videography purposes. They're available to happily shoot anywhere in Australia.

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