Best Video Production Companies in Toronto, ON, Canada

Best Video Production Companies in Toronto, ON, Canada

There are many reasons a business would want to consider adding videos to their repertoire of collaterals and materials. One big reason today is how powerful videos can be for marketing, advertising, and building your company's brand and image. Having videos that show who your company is, what your people are like, what you do, and what your products are, can bring in a lot of engagement and reach your target market more authentically than other means.

Because of the many benefits a well-executed video can bring your business, it makes sense to invest in a professional video production company that can guarantee a flawless and excellent video at the end of your project engagement. Putting together the perfect video takes a lot of time and skill, so you should engage professionals you can trust – and that know your region and its nuances.

Ready to start your search for video production companies in Toronto? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next enterprise.

Black Belt Productions

Black Belt Productions is a leading video production company based in Toronto. The company has been in operation since 2012 and offers both corporate video production and non-profit video production. The team at Black Belt Productions has worked with a myriad of organizations and people, and is extremely adaptable according to whatever the video project at hand needs.

Black Belt Productions is big on collaboration. A video is there to tell a story, and the studio team wants to ensure that you are involved in building and deepening that message through this medium. You can leave everything else—from pre-production to the actual shoot, post-processing, and the tech set-ups—to their expert hands.

Bee Video Productions

With over 20 years of experience in the production industry, opening up her own video production company was a natural progression for Brigette Sachse. She's the founder and executive producer of Bee Video Productions, a video production company based in Toronto that is breathing new life into the industry in a fun, collaborative, and passionate way.

Bee Video Productions brings so much more than just an excellent video to the table. Their output is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy and process. Bee Video understands the importance of an engaging and successful video campaign on your company's bottom line—they'll put in the work, and you will provide the vision and the soul for the engagement.

Viva Media

Viva Media is one of the premier video production companies in Toronto. More than just a video engagement, Viva Media sees itself as your partner in creating impactful, powerful videos that can help you show your target audience what your brand is all about. Viva is staffed by a team of expert videographers and related professionals, who also give input on marketing strategy and campaigns. This is what makes them the perfect all-around video campaign partner.

Viva Media offers different kinds of video project services, from live-action production, to motion graphics and animation, and even a combination of the two. The team at Viva Media can help you visualize and figure out which medium is best for your objectives and goals, no matter the size, industry, or persona of your company.

Twisted Frame

Twisted Frame is an award-winning video production company in Toronto that has proven how a clear creative vision, strong visual collateral, and a desire to connect with your target market can all result in incredible results for your business. The studio has been operating for over 10 years, specializing solely in video production services, so you know that you are getting your money's worth with a team of experts.

Twisted Frame will help you with your video project from inception to completion, combining the strategy and creativity of their professional team to help you tell your brand and company's story.  More than just hype or a viral video, Twisted Frame aims to help you build lasting connections with the people you want to reach in the most genuine way possible.

Black & White Media

Black & White Media was founded by Judah Hernandez, and has quickly risen in the industry to become an award-winning video production company taking Toronto by storm. The studio boasts of a diverse and highly-skilled technical team, including cinematographers, producers, and editors, all of whom work together to create a video that not only looks good, but brings real results to your business.

One thing about Black & White Media is that they like to share: their award-winning media team is your award-winning media team. Through close collaboration and engagement with their clients, Black & White is able to better understand their clients' visions, messages, and help them create a strategic digital marketing campaign that will reach the people they need to.

Lapse Productions

Lapse Productions was founded by Dario Nouri and Kyrill Lazarov back in 2014 as they finished their post-secondary degree at Ryerson University. They started by creating videos for student groups, eventually including businesses and companies in the finance, technology, and medical industries. Lapse Productions has a clear vision for their company: to help create solutions for businesses, through powerful and marketable video content.

Lapse Productions values authenticity and high-quality work, and will go the extra mile to ensure that a powerful emotional connection between their videos and the videos' target audiences is created. Utilizing the latest tech and their formal education and training, Lapse Productions promises to deliver premium-value content to their clients, helping you stand out in a competitive business environment.

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