The capital of the state of Utah is a sight to behold – a beautiful blend of urbanity and natural splendor, Salt Lake City has a seemingly endless array of attractions to offer. The Temple Square teems with historic sites, exhibits, and plenty of attractions. The Natural History Museum of Utah takes its visitors through different places and time periods, while spots like Red Butte Garden offer a peaceful getaway from the noise of the city. Outside the city, there is a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains and the breathtaking Great Salt Lake itself.

Searching for the top video production companies in Salt Lake City? Check out our list below for a group of studios set to help you capture the inspiring mix of the natural world around the cityscape.

White Rabbit Productions

Whether you’re looking for a professional crew to help with a crime documentary, a commercial, an interview, or any type of event, White Rabbit Productions has got you covered.

One of their specialties is shooting high quality acquisition videos for both national and international clients. Their clients list is long, including ESPN, Animal Planet, BBC and Discovery. Having the right people for the job is essential, so they have also developed partnerships with freelance directors, producers, editors and a variety of other professionals. In the end, their core goal is to make you look good.

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Sansom Media

Sansom Media specializes in documentary and commercial filmmaking. It was born from a desire to learn and tell stories, which remain its core values to this day.

The services that this company offers range from concept creation and storyboarding to film editing, color grading and audio mixing. They also do mastering as well as aerial shooting, including helicopter cinematography. Documentary-style filmmaking is what their work is rooted in. Sansom's set and studio videography continue to add to an already robust portfolio.

Phase 2 Productions

A full-service production company, Phase 2 Productions specializes in making promotional videos, television commercials, PSAs, educational videos, short films, and many other types of projects.

Phase 2 will produce content to accommodate whatever direction your imagination takes. Their skill set is vast and encompasses the entirety of the video making process. Scripting, scheduling, locations and talent booking, production design, directing, SFX, and editing are just some of the many parts of your project that they cover.

COMV Productions

Every brand has more to offer than what people see at first glance. Through their eye-catching video productions, COMV Productions is there to help you leave a lasting message that people will remember .

The team behind COMV consists of talented individuals from different fields – writing, directing, composing, editing, and marketing. Together they have worked on many projects, including commercial videos, which were primarily made for small businesses, including inventive short and feature films. All of the studio's creations have been made with one purpose in mind – to inspire action, one of the company’s core beliefs.

Lone Peak Productions

Lone Peak Productions is a full-service video production company with over four decades of experience. Over that time, the studio has won just about every production award that exists, including an Emmy.

The work they do is diverse, and includes projects like interactive museum exhibits and comprehensive government training programs. Effective business communications is Lone Peak's primary purpose. Explainer and corporate promotional videos, animated videos, interviews, new digital advertising content, and product videos fill out a vast portfolio. Whichever one you need, Lone Peak Productions is ready to help.

Phillips Video Post

Phillips has over twenty years of experience in producing videos. The team's forte is corporate storytelling. If your business is in need of human resources videos, sales and marketing videos, training videos, or company overviews, this could be the company for you.

The team at Phillips Video Post have an unwavering commitment to the work they do, and they manage everything from start to finish – script-writing, producing, editing, and motion graphics. You only need to come to them with an idea, plan it out together, and then wait for them to deliver.

Working Title Productions

Complete video productions designed for a screen of any size, Working Title Productions include scripting, videography and editing within their product.

Shawn Emery will complete your videography himself. As a digital cinematographer and producer with over twenty years of experience in a variety of fields, he will make sure the results you get are as good as they can be. Working Title Productions has cooperated with big names such as Fox New, NBC, Sundance Film Festival, and VH-1, to name just a few.

Avalanche Studios

A video production company that produces high-end content for their clients, Avalanche Studios has an award-winning staff that does it all – TV ads, web videos, branded video content, events, and corporate projects. You name it and they have probably done it before.

HBO, Netflix, Oracle, Hyundai – Avalanche Studios have worked together with some of the world’s most successful brands. They are thorough and their video making process encompasses everything from script writing, budgeting and location scouting in pre-production, to 2D and 3D animation, sound design, editing, and visual FX in post-production.

Savvy Productions

If you are looking for someone to deliver a video that will make you stand out and rise above the noise, then Savvy Productions is the company for you. Their team prides themselves in making the type of videos that customers do not forget.

Savvy has talent and experience, and they always make sure to collaborate with their clients. This has led them to win many awards and to forge long-lasting relationships with the people and businesses they work with. Savvy's work includes thousands of commercial, corporate, and motion graphic videos.

Lenzworks Productions

Lenzworks Productions has produced award-winning television programming, marketing videos, commercials, and broadcast promotions. All of this studio's work happens in a quality-controlled and cost-effective manner. Lenzworks has over two decades of experience contributing to the development of lasting relationships throughout their work history.

In their team's overview of script development, storyboards, set construction, wardrobe, filming, hiring contractors, editing, music, and audio mixing Lenzworks will do overtime to complete your production. When you work with them, you are sure to end up with an innovative video ready to tell your story to your audience.

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