Orlando is one of Florida’s most happening cities. Many prestigious enterprises, both large and small, duke it out in a highly competitive business environment. Excellent video productions and highlight reels can be the different maker in such an environment. The best companies in the video industry understand just how to shift a company's landscape, to reposition them to gain ground in their respective marketplace. We want to help you in that by providing you with a handy guide.

Ready to start your search for video production companies in Orlando? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next campaign.

Adrenaline Films

Adrenaline Films is a full-service video production house based in Orlando. They offer their services to a large number of businesses and enterprises requiring videos to boost their brand. Led by a highly creative team of professionals dedicated to providing top-notch video production services to their clients, Adrenaline is a fine choice for your next video.

Open to traveling and accepting challenges throughout the USA, Adrenaline Films is open to working on custom projects for clients.

Kal Visuals

Kal Visuals, led by Kal (or Kyle), is an Orlando-based filmmaker and photographer who loves the whole concept of making original video productions. A visual storyteller with insights into the marketing world, he's an expert film producer for businesses and brands.

A graduate from Ohio University with a degree in screenwriting and producing, Kal believes himself destined for success in the video production industry.

Talking Head Studio

Talking Head Studio is a full-service video production company operating out of Orlando. This studio specializes in creating marketing and branding videos, with over 10 years of experience to contribute to their quality.

Talking Head aims for corporate storytelling, with a style that comes from the perspective of "growth." The team of videographers will collaborate with you in trying to understand your target audience, patiently designing the video production from start to finish.

Filmscape Productions

Filmscape Productions is its team of cinematic storytellers who have worked with health care establishments, food companies, government organizations like the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority, and a wide variety of real estate agencies. They provide marketing and promotional videos for clients looking to expand their reach in the marketplace.

Filmscape has been in operation since 2012. Their productions have come out of 30 different states, and include campaigns of varying styles and length. Highly experienced and versatile, the Filmscape professionals look forward to traveling alongside you on your video journey.

Omni Productions

mni Productions is a full-service video production company based in Orlando. Founded by videographer Steve Martin, he got his brilliant idea for a video production company while in school at UCF.

For the past 20 years, Omni has gained a phenomenal reputation in Florida due to their phenomenal work. Steve's and his team have repeatedly worked with Fortune 500 companies, successfully running promotional campaigns for such premier clientele.

Oxenfree Film & Motion

A Florida-based video production company, Oxenfree Film & Motion is a well-known entity in the commercial and branding industry. The company has worked with repeat clients, crafting video campaigns with an eye for the unique aspect of their subject, whomever or whatever it may be.

Headed by Ben Gill, the creative director of the company, and Arthur Goodman, operations director, Oxenfree's large team has the privilege of successfully collaborating with some really big clients in the Florida area. The studio name is derived from the phrase called out during hide n' seek, "olly olly oxen free!" – which translates to "all are set free!"

Edison Pictures

Edison Pictures is a professional video production company offering its services to a wide number of genres. They work with real estate agencies, large corporate houses, and other businesses to produce marketing videos with a chaotic, original twist.

Edison works many weddings and produces creative video content for their clients, always with a perspective of impassioned storytelling. With a team of skilled hands, they'll be able to head to your destination with many ideas at the ready.

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