Top 9 Video Production Companies in Nashville

Bustling with culture and amazing things to do and see around every corner, Nashville is the place that brings positive energy to anyone who decides to visit.

The Grand Ole Opry and the monumental Country Music Hall of Fame draw out some of the magic of "The Music City." The Johnny Cash Museum, the Shelby Bottoms Nature Center & Greenway, and the Greek Parthenon are other local treasures worth exploring. If you want to explore them with a professional eye for your product or brand's next campaign of content, then you will want to ensure you are working with the best filmmakers.

Searching for the top video production companies in Nashville? Read on to check out our guide on the top companies in the city. They will be able to shoot everything from music videos to commercials to drone flyovers for your next big project.

Gear Seven Creative

Specializing in creating branded and commercial videos, music videos, and short films, Gear Seven Creative has collaborated with famous clients such as Red Bull, Sony, and Toyota to help them connect with the viewers on an emotional level.

They are a full-service video company that will be with you every step of the way, from listening to your ideas and goals to bringing your vision to life in a high-quality video. The team consists of directors, editors, producers, and cameramen that use their expertise to take what you imagined to the next level.

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Seek First Productions

With dozens of awards under their belt (one of them being an Emmy) and clients such as Amazon, Google, and Coca-Cola, Seek First Production is a Nashville-based company that travels around the world to satisfy their clients’ needs.

The team focuses on producing television content for both broadcast and web networks, as well as commercial content, where they combine storylines with visual effects. Their top notch visual effects are produced in-house, differentiating them from other companies and making them attractive to clients with big, animating ideas.

Video One Productions Nashville

Video One Productions has been in business for almost three decades, providing remote production and post-production to create commercials and professional videos for clients. They primarily work with businesses and entrepreneurs, but will provide their talents to anyone who needs their idea to come to life on screen.

The company has a remote truck capable of shooting high definition videos on the go. The truck is equipped with multiple cameras and high-quality broadcast equipment and will arrive at any location upon your request. When it comes to post-production, their team will offer editing suggestions and work with you until you are satisfied with the end result.

Nashville Music Video Production

As its name suggests, Nashville Music Video Production is an independent music video production that serves Nashville and the entire United States.

Joe Sins, who heads the company, comes with a lot of experience in creating music videos, commercials, and documentaries. He's also won various awards and is known for his creative approach to video content. The company works with brands, recording artists, and songwriters, and creates lyrics videos that perfectly mesh with their songs.

Push Focus

Push Focus is a company that will dedicate itself to every step of the production process, from scripting, storyboarding, and directing to animating and sound mixing. They also work on web development, photography, e-mail marketing, and social media with the goal of creating engaging content and attracting an audience.

The company sees clients as partners. They are flexible on pricing and will adjust to any budget. At the end of the day, Push Focus's belief is simply that every company deserves to have their story told.

Kingswood Productions

Focusing on video, audio, and post-production, Kingswood Productions offers a range of services, including creating audio books, live event production, media management, and transcription.

Their studios have make-up and dressing rooms, loading dock sets and props storage, and an audio recording studio and control room. You don’t have to bring your own equipment, as you can rent AV gear, lighting equipment, and props conveniently right from the company. Clients can also work with their crew of experienced professionals in the studio and on location.

Cumberland Creative

With Cumberland Creative, you can choose the level of involvement in the production process. With each client, their goal is to customize the experience to be most effective and time-saving for the circumstance. Consistently, the result is creative videos set to engage the audience and make them take action. Cumberland can also tell your story through photography and social media, from whichever medium you choose.

The process starts with reaching out to meet, plan, and form a proposal for the project. This is followed by pre-production, project management, and post-production, and – after your review and approval – delivery and deployment of the content.

Stormlight Pictures

At Stormlight Pictures, they believe your story matters and that you should tell it with creative content. To achieve this, you can rely on the company to conduct the entire production process professionally, from pre-production and creative development, all the way to post-production.

They also shoot in-house photography, to accompany a video with some attractive stills. The company has a studio containing a variety of different spaces and looks that you can sample from depending on your needs.


With forty years of experience behind them, StagePost is a full-service company that offers a wide range of video production services, including budgeting, scripting, editing and animation, and management. Always, their team aims to have everything clients need in one place.

The company combines a team of writers, producers, and production crews within a full-service multimedia facility to help complete projects both big and small. StagePost believes that telling a brand story in an enthralling way grants success – this is their focus.

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