Top Video Production Companies in Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Top Video Production Companies in Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Creating a professional video for a company, event, marketing strategy, or personal request is not an easy task. Not every Joe Schmo off the street can produce something that’s credible, reliable, and up to par with the standards you desire. It takes a true expert in the field to finish the task completely and correctly.

That’s why it’s crucial to get a team of videographers to produce the correct kind of video for your specific needs. They must know how to do pre-production right, how to execute in-time production, and how to edit post-production. The list provided below will help you get the right guys and gals for the job, just simply make a call and book the time you need after making your selection.

Ready to start your search for video production companies in Melbourne? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.

Pixel3 Video Creations

Talented, hard-working videographers are the beating heart of Pixel3 Video Productions, and their combined experience levels and determined drive prove the company to be a successful and respected studio. Each member of the team has been carefully selected for their expertise, commitment, and devotion.

Pixel3 Video Creations absolutely invests time and energy into each customer. For the past 10 years, Anthony and Charles Spiteri and team have combined abilities and values to work in various sectors of videography, building a lasting reputation for years to come. No matter what – they will continue to impress and strive for success.

Turbo 360

Turbo Productions, initially known as CE Network, was born in 1999 when managing director James Anderson turned his hobby into a reality career. 10 years passed until he changed the name to what it is today, ultimately adding video production, virtual tours, and live streaming to the lists of video services he provides to his clients.

When the transition was made, James had no idea it would take the production market by storm. Nonetheless, he became a leading provider for digital media production services across Australia and New Zealand, establishing a professional crew to assist him along the way. James offers a range of services including weddings, private events, and corporate industries.

Dynamic Visuals

Dynamic Visuals began as a YouTube channel back in 2010, but over time, their short films grew over 15 million video views and the founders decided to take their video knowledge to the next level. Today, the team offers short-form documentary case studies for business and brands, along with music videos, TVC’s, online campaigns, and so much more.

This innovative digital agency and video production company team is a close group of professionals centered in a full-featured studio producing amazing, stunning, creative videos for all types of clients. Work with them and you’ll see just how versatile their videos can be.

Visual Culture

Visual Culture had many goals upon creation back in 2010, and they strive to meet their goals each and every day. This team helps businesses increase sales, recruit the best talent, educate teams, raise brand awareness, promote important causes, and showcase unique products and services.

To be honest, the professionals over at Visual Culture know that many people feel defeated with video production. It’s the budget, time, and strategy that typically scare them into a corner. But that’s not how Visual Culture sees it; they offer the support and advice needed to get the job done the right way, each and every time.

We Make Online Videos

We Make Online Videos, the brand name kind of speaks for itself, does it not? This large group of experienced videographers are extremely passionate about what they do. With over 10 years of experience working with clients all over Australia, this pack's skills and resources extend beyond all competitors.

Do you need your video content delivered in a short period of time? We Make Online Videos can make that happen, and with a storytelling background plus some high standard outcomes. Their production process is super easy and enjoyable, you’ll want to work with them time and time again.

Melbourne Films

If you’re looking to find the best package around, look no further than Melbourne Films. This production facility does everything from pre to post production. As an international multimedia production company, they employ in-house directors, cinematographers, editors, script and concept writers, SPX make-up artists, and web designers for all of your needs.

Melbourne Films is, without a doubt, a forward thinking group of talented individuals looking to become your provider for multimedia content. Whether you’re looking to make a feature film, documentary, short film, music video, real estate content, or wedding content, they’re here to help.


Creativa desires to be the go-to studio you lean on for creative and innovative video creation. These professionals aim to provide solutions to all clients that provide positive results to keep companies and personal projects coming back for more.

The team over at Creativa is made up of people you can trust. The talent is unmatched between the producers, creatives, and admin professionals. They’ll not only create meaningful connections between brands and audiences, but they’ll also give you the best innovative digital content your money can buy.

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