Best Video Production Companies in Eugene, OR

Everyone has a story to tell, and the right video production company can help turn it into a tangible visual to watch and share. Several video production companies in Eugene provide professional services for companies or individuals. Anyone with a video idea, film, or commercial, can check out these companies to see whose style is the best fit to bring your ideas to life.

Ready to start your search for video production companies in Eugene? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.

AO Films

The talented team behind AO Films is always searching for the next great story to tell. Founded by Ryan Welch, film is his specialty for communication and creates striking visuals that appeal to all who watch his films.

The success of AO Films includes winning film awards and working with many satisfied clients. Ryan and his team achieve high-quality production by using the latest equipment with capabilities in shooting up to 6K.

Ryan has a personable approach when working with clients. Not only is he interested in learning about your project, but also you. He strives to deliver a customer experience that surpasses your expectations.

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Bema Creative

As creative as the team behind Bema Creative like to get in their projects, they never lose sight of the primary goal. The company lets you throw on your thinking cap right alongside them through a free consultation first to discuss the strategy of your next video.

Leading with strategy helps ensure projects have a measurable goal. It’s important that Bema Creative’s clients have a benchmark to compare the project’s success. Your goal is always the main driver for the creative team; after determining what you hope to achieve, the real fun begins.

Bema Creative is full of exciting, original ideas waiting to be captured on film. Its production leg is always hard at work finding the best talent, locations, and storyline to communicate your ideas effectively.


Any time Squiddl produces a video, you can be sure that there is a message needing to be communicated, and visuals are always the best way to do it. Based in Eugene, this video production company works across industries to make meaningful videos.

Squiddl’s diverse video portfolio shows that they have their hands in many successful projects. Many of its clients are in education and nonprofits. These projects require thoughtful videos that inspire action from the viewers. Based on their experience, Squiddl achieves this with each project.

Their video production credits include commercials, PSAs, response messages, or sponsored events. It pairs compelling narratives with beautiful visuals that draw the viewer in, then make them want to share.

Digital Distillery Media

Tap into the creative minds hard at work at Digital Distillery Media when you work with them on your next project. They provide an endless flow of ideas that can help build any brand's web presence.

Digital Distillery Media takes a unique approach to video production. Starting at the end and working backward helps keep the bigger picture in focus when working on the video concept. You decide what you wish to achieve with the video, and Digital Distillery Media will formulate the perfect video project that accomplishes it.

For more than 15 years, Digital Distillery Media has created industry-leading videos for companies in education, training, and more. With company presentations, the messaging is key. Thankfully, its portfolio shows it’s more than capable of delivering a video you’ll be satisfied with.

Fireside Media

Whether you want to create a video for making money or memories, Fireside Media is the video production team you’re seeking. Led by founder Andrew, he’ll surpass your expectations for the video and overall project experience.

Successful case studies provided by Fireside Media give an accurate recount of projects, showcasing the wins and everything learned along the process. Andrew takes lessons and techniques learned in each project to apply in the future to continue perfecting his craft.

Fireside Media uses cinematic shooting styles to tell its stories. Its portfolio includes video examples of commercials, events, weddings, etc. His ability to cater to individuals and corporations to understand their video ideas gives him a flexible advantage to work with many clients around Eugene who enjoy his production style.


Building a quality brand is essential to the long-term success of your business. Do it the right way with the help of Quip, a video production company specializing in creating brand films. Based in Eugene, it’s assisted everyone from Nike to the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce in creating compelling brand stories.

Whether you have an established brand or are starting from scratch, Quip has staff with expertise at each stage. Companies work directly with founder Erik Quick-Warner, who provides case studies of past projects to show how he can be effective with your brand identity.

Examples of brand videos include a film about your brand history, behind-the-scenes of your company operations, employee spotlights, or a message from the CEO. Each video gives your customers insight into your company and its people. As a result, your customers will soon relate to you in more ways than you can imagine.

Stone Canyon Productions

After nearly a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, Paul Garrett’s growing passion for video production led him to found his company. Stone Canyon Productions is based in Eugene, where Paul now has the creative freedom to tell stories through video.

Paul is no rookie to video production after working in multiple Hollywood studios. He brings his industry knowledge to every project to help clients create visuals that your audience will love. His approach is understanding your message first and then determining the best way to communicate it effectively.

Stone Canyon Productions has filmed everything from short commercial clips to share on social media to full-length documentaries. He treats each project as his own, with an attention to detail you'll be proud to employ.

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