When you need to deliver a message to prospective clients or raise brand awareness about a new product, there are few mediums more powerful than film. Video production companies are dedicated to creating compelling content for TV, websites, and social media channels, as well as in-house “how to” and training videos.

Chicago offers no shortage of talented companies who have years of experience creating digital video content for a diverse range of brands. In this guide, we’ll introduce 10 of the best who can turn your ideas into engaging visual content.

Bottle Rocket Media

Bottle Rocket Media is one of Chicago’s leading video production companies [Bottle Rocket Media]

Specializing in video production, motion graphics, and virtual event production, Bottle Rocket Media is based in Chicago’s Fulton Market District. This full-service video production company has won multiple awards and offers everything from assisting in writing scripts to designing graphics explainer videos, casting, and 3D animation. They work collaboratively with their clients to create impactful and appealing videos that can assist in expanding their reach on social media or increase email click rates.

Flightless Bird Creative

A still from one of Flightless Bird Creative’s videos [Flightless Bird Creative]

With offices in Chicago, New York City, and Minneapolis, Flightless Bird Creative is a boutique video production company that began with a mockumentary web series about an ornithology club (hence the name “Flightless Bird”). It’s grown into one of the nation’s most creative agencies and is on a mission to be resourceful and agile in an age of new advertising platforms, shrinking budgets, and short turnaround times. While they have tried-and-tested workflow processes, they believe in reinventing themselves with every project to deliver exceptional results.

Demo Duck

A still from one of Demo Duck’s animated videos [Demo Duck]

Established around 10 years ago, Demo Duck has worked with businesses small and large, local and international to create video content that stands out from the rest. It was established by Andrew Follett when he began making demo videos and soon saw him collaborating with artists, designers, animators, and filmmakers across the nation and beyond. The team at Demo Duck believes that video has the power to not only educate customers and promote products but also to humanize your brand.


The Earth from space as viewed during one of Viewstream’s videos [Viewstream]

Viewstream is an award-winning video production agency that was built on the belief that amazing stories can drive businesses forward. The company’s talented team delivers creative videos with resilience and spirit, drawing on more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Aside from being recognized countless times by the Telly Awards, Viewstream has come away with the Communicator Silver Award for Distinction on multiple occasions and has been a Platinum Winner at the Hermes Awards.


A still from one of Umault’s brand videos [Umault]

Founded and directed by Guy Bauer, Umault is passionate about telling stories that resonate and delight while conveying key messages and hitting all of their clients’ business prompts. The name is a play on the German “umlaut”, which draws attention to what might otherwise be overlooked. Not only has Guy been making commercial videos for more than 20 years but he’s also the author of “Death to the Corporate Video: A Modern Approach that Works”.

JV Studios

A cameraman shoots during a JV Studios production [JV Studios]

JV Studios was born in a basement in 2012 when John and Vince Pinto came together to turn their ideas into visual stories. It’s grown into a full-service video production agency that has featured on multiple platforms, including Yahoo! Finance, Clutch, and The Manifest. The brothers attribute their success to their simple yet effective business plan, which is all about being dependable, maintaining clear communication with clients, and continually learning.

Real Video Production Co.

An image of the Real Video Production crew working on a shoot [Real Video Production Co.]

The Real Video Production Co. has been making professional films for over 15 years and has extensive experience in everything from brand identity videos to web commercials and testimonials. They collaborate with clients to tell their story in a way that captures the attention of audiences and really take the time to understand what they need. The Real Video Production Co.’s services include brand videos, product highlights, and social media content for external marketing, as well as safety training and online education for internal communication.

Furnace FPS

An educational video from Furnace FPS [Furnace FPS]

With previous clients that have included Apple, the Goose Island Beer Co., and Northwestern University, Furnace FPS is one of the most in-demand documentary and commercial video production companies in Chicago. They love emphasizing the beauty and meaning of everyday interactions and strive to deliver creative projects that ignite stories. One look at Furnace FPS’s portfolio and you can see that they are talented at working across a variety of industries, from tech to education and hospitality.


One of Indrik’s animated advertising campaigns [Indrik]

Indrik was founded in 2015 by Dmitri Yakovlev and draws on more than a decade of creative, narrative, and commercial experience. The company strives to make videos that people connect with while having a lot of fun in the process. The relaxed nature of their corporate video shoots helps non-actors feel comfortable in front of the camera and they are skilled at coming up with solutions to even the most difficult challenges. Indrik will work collaboratively with your company’s creatives and marketing team to deliver results that exceed expectations.

Pink Hippo Productions

An aerial shot from a video created by Pink Hippo Productions [Pink Hippo Productions]

Pink Hippo Productions has offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis and produces content for companies across the United States. After getting to know what makes your company great, they’ll use their talents to create compelling videos that can be scaled up or down, depending on your needs. Their impressive portfolio includes work with leading artists in the music industry and global sporting brands, as well as companies that are on a mission to change the way we work.

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