Pale Yellow Wedding

This pale yellow inspirational photo shoot is based on the wonderful book, The Velveteen Rabbit. Surely this touching story is a favorite of many. See how this wedding theme is absolutely sweet and memorable.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Pale Yellow Wedding

Yellow is a soft color that often evokes feelings of warmth in people. It’s also widely recognized as the world’s happiest color. So for one of the happiest days of your life, it’s only reasonable to pick a venue with a cheery atmosphere to complement this joyful hue.

The great outdoors like parks, gardens, fields, and farms are excellent for a fun, bright celebration. Besides providing a laid-back atmosphere and a relaxed setting, they also have unmatched natural elements suitable for a pale yellow wedding color. Beaches, lakefronts, and forests are other incredible locations with charming scenery, but indoor areas like converted industrial spaces, barns, and galleries make unique wedding venues for your exciting color theme.

Color Palettes for a Pale Yellow Wedding

Pale yellow is a highly versatile hue that can stand on its own or be mixed with other wedding colors. You can creatively introduce hints of yellow to create an interesting combination or pair it with white for an ethereal and romantic feel. It’s perfect for spring weddings with a pale yellow and white wedding cake, white bridal dress and yellow bridesmaid dresses.

Rose pink and pale yellow is also a bright and sunny duo that exudes a feminine and sweet vibe. But if you want to add some sunshine to your elegant wedding, pale yellow and light blue make a stylish combo you didn’t know you needed for your big day.

Dresses & Accessories for a Pale Yellow Wedding

We often see pale yellow in bridesmaids’ dresses, cakes, and bouquets, but have you thought about a wedding dress in this soft wedding hue? If you’re not so into the traditional white bridal gown, this color allows you to step out of the ordinary and display your outgoing personality.

However, if this color appeals to you, but you don’t want to wear a yellow dress for the wedding, there are multiple ways to incorporate this shade into your outfit. Perhaps, you can wear an epic floral crown with light yellow blooms or put on a set of yellow jewelry to add a touch of luxury.

Groom Style for a Pale Yellow Wedding

A pale yellow tuxedo may be too much for most grooms, but they can easily rock a yellow tie, socks, or vest to integrate this spring color into their outfit. A white suit and a pale yellow shirt and tie will also look incredible for a dashing groom. But if you want to ditch the suit for a more casual feel, a crisp white shirt with a plain pale yellow tie should do the trick.

Some stylish grooms prefer suspenders with a yellow bow tie or a pale yellow waistcoat with a light grey suit for a modern and sophisticated outfit. A soft blue shirt also looks classy with a pale yellow tie, adding some sunshine and flair to the entire celebration.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Pale Yellow Wedding

Wedding bouquets and boutonnieres with pale yellow details are unquestionably fresh, sweet, and romantic. They go well with any wedding style and theme, and there are plenty of flowers you can use, including roses, hydrangeas, lilies, and fluffy yellow dahlias.

Carnations and peonies are also gorgeous spring perennials to add to your flower arrangement. They are lush and fluffy with ruffled petals for a beautiful bouquet. Peonies offer a pleasant lemony scent that matches their exquisite color and bloom structure. For the groom's and groom's boutonnieres, you can opt for a single bloom for an overall striking and cool look.

Wedding Invitations for a Pale Yellow Wedding

For a pale yellow wedding inspired by The Velveteen Rabbit, use your favorite quote from this children’s classic and take your guests down memory lane. You may also include a beautiful sketch or drawing of a rabbit based on the book’s original illustration by William Nicholson.

However, if you want something unique, create a storybook wedding invitation that chronicles your beautiful love story. It gives your guests a glimpse of your relationship and makes them feel closer to you and your partner. You can also hand them out to your visitors as a keepsake to remind them of your special day.

Reception Decor for a Pale Yellow Wedding

A pale yellow wedding theme suits an outdoor event easily. Although not too bright and vivid, this soft shade of yellow can still quickly grab attention and set the mood for a joyous occasion. That’s why it’s no surprise that a pale yellow wedding is a much-loved motif for couples who want a happy and lasting marriage.

One of the best things about this wedding color is that it’s easy to incorporate into your decor, from flower arrangements and reception tables to program display and ceremony backdrop. But make sure to use the right amount of this hue and combine your light yellow decor with other colors, like white, gray, red, or soft blue.

Wedding Reception Music and Entertainment for a Pale Yellow Wedding

A fun color that brings life to a wedding venue calls for enjoyable reception music and entertainment. No matter the theme or style of your wedding, your reception should always wow your guests and give them a party to remember. So don’t be afraid to experiment and be creative with your choice of entertainment and music.

If you have a sufficient wedding budget, make a lasting impression by having a dramatic fireworks display, or tone it down a notch by going with sparklers instead. A photo booth will always be everybody’s favorite, but a disco is a party essential that will get your guests busy on the dance floor all night. You may play disco dance music or have a live band playing in the background.

Favors & Gifts for a Pale Yellow Wedding

It’s time to say goodbye to those boring wedding favors that are collecting dust in your guests’ homes (if not left behind or thrown away). Wedding gifts and favors don’t have to break your bank account to be considered meaningful. With a bit of creativity and imagination, you can create custom items that your guests will love.

Remind your attendees of your big day with a cotton towel. Then personalize it with their initials or name along with your wedding date. Vintage handkerchiefs or embroidered cloth hankies are also essential items you can give as a sentimental keepsake they will adore.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Pale Yellow Wedding

A pale yellow wedding looks more dreamy and stunning when conducted in the great outdoors. Besides the unmatched scenery, you can make the most of the available decor elements in the surroundings, like greenery, wood accents, and flowers, to create an out-of-this-world celebration.

The smallest details can often make the most significant difference, from balloons and signages to aisle runners and place cards. Add whimsical touches, like streamers, fairy lights, and hanging window panes, or use candles to light up your tablescape. There’s no need to spend a fortune on different wedding flowers when you can use lanterns and fabulous pale yellow paper pompoms.

The Velveteen Rabbit

light yellow wedding inspiration board

I’m not sure what it was when I thought of one of my favourite childhood books, The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams, but the colour ‘light yellow’ immediately sprang to mind. I think it has something to do with the beautiful original illustrations that that book has by William Nicholson or the fact that my old copy is yellow with age. This wedding inspiration board is sweet, romantic,And has a definite southern vibe. For a Velveteen Rabbit inspired wedding use some whimsical touches like the hanging window panes and streamers in this inspiration board, and be sure to incorporate ‘fluffy’ flowers and rabbits on your paper goods!

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