The 5 Most Unique Production Companies in Los Angeles

While L.A. is best known for it's legendary film industry a.k.a. Hollywood, an abundance of film and photo production rentals, and its many celebrities, what is lesser known is that a very large number of shoots in the city are actually for commercials, branded content, and advertisements. This, of course, gives rise to a large number of very talented and unique production companies in the city. Today, we're listing out our 5 top picks for the most unique production companies and agencies in the City of Angels. Read on to discover the Giggster picks.

5) The Human Expansion Co.

The Human Expansion Co. consists of six directors, each with their own style. When you visit their website, you'll see a minimalist landing page, with the names of the six directors front and center. On hovering over their names, you'll see clips of videos directed by that director full screen in the background of the page. It was established in 2016 by David G. Stone, formerly Head of Film at Ogilvy in the US West, and Jason Cochard, a long-time feature film and television cinematographer. According to their website, "if people can get there, we can produce it there."

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4) Fluid

Fluid is an agency that consists of just two individuals - Nina Leidersdorff and Alonso Mayo. This is a production company that, aside from producing commercials, has even produced feature films, documentaries and web-series. That's impressive for a one-man-one-woman show!

3) Clip Pictures

The reason why this company occupies a spot on this list is because of it's very niche nature – Clip Pictures a film production company based in Beverly Hills, specially representing Japanese intellectual properties such as Manga, Anime, Video Games, and TV, to be adapted for Hollywood productions. Their production division services Japanese clients for filming in the US, and they even recently launched a talent management division to help Japanese talents break into the US scene.

2) space150

space150 is an independent creative agency based in LA, NY and Minneapolis, with "a digital backbone and a national footprint". The reason we included them in our list of unique production agencies is their service offer of digital-to-physical – in which they creatively use engineering to complement the physical world with digital experiences.

1) Optimist Inc.

No surprises for guessing, but Optimist Inc. is an agency that believes in optimism, positivity and possibility. Optimism is their motto, and their work speaks for itself. They are based in Los Angeles with offices is NY, London, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin and Prague.

Of course, this list is far from exhaustive. There are hundreds of production agencies in LA, each with their own style, their own touch and their own personality. However, these ones caught our fancy as the most unique of all of them. Which agencies have you found in LA that caught your interest? Write to us at with your thoughts.

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