Rustic New York Wedding

Kate and Lee’s rustic lakeside wedding is one of the cutest we’ve seen. Browse the images for inspiration and you’ll smile. We absolutely love the nighttime photo of the wedding reception at the lake. Stunning and yet, cozy and welcoming at the same time!

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Rustic New York Wedding

After deciding on a wedding date, the next most important task is to get hold of a suitable venue. If you happen to be somewhere close, planning to have your wedding ceremony in New York would be a great choice. Why? Because it offers quite a few close-to-nature locations for you to say your vows.

For a rustic wedding theme, an outdoor location is perfect. You can choose to have a small set up by the lake, a grand and open wedding ceremony with the mountains in the background, or in the woods with minimal and natural decor.

Kate and Lee opted for a rustic lake wedding with a breathtaking view of the mountains, under the cool blue sky! What a place for an outdoor event!

Details for a Rustic New York Wedding

Decorating an indoor reception area is a bit of a task, but if you have an outdoor venue, you don’t need to do much. Nature, itself, is so captivating that with only little effort from your side, it will spruce up your entire space.

Kate and Lee opted for organic and rustic details for their venue. The wedding, overall, gave off such a country vibe, especially with the outfits and the addition of cute props like the bear and the old window to hold the seating cards. Each and every part of this lake wedding is natural yet well thought of. From the treehouse, wooden altar, and seating arrangement for the guests, everything was spot on!

Ceremony Decor for a Rustic New York Wedding

Kate and Lee wanted to have a grand wedding with all the family members and friends involved. So, they had the entire field set up with wooden chairs for the guests to witness the ceremony. The decor for the ceremony was kept as minimal as possible given the natural environment.

A special wooden altar was set up for the bride and groom. Both ends of the altar had huge mud flower pots filled with tall branches of garden-fresh white roses. Other flower pots, filled with lavender, were scattered throughout the sitting area creating a fresh and fragrant environment. For another fun element, you can see that a gigantic grizzly bear statue stood at the entrance to the reception. After two of the guests managed to get it off the truck!

A rustic wooden signboard was hung from a tree and held an arrow as a marker to point the guests toward the wedding celebration location. What's not to love about this rustic wedding style?

Reception Decor for a Rustic New York Wedding

Rustic weddings have always been lively and special. Every aspect is loaded with fun. For the reception, Kate and Lee had a greenhouse set up by the lake. The final look of the wedding reception space turned out to be absolutely stunning with fairy lights hanging off the glass ceiling along with some handmade yarn ball lights.

Traditional round tables were set up with wooden chairs. A black and white zebra print rug was spread out on the rustic-looking floor and white frilly draperies covered the wooden poles of the greenhouse. The lake and mountains view outside the greenhouse were a sight to behold as the guests munched on their food. Truly a gorgeous rustic wedding setting!

Table Setting Style for a Rustic New York Wedding

The table setting style is as pleasing as the food itself. Usually, for an outdoor wedding, the wedding organizer tries to keep the decor as natural as possible.

For this particular rustic wedding, wooden tables and chairs were used. Covered with white linen cloths and adorned with flower vases containing white roses, the round dinner tables looked super casual yet beautiful.

You can also see a separate table set up, reserved for the families of the bride and groom. This rectangular table was lined with a single row of glass vases adorned with white flowers, in the center. Plain white dinnerware with crystal glasses was used. Each plate was beautified with a white napkin and maple leaf.

Bouquets and Boutonnieres for a Rustic New York Wedding

Carrying a bouquet is an old tradition for all the brides to chase bad luck away. And also, flowers symbolize new beginnings and bring a sense of happiness and comfort to the newly-wed couple. It all started with a bride carrying an arrangement of white flowers tied with a ribbon. And this is why white flowers are the most common choice for a wedding bouquet or boutonniere.

Kate combined white calla lilies tied up with a simple white ribbon. Such a unique choice!
And for the boutonniere, the groom can choose to have a single white, water lily to complement the theme and style of the wedding.

Food for a Rustic New York Wedding

To compliment your rustic wedding theme, start by serving some fresh pieces of fish marinated in tropical flavors. Make sure to set up a salad bar for your diet-conscious guests, also because it's a must for an outdoor wedding.

Give your guests a variety of mouthwatering foods by organizing a buffet. If you want to spice up your reception dinner, you can also hire a catering company for a live barbecue bar. What a lovely way to spend your evening! Include small portions of seafood if you and your guests prefer it. Don't forget the cocktails and margaritas!

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for a Rustic New York Wedding

You can never go wrong with a white wedding dress. There are just so many different ways to design a white bridal gown and each one of them turns out to be unique and graceful.

For this New York wedding ceremony, Kate decided to wear a full-length chiffon bridal gown for her big day. It was a stunning fit with a sweetheart neckline and a lightly embroidered bodice. White buttons were sewn at the back to make the dress fit to perfection. Paired with white heels, Kate's minimal bridal look has our heart!

Menswear for a Rustic New York Wedding

Outdoor wedding ceremonies cater to a laidback and comfortable environment which means that, yes, your attire should be wedding-appropriate but also convenient.
Lee chooses to wear a black formal three-piece suit with a white shirt underneath and a vintage style tie with grey, white, and black patterns on it.

It was amazing to see all the other male guests matching the groom's black suit with different colors of ties and some of them even went for the bowties. The man with the rifle, for instance, paired his black suit with a red bowtie. Add in some sun hats for extra effect! Remember, you can always get rid of the waistcoat later.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Rustic New York Wedding

This New York rustic affair photoshoot is packed with the most romantic vibes captured by the JBM wedding photography. The photographer made sure to capture some of the most wholesome moments of the ceremony and reception. These funny and emotional memories looked great, not only from the camera lens but also in the wedding album of this adorable couple.

To have yourself clicked, running in the woods with your better half, dressed in your wedding outfits, must feel like a dream. This wedding photo shoot was everything Kate and Lee had dreamt of. They captured their memories in pictures, to cherish for life!

Tupper lake (real wedding)


Real wedding at Tupper Lake New York

I don’t know if it’s the fact that one of the wedding guests looks as though he’s about to shoot dinner with his rifle or that two women are trying to haul a giant stuffed bear onto the back of a pickup truck but there is just something about Kate and Lee’s Tupper Lake wedding that makes my heart sing. It’s so unique and quirky and filled with such an abundance of love  – plus the New York mountain views can’t be beat. This wedding does the whole ‘rustic’ thing right and I hope you enjoy these beautiful images from the JBM Wedding Photography as much as I do!

rustic wedding signage from a New York wedding
shotgun wedding
stuffed bear at wedding
rustic wedding escort cards
beautiful bridal bouquet
white and green wedding flowers
flower girls
mountain wedding
amazing outdoor ceremony by lake
New York bride and groom
tented wedding reception
New York wedding catering
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nighttime wedding

Congratulation to Kate and Lee on your beautiful wedding!

Credits: Photography: JBM Wedding Photography // Event Planning: Juniper Events // Restaurant Catering: Chair 6