Tropical Wedding in Texas

Tropical Wedding in Texas

Are you looking for a destination wedding locale? Heading to a beautiful location to get married does not always mean the Caribbean. A tropical wedding in Texas in a destination we highly recommend!

With sunny skies, amazing food, and plenty of terrific venues, celebrating your big day under gorgeous Texas skies sounds like a wonderful idea. We’ve got all you need to know for planning your nuptials, so enjoy the process!

Details for a Tropical Wedding in Texas

Texas is known for its hot, steamy, humid weather; its weather is much like the tropics, especially in South Texas locales. This makes a Tropical Wedding in Texas a natural choice with added Southern flair to enhance the theme.

Tropical weddings typically drum up thoughts of the beach and all that comes with it – sea shells, sand, and beautiful, crystal-clear water. Beautiful, bright flowers are also indicative of a tropical wedding theme. Most of all, the Tropical Wedding in Texas should be laid-back and fun!

Colour Palette for a Tropical Wedding in Texas

Tropical Weddings call for bright, bold colours including vibrant reds, deep purples, and burgundies. In addition, bold yellows, oranges, and royal blue are common colours for a Tropical Wedding in Texas. Many brides combine red, orange, and yellow together for an eye-catching colour palette.

Some brides choose pastel colours instead, such as lavender, baby pinks and baby blues. However,  a mix and match of these bright and pastel colours also make for a beautiful Tropical Wedding in Texas colour palette. One consideration for the colour palette is the addition of silver or gold as an accent colour.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Tropical Wedding in Texas

Most Tropical Weddings in Texas take place outdoors; therefore, lending to an outdoor venue. However, Tropical Weddings can take place any time of year – but they may need to move indoors. Never fear, though, an indoor location with minimalist decor can be transformed into a tropical paradise with ease!

Texas does offer a coastal area that can be considered tropical. Areas such as Galveston and South Padre Island offer beautiful coastlines, ocean views, and tropical weather, too! The beach does make the perfect place for a Tropical Wedding in Texas, but, keep in mind any outdoor locale in Texas will do.

Food for a Tropical Wedding in Texas

When planning the menu for a Tropical Wedding in Texas, you may want to consider putting together the best of both worlds. The tropics conjure images of pineapple, mangoes, and similar fruit. However, Texas is known for steak and barbeque. This might mean a menu consisting of barbequed pork, beef or chicken as the main dish, with fruity side dishes.

To really play up the Texas flavor, add baked beans, or coconut lime Mexican wedding cookies. Fruit trays or edible fruit arrangements are appropriate as well.  Another neat idea for a Tropical Wedding in Texas is a loaded salad bar.

Budget for a Tropical Wedding in Texas

You can plan a Tropical Wedding in Texas on a shoestring budget, if necessary, or you can create a lavish wedding with a tropical theme.

Decide what items or areas are most important on your list of must-have items, and plan your budget around those things. This may be the venue, the dress, or the reception, but it’s always a good idea to know exactly what and how much you are prepared to spend on certain things.

One way to save on the wedding budget is to find a venue that offers lots of extras you’d be paying for separately otherwise. This might mean accommodations on the venue site, the use of a reception area, or even the rental of furniture (tables and chairs). Venues that offer extras are well worth paying for if that saves money in the long run.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Tropical Wedding in Texas

Theoretically, a Tropical Wedding in Texas could take place any time during the calendar year when you hold the event indoors. However, if a bride opts to hold a Tropical Wedding in Texas, the weather is likely to be warm ten months out of the year!

Considering the weather in Texas when choosing a dress, it is safe to say you’re likely to choose a dress that is made from light fabric (organza, tulle, and linen are all popular fabrics for a Texas wedding). The dress may be sleeveless, or you can choose a cap sleeve or long, lacy sleeves.

A Boho dress is a popular option for brides hosting a Tropical Wedding in Texas. These dresses could be knee-length or longer, but they’re typically made with light, flowing fabric that will help you to endure the tropical Texas temperatures. Some brides do opt for a more traditional wedding dress, however, especially if the nuptials are held indoors.

Bridesmaids Dresses for a Tropical Wedding in Texas

Bridesmaid dresses will typically follow suit of the bride’s gown choice. Many bridesmaids in a Tropical Wedding in Texas opt for the flowing Boho dress in light, pastel colours. They are often sleeveless and knee-length.

Bridesmaids have some options that will lend to the unique wedding theme. Some bridesmaids will wear dresses of a similar style in various colours that match the chosen colour palette, while other brides allow their attendants to choose different, but similar designs in the same colour. Because the Tropical Wedding in Texas is so relaxed, bridal attendants can also wear pantsuits fitting for the occasion.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Tropical Wedding in Texas

The wedding cake for a Tropical Wedding in Texas can be as elaborate or as simple as you like.

Some brides choose a traditional white cake that is decorated with fondant tropical flowers in bright, vibrant colours. However, one neat choice is an ombre cake in blue with a top layer covered in brown sugar. This cake resembles the beach and shore, and can be topped with tropical flowers or seashells or even a traditional bride and groom dressed in beachwear.

One neat way to carry out the theme of a Tropical Wedding in Texas is to utilise fruit as a decoration for the cake. Sugared fruit looks elegant, but offers a tasty way to stay within the tropical theme.

Ceremony Decor for a Tropical Wedding in Texas

If the ceremony is to be held indoors, then a few simple and inexpensive items can transform the venue into a tropical paradise. Gather some faux tropical plants, palm fronds, driftwood and seashells for a minimalist but elegant decor inside the chosen venue. An arch or arbour also adds a nice touch to the ceremonial decor.

In an outdoor setting, opt for a natural background for most of the decor. Adding a simple wooden arch draped with tulle, chiffon or voile provides elegance in a minimalist way. Place greenery and vibrant-coloured flowers over the arch for a pop of colour.

Reception Decor for a Tropical Wedding in Texas

You’ll want to carry the tropical theme into the reception area, so bring palm fronds, brightly coloured tropical flowers such as hibiscus and amaryllis, and driftwood to the reception hall.

You can fine-tune the theme so that it’s more of a luau, especially if the reception is held outdoors. Tiki torches, long tables with white linens, and faux palms will set the scene for the perfect Tropical Wedding in Texas.

One really neat idea is to hang potted tropical plants (African violet is a popular one) from an A-shaped structure and drape with party lights for a nighttime reception.

Getting Tropical in Texas

From J. Martin Events – “Our team of North Texas creatives wanted to bring the tropics to central Texas with a mix of bold colours, fun florals and unique details. Even though this was a styled shoot, we aimed to capture authentic romance so we found a recently married, local couple to play dress up for the day and bring our vision to life!”

Tropical bridal bouquet
Tropical wedding invitations
Sunset wedding cake
Orchid boutonnière
Tropical themed wedding

“When designing this shoot, we aimed to bring the tropics to central Texas with lots of daring colours and unique details. We wanted both a casual and unique wedding shoot that real couples could envision themselves in.

The florals designed by Katy Lee with Floralee brought the entire shoot together. She combined tropical staples like Monstera leaves with bold and colourful flowers, making for a fun and eclectic floral palette. Additionally, she created and designed the tropical archway that made our ceremony backdrop really wow!”

Tropical bridal bouquet
Tropical bridesmaids dresses
Tropical wedding reception
Tropical wedding style
Palm leaf wedding arch

“The cake designed by Dianne Rodriguez (aside from being delicious) was so fun and colourful. Reminiscent of a watercolour painting with oranges and pinks, the cake mimicked a tropical sunset.

The attire was selected with the tropics (and Texas heat) in mind. We wanted a light and airy fabrics and designs that were comfortable enough for real couples to wear. Our bride was in a light but lacy gown and our bridesmaids wore brightly patterned skirts and tops. For the groom, we wanted something casual and comfortable, reminiscent of a beach wedding. He wore a grey linen jacket with khaki pants.”

Leaf place card
Tropical bridesmaid dress
Tropical wedding invitations
Tropical themed wedding cake
Tropical themed wedding
Strappy wedding dress

“Our bar cart featured blue rimmed glass tumblers and tequila shots made with Clase Azul Reposado Tequila, a brand known for its hand painted and hand shaped bottles.

A mix of tropical leaves and florals combined with hand-lettered place cards and menus from Madly In Love Designs created a fun and colourful Tablescape. Bright blue plates from Borrowed Treasures and bamboo chairs from Bleu Luxury Rentals evoked island settings!”

Colorful tropical bridal bouquet
Tropical wedding invites
Tropical bar cart
Tropical wedding inspiration

Credits: Photography: Elin Hughes // Event Planning: J. Martin Events // Floral: Floralee // Stationery: Madly in Love Designs // Rentals: Borrowed Treasures & Bleu Luxury Event Rentals // Wedding Cake: It’s Gonna Be Sweet Bake Shop // Jewelry: Soverign Jewelry Co. // Hair: Jessica Stoughton // Makeup: All Made Up By Bri // Wedding Dress: De Ma Fille // Groom’s Attire: Macy’s // Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Lulu’s // Submitted: Matchology // Venue: Paradise Cove in Grapevine, Texas.