Tropical Pastel Wedding

Everything from the colors to the chairs on the beach will perhaps draw you to the possibility of a tropical pastel wedding. Imagine an aisle to walk down, covered in beautiful flower petals. That’s just one reason to consider this wedding inspiration!

What to Look for in a Venue for a Tropical Pastel Wedding

When you think of tropical pastel weddings, the first venue inspiration is usually a destination like Hawaii. However, if that's not your first choice, you could think of any beach destination and include tropical and pastel elements to bring the Hawaiian culture to you.

Most wedding venues surrounding tropical themes are usually beachside or lakeside ones. When planning a tropical pastel wedding, it is best to consider what you want from the venue. Whether it's a beachside resort, just the ceremony on the beach, or the reception at a different venue, it needs to be thought out before finalising the entire area for the wedding and celebrations.

Colour Palettes for a Tropical Pastel Wedding

Usually, tropical weddings are associated with bold colours. However, a tropical wedding with pastels is a unique take on an age-old tradition. Your wedding theme could become the 'something new' that brides strive to find. Since pastel weddings are usually associated with vintage themes, you could add tropical touches to modernise the entire setup.

When considering the wedding colour palettes, there are several ways that you can incorporate pastels without losing out on the tropical theme. Pale blues, seafoam green, peach, blush, and lilac are perfect hues to bring the entire theme together. None of these gorgeous shades will overwhelm the natural beauty of your venue and, instead, will enhance it and look stunning.

Details for a Tropical Pastel Wedding

Since tropical weddings are usually beachside or seaside, there are a few things to consider. At the forefront is the weather. Open-air weddings are susceptible to at least two weather patterns a day. If you have a destination wedding in a tropical location like Hawaii, you need to take note of the rains, heat, and high tide. While considering these aspects, you should also keep an eye on the weather for storms, rain, and excessive heat.

If you have a spring or summer tropical wedding planned, you could consider pedestal fans or a large tent for the reception with coolers. Guests might travel from out of town and may not have the time to acclimate to the heat.

Table Setting Style for a Tropical Pastel Wedding

For a tropical pastel wedding, the overall table setting style should be romantic and pretty. This style is achievable with the strategic use of flowers like blush and pink roses, peonies, baby's breath, and more in mismatched glass bottles, mother of pearl style iridescent coloured glasses, and gold or silver cutlery. These subtle touches will add cohesion to the table setting and the wedding theme.

You could add nude acrylic chairs without covers if you want an aesthetic yet modern feel. These are the latest trends and add a lot of class to the table setting. For the dishes, you could opt for fine china with a rim of gold and napkins in your wedding colours tied with a thin sea green or gold ribbon.

Budget for a Tropical Pastel Wedding

When you think of the tropics, you may want to include some props and additional elements. However, you would have to pair this with the pastels too. It is best to have a clear picture of the ceremony and reception décor. A Pinterest board, some saved images, and carefully segregated lists will help you understand the wedding budget.

When it comes to tropical wedding expenses, you need to allocate the maximum funds to the venue rent, caterer, lighting, and ventilation. If you're considering a destination wedding, you would also have to factor in the cost of accommodation, airport transfers, and entertainment for guests. It is best to err on the side of caution and consider higher limits from vendors when planning the finances.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for a Tropical Pastel Wedding

Tropical brides can select the most or least formal wedding dresses as per their choice. You can opt for light, airy wedding dresses with plenty of chiffon, lace, and tulle. If you want to go classy yet minimal and lightweight, you could select silk as the fabric with a flowing train.

Brides can also choose a lacey number with an illusion plunging sweetheart neckline, beaded cap sleeves, a cathedral-style train, and a full-body A-line wedding gown. For accessories, a netted veil with tiny crystals sewn in and a sequined headband or a crown of pastel florals should complete the look. The makeup should be minimal with sensuously done lips, peach blush, and striking eyeshadow.

Wedding Invitations for a Tropical Pastel Wedding

Tropical pastel wedding invitations have a lot to cover, especially with regard to ensuring that all guests understand the theme. To ensure you are on track, consider using pastel shades for the stationery – think blush or peach with pale or powder blue and a touch of sea green. The font can be exquisitely detailed calligraphy in gold or black.

For the tropical part of the wedding theme, you could add tiki torches, coconut trees, beach waves, or a silhouette of the beach in the background. You should keep the motifs to a minimum so the invitations don't become too busy. However, if needed, you could also mention the wedding theme on the invite to avoid confusion.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Tropical Pastel Wedding

The wedding cake can be as tropical or pastel as you want. If you plan a mix of both, you must consider the cake design quite carefully. It is easy to go overboard with cake styles and patterns. Instead, use pastels as the dominant theme for the cake, and add small tropical elements to bring the design together.

One great way is to have a multitiered blush or peach cake with pale blue fondant icing. If fondant is not to your liking, you could opt for frosting in the same shade with delicate white-coloured coconut trees hand painted or stenciled onto the cake to fit with the theme. You could also opt for a pastel cake with white lace icing stencils and tiki torches in white to bring the theme together.

Ceremony Décor for a Tropical Pastel Wedding

A tropical wedding ceremony should be outside, either on the sand or grass. A classic ceremony would include a gorgeous sandy setting, white and pale blue chairs lined on either side, and tiki torches adorned with pastel florals, greens, and gold or white ribbons lining the bridal aisle. Instead of a traditional floral arch, couples could consider an overhead structure with white gauze fabric that sways gently in the seaside breeze.

The wedding aisle can be lined with peach, pink, white, and blush rose petals. This will make the ceremony space look magical yet keep the décor to a minimum.

Favours and Gifts for a Tropical Pastel Wedding

Welcome gifts for wedding guests are excellent ways to make them feel special. A wonderful gift could be a traditional Hawaiian handheld wicker fan with 'Aloha' written on it, a tube of sunscreen, some lip balm, and a coconut drink.

You could consider lavender candles in dried coconut shells, small tiki torch keychains, pineapple-shaped wine stoppers, coconut tree-shaped bottle openers, some Manoa honey, and local coffee for the wedding favours. It is best to reach out to local vendors for ideas, designs, and personalisation when considering wedding favours. They can assist you with unique pairings, organic ideas, and lovely gift wrapping styles that will appeal to your guests.

Tropical Pastels

tropical pastel wedding ideas

Pastels are usually associated with vintage style weddings (think: teacups and antique books) but I love the mix of tropical and pastel in this inspiration board. It’s a refreshing new twist on both a pastel wedding and a tropical wedding. Typically with tropical weddings you either have neutrals or brights – but toning it down and using mother of pearl iridescent colors as your palette inspiration would be absolutely beautiful!

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tropical beach wedding ceremony

Credits: photo credits: cake via Style Me pretty, photographed by Michelle March, created by Gigi Mamma Cakes // bouquet detail from Style Me Pretty, photographed by Michael and Anna Costa, floral design by Modern Day Design // bride via Lina Domina // invitation suite from Style Me Pretty, photographed by Simply Bloom Photography, design & calligraphy by Oh My Deer Handmades // ceremony via Jana Morgan // drink from Santa Barbara Chic, photographed by Nancy Neil // hanging boat via 100 Layer Cake, photographed by Jose Villa // pink galah bird.