Organizing a workshop comes with its own set of challenges and complications. Finding the right space is one of them. Oftentimes this logistical nightmare can lead to workshops being cancelled. However, if you are in LA and organizing a workshop; you’re in luck. We’ve curated this list specifically to help you find the best workshop locations you can rent in Los Angeles.

9) Yoga Studio & Meeting Space


A well-lit yoga centre with an expandable studio, massage room, meditation room, dedicated workshop area and a shop, this venue is perfect for organizing a workshop in one of LAs prime locales. The interiors have a mid-century modern style with art deco themes going around the space lending itself very well to the camera as well. A great listing from our collection of workshop locations you can rent in LA, this one is ideal for fitness, wellness and art workshops.

Available on Giggster, starting at $300/hr.

8) Stained Glass Loft with Open Floor Space


A stylish chic space with huge floor space and multiple rooms, this warehouse loft is perfect for organizing a session with a large batch size. The venue has beautiful stained glass windows that let in the natural light ensuring the space is well-lit through the daytime. There’s exposed beams, light wood floors, and minimal furniture which really add to the industrial and positive vibe of the listing.

Available on Giggster, starting at $1500/hr.

7) Rustic Creative Space


A rustic creative space and music studio, this small 900 sq.ft NYC-style listing is a brick lofted space which is perfect for organizing a specialist workshop for small batches. The property has exposed brick walls, tiled floors and comfortable furniture which really adds to the learning atmosphere. There’s also an outdoor patio section and an indoor music studio which can go a long way if the workshop you’ve in mind has to do with audio in way.

Available on Giggster, starting at $40/hr.

6) Natural Light Artist Loft


A one-of-a-kind listing which belongs to a private artist, this venue is great for any photo/video themed workshops because of its location, architecture and the abundance of photographable props and items. The high ceilings, concrete floors and white brick walls help bounce natural light coming in from windows around the space. There’s plenty of features and props the venue has, be sure to go through them if your workshop is in the art space, using the link below.

Available on Giggster, starting at $69/hr.

5) NYC Style Loft with Open Floor Space


A listing that looks like it belongs on the other coast, this loft has an open floor plan and plenty of natural light rendering it perfect for fitness and indoor exercise workshops. The light wood floor and brick walls really add to the aesthetic making the venue very conducive for activity. There’s also an industrial kitchen fitted in the listing which is perfect for organizing any food workshop with a more hands-off approach.

Available on Giggster, starting at $208/hr.

4) Outdoor and Indoor Workshop Space


A newly opened coworking space, this listing has a mix of indoor and outdoor lounges, patio areas and offices with and without garden spaces. Whether indoors, outdoors, conference room or an open forum, the venue has all kinds of areas. Between the multitude of looks and spaces offered, you’re certain to find a setting which is ideal for your workshop. The location also looks really pretty on camera as well, so if you’re going to take pictures during your workshop, then this is one location to consider seriously.

Available on Giggster, starting at $350/hr.

3) Architectural Warehouse Office with SoHo Style Bar


An architectural office space ideal for organizing a professional workshop for a small or medium crowd of up to 50 people, this location is perfect for a business workshop. The listing has 2,100 sq. ft with a private bar as well. Although slightly costlier compared to the rest, if your workshop has a suit and tie, then we strongly recommend going with this listing. For more details of the listing, to see pictures of the floor space or contact the owner, please click the link below.

Available on Giggster, starting at $400/hr.

2) Beautiful Office Spaces


An incredible office space perfect for organizing professional workshops and sessions, this venue has everything you’d need to set up a world-class workshop. The facility has 7,000 sf for catering/crafty/staging, chairs & tables, utilities/AC with different parts of the venue having their own features such as conference rooms, communal spaces etc. To find out more about the space, or to contact the owner, please follow the link below.

Available on Giggster, starting at $179/hr.

1) Industrial Warehouse Loft w/ Natural Light


Spread over 7,600 sq ft, this industrial warehouse in DTLA is all about open floor space and tons of it! With sky windows to sweep in the natural light, the venue is primed for you to organize your workshop. The open floor area has high ceilings and the entire venue is spacious and ideal for large batches. To know more about the venue, check out more pictures or to contact the owner, please follow the link below.

Available on Giggster, starting at $100/hr.

From artists lounges’ to open warehouses, we’ve picked our top 9 locations for you keeping in mind price points, camera presence and space. But if you’re looking for something in particular that’s not on this please, then please click the link to go through all workshop locations available for rent in Los Angeles.