The best recording studios in NYC available for rent have one thing in common - they add immediate quality, authenticity, and character to anything filmed and recorded there. Mixing boards can't be built from scratch, and equipment is usually costly, as a result of which recording studios are highly in demand among creators. We at Giggster totally understand this. Which is why we've put together this curated list from our catalog of recording studios in New York available for rent, so you don't have to worry about the creation process. Without further ado, here are our picks for the 8 best recording studios you can choose from in New York.

1) Luxury Beachfront Recording Studio in Staten Island

Luxury Beachfront Recording Studio in Staten Island New York Rental

A beachfront recording studio, this 5-acres property is on the shores of Staten Island and has been host to a range of celebrity musicians. A destination recording studio with a world-class luxury setup, your film and photos are going to have a special effect here. With plenty of instruments and house engineers to help with your setup, recording here is a highly enjoyable experience.

2) RedBird Recording Studio in Times Square

RedBird Recording Studio in Times Square New York Rental

A charming recording studio that looks picture perfect, the RedBird Studio in Times Square is located in the top corner of the Music Building. And if the location wasn’t iconic enough, the same space was previously tenanted by Madonna. Acoustically designed and featuring an analog-digital hybrid console system, the recording studio and writing room has hosted legends from worldover.

3) Rockaway Radio Studio in Rockaway Park

Rockaway Radio Studio in Rockaway Park New York Rental

Perfect for a small band looking for a bit of grunge and old-school vibe to their videos and photos, this studio radiates raw energy. Compact and cozy, in terms of the feel, this radio station has electronic boards and a small stage area. It also helps that the venue is close to a beach, a perfect space to take in fresh air during your break in the middle of a recording session.

4) Hip Stylish Recording Studio near Boerum Hill

Hip Stylish Recording Studio near Boerum Hill New York Rental

A new age recording studio with a charming aesthetic, this property listing has a warm, friendly vibe about the place. Well-lit with light colored walls, you’ll find all the necessary fixtures already in place to improve your recording quality. The designer indie recording studio has a control room, a vocal booth, a lounge and a make-up room; giving you all the different looks and aesthetics you can achieve all at the same location.

5) Modern Contemporary Recording Studio in SoHo

Modern Contemporary Recording Studio in SoHo New York Rental

A state-of-the-art recording studio with a control room and a private booth, this venue is ideal for any musical endeavor, podcast recordings, content production or anything you could need such a specialized facility for. The room is acoustically designed and treat, and for an additional fee you can equip it with pro tools, nearfield monitors and a subwoofer which will greatly expedite your recording process. There's even a monthly fee that allows 24/7 access, a deal perfect for creators, musicians and producers!

6) Simple Recording Studio in Brooklyn Heights

Simple Recording Studio in Brooklyn Heights New York Rental

A simple recording studio with a vocal booth and a mixing board, this is as simple as it gets. Located at a great location in Brooklyn Heights, this studio is great for small crews and really stands out for its minimal furnishing and decor. There's also stunning mood lighting that gives it a cool, charming on screen appeal in case you want to film or photograph your recording session as well.

7) Green Screen Studio in North Bergen

Green Screen Recording Studio in North Bergen New York Rental

Okay, we might be slightly cheating on this one, but this Green Screen Recording Studio is a great place to record any podcasts or interviews. Fully fitted to meet your production needs, the space has all the necessary audio and video equipment within the 1,000 sq ft chroma-key studio. The size makes it possible to move your camera in any way you want and you can add any necessary background you might have in mind using the giant green screen. It's a win-win! To know all the details about this space, please visit the link provided.

8) Newly Renovated Recording Studio in Queens

Newly Renovated Recording Studio in Queens New York Rental

Painted black, this recording studio is equipped with brand new audio, video, instruments and furniture rentals perfect for your recording or production requirements. The space has a viewing area, tons of camera character, and a pitch perfect acoustic setting, all of which go a long way in ensuring you have a great audio and video recording of your project. The fact that instruments and furniture are available on site ensures you don't have to worry about carry all your equipment to the space either!

And that's it folks! Our picks for the 8 best recording studios you can rent for audio, film, and photography in New York. Each has its own unique vibe and aesthetic which can be captured brilliantly on camera. However, in case your shoot involves multiple lights and cameras, some of these locations may not fit the bill. But rest assured, we've an expansive catalogue of recording studios available for rent in NYC, and we're certain you'll find what you're looking for right here on Giggster.

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